About Us

This Website provides information on ancient occult practices and how they can be implemented in real world. The practices like yantra, mantra, tantra, meditation, yoga, natural healing etc used to be the part of everyday life of people but all this knowledge has faded away with the advent of materialism.

As darkness can only be conquered by light our miseries are caused due to lack of knowledge and can be conquered by knowledge only.

The solution of all your problems are given in vedanta as the word itself suggests ved = knowledge anta = end.

So nothing exists beyond Vedanta. It is the end of all knowledge.We try to present to you the knowledge of Vedanta in the most practical and feasible form. So that the modern people can use it in their everyday life. Knowledge can give you anything you desire! You are only bound by your imagination.We have categorized knowledge into three categories

• Mind

• Body

• Soul.

The mind section consists of information about our minds both conscious and sub-conscious. Mind, if not controlled properly can make a man it’s slave and destroy his life. Controlling and subduing it is the hardest job but once done new horizons welcome you.


The body section deals with the knowledge related to the well-being of the body through ancient techniques and not by modern day destructive techniques such as allopathy. Sadly allopathy is the mainstream practice in most parts of the world.


The soul section deals with the knowledge of who you truly are. According to Vedanta you are not your body you are a soul. The ultimate purpose of this soul is to merge into the absolute, again. The only purpose of a human being is to keep coming back here on earth with different bodies until that true goal of life is achieved.