The Six Powers of Mind-Prana Shakti

If you closely study the action of mind, upon mind, of mind, over matter of mind, embedded in the human body, you will find that each man is a power in himself. You will have to develop yourself by self-restraint and mastery over the passions. When your mind becomes powerful, it can speak anything, about the glory of Atman,a storehouse of everything,an infinite, inexhaustible central magazine of powers, knowledge and bliss from where the little mind borrows its light and power.


subtle breath

Awareness of Subtle Breath

Yoga is a science and pranayama is an application of this science.Subtle breath alone, as a purely mechanical operation,can create an appropriate effect on our body, mind and spirit. However, it has been observed that the effect of these techniques can be greatly amplified when they are applied with sensitivity and awareness of their subtle influences, and with a deeper understanding of the relationship between the body, energy and mind. Read More

Bhasma: The Bath of Fire

Bhasma : The Bath of Fire

The application of bhasma or ashes forms an integral part of tattva shuddhisadhana, as it is a symbol of physical purification, as well as subtle and causal realms. Mahayogi Shiva, who is considered to be the father of tantra, is depicted naked and his whole body is besmeared with bhasma. Thus it is considered to be an auspicious act of discovering your shiva nature. Read More

Natural Remedy for Migraine : Ginger

Natural Remedy for Migraines : Ginger

Migraine is one of the most common types of headache and is characterized by pulsating pains on one or both sides of the head.Migraines are usually accompanied by photo-phobia which is sensitivity to light and sounds, as well as nausea and vomiting . A migraine crisis can last from 4 to 72 hours.It is more common in women and prevalent in people aged between 25 and 45 years.Natural Remedy for Migraines : Ginger Read More


Gym Vs Yoga

Yoga Asanas have a deeper significance value in the development of the physical, mental and spiritual personality of a person.Pure exercises on the other hand have a physical effect on our muscles and bones only. Physical exercises in the gym are performed quickly, with a lot of heavy breathing and exertion.The acrobatic, gymnastic exercises and weight lifting systems are suitable for healthy people to develop large muscles or flexibility. Very large muscles, in particular, require more nutrition and a greater supply of blood. Consequently, the heart and respiratory system have to work much harder. In this way, there is exhaustion of vital energy. Read More

Chakra Shuddhi: Cleansing of Chakras

Chakra Shuddhi: Cleansing of Chakras

Chakra shuddhi means ‘purification of the psychic centres’. These practices are used in kundalini yoga for the location of the psychic centers. In japa yoga these practices make up a special anusthana which can bring great benefits to a serious practitioner, who is able to devote one week or one month uninterruptedly to the practice. In kundalini yoga it is said that before the kundalini awakens, the chakras must be purified, opened and awakened. These practices form an important part of this process. Each psychic center is dealt with, in separate stages, and in the final stage all the psychic centers are dealt with consecutively.In chakra shuddhi, first each center is located and identified. Then with deep breathing, a psychic passage is established between the chakra kshetram, or trigger point in front of the body, to the actual chakra point in the spine. Finally, with the addition of mantra, the chakra is purified and opened. As the sound vibration of the mantra gradually builds up along the psychic passage, the psychic center is awakened. Read More