The Essence of Indian Philosophy and the Universe

indian philosophy

Indian Philosophy

Indian Philosophy is a fundamental nature of Knowledge, Reality, and Existence. Since it has originated from a sub-continent that includes Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain Philosophy. Subsequently, it is unique in its applications of analytical rigour to metaphysical, supernatural and philosophical problems. The significance of a philosophy lies in the eternal principles of human frailty, strength, beauty, and destiny. On the other hand, it is similar to a tree constantly producing branches from the same roots. Hence, there is a reason for everything in this universe to have its own place.

indian philosophy

Questions Addressed in Indian Philosophy

  • Who am I? Where have I come from? 
  • What is the essential nature of my being (Gyaan – Self-Realization)?
  • My relationship with the manifold universe and with other human beings?
  • The Absolute Truth.
  • What is the relationship between the centre of consciousness and all the objects of the world? (Bhakti – Prayer)
  • The guidelines for action (Karma – Seed) as long as one is in his physical body.
  • Does one live after death (Moksha – Eternal Journey)?

Each person has its own talents and characteristics.

  • If a person has a personality of a philosophical bent. Then, the approach of his life is a path of knowledge.
  • Similarly, if a person has a personality of a practical bent. Then, the approach of his life is a path of deeds(Karma).
  • Accordingly, if a person is a disciplined one then his approach of life is spiritual control(Yoga).
  • Lastly, a religious person approaches the path of worship.

Divisions of Life

According to Indian Philosophy, there are four divisions of life:

  • Brahmacharya– Discipline, and Education.
  • Grahsthya– Parenthood and Active work.
  • Vanyaprastha– It is a middle age, stage of retreat in which worldly ties are loosened.
  • Sanyasa– Life of Hermit, an old age.

Every person has a place and task to fulfil in this society. Contrarily, the evolution of caste based on the formation of a person’s mind has assigned certain tasks of responsibility.

  • Brahmins are the priests in our society.
  • Kshatriyas are warriors
  • Vaishyas are merchants.
  • A Sudra is a person of clerical level in a developed and happy society.

The Universe is an expression of ‘I am Brahma’. It is a state of supreme eternal Brahma, I am in all and all are in me. The state of turning self into selfless, state of oneness. Therefore, it is the relationship between an individual, the absolute, the essence of a soul, the truth, and the self. Our awareness and consciousness pervade the subtlest texture of our cosmos. It is present and active everywhere and at all the time. It energizes the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. Hence, all the multiplicity and creation of the universe is in the form of essential Brahma.

Pure Knowledge is not a means to an end but it is the END itself

The Universe is everything that is living and inanimate. Specifically, it includes Atoms, Galaxies, Spirituality, Materialism, heaven and Hell.

The Totality of our Universe

The totality of our universe is an experience perceived by our sense organs(Perception), Reason(Conception). And, more directly by the transcendental Knowledge within us. It consists of non-materialistic entities like space, time, Ether, and consciousness. The characteristics of anything in this universe is not one or infinite. But, it possesses an unbroken identity of its material. Finally, the absolute reality itself is to remain absolutely one.

There are two fundamentals of this totality:

  1. Idealism– Everything is in our mind, Nothing exists in reality. It is a state of consciousness that exists.
  2. Realism– Independence of any relation to the experience of a subject. Everything that exists, exists equally whether it is experienced or not. It is considered as a substance or element, Quality, value, and change of variables.

In theories, there exists an Anti-Matter. It is the exact opposite of matter. It consists of an antiproton, Positron, and an anti-neutron. This means that there is a parallel universe which could be the spiritual world.There are two Theories in Astronomy: The Big Bang & the Steady State Theory

  • The universe originated billions of years ago in an explosion from a single point of nearly infinite energy density – Big Bang Theory.
  • The universe has always existed and has always been expanding. Because the creation of hydrogen is continuous– Steady State Theory (Now it is Over).
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