Zingiber Officinale(Ginger) to Cure Motion Sickness

sea sickness

The efficacy, safety and minimal adverse effects of natural remedies have a great impact on developing countries as well as developed countries. The use of Zanjabeel(Ginger) can cure sea sickness (motion sickness), nausea, and vomiting.

Seasickness or motion sickness can be cured by Zingiber officinale

Ayurveda has a lot of evidence about Ginger. It is very dominant in preventing conditions of nausea, vomiting, and motion sickness. Ginger is also used in the treatment of nausea and vomiting caused due to chemotherapy, surgeries, and operations. The main bio-active compound in Zingiber officinale is Gingerol. This compound is responsible for anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. Hence, it is an anti-nauseate and anti-emetic medicine.Seasickness or motion sickness can be cured by Zingiber officinale

Zanjabeel is an Arabic word derived from Sanskrit root Srangavera meaning “Horn Headed“. It is a classical way of sharing cultural views and languages between India and the Arabian peninsula. India is the largest producer of Ginger. The production of Ginger in India is about 5055%.The characteristic smell and pungent taste of ginger makes it a good spice ingredient for food and drinks.Seasickness or motion sickness can be cured by Zingiber officinaleThe British Herbal Compendium refers Ginger for atonic dyspepsia, colic, prophylaxis of motion sickness and vomiting of pregnancy as well. Ginger is used in treatments of anorexia, bronchitis, and rheumatic complaints. Seasickness or motion sickness can be cured by Zingiber officinale

Motion Sickness or Sea sickness

Motion sickness, also known as travel sickness or sea sickness is a common disease that occurs in every 3rd person in the world. It may be genetically transmitted or induced through other factors.It is a common problem that can happen to any age group. The conditions of Nausea, Tachygastria, and Vasopressin are often experienced in motion sickness.Seasickness or motion sickness can be cured by Zingiber officinale

Ginger can cure all the parameters of motion sickness. It helps in delaying the nausea onset. In some studies, the Ginger rhizomes and antiemetic drugs have been compared for the prevention of sea sickness. It has also been observed that Ginger rhizomes are effective as antiemetic drugs with no severe side-effects on our body.Seasickness or motion sickness can be cured by Zingiber officinale

Medicinal Uses of Ginger

  • In the west, Ginger roots are dried, powdered and filled into capsules, to sell in pharmacies.
  • In India, Ginger is used in various forms and for various purposes. A paste of Ginger if applied on the forehead can cure severe headaches.
  • Burmese boil, the mixture of a local sweetener is made from Palm Tree and Ginger to prevent Flu.
  • In China, Sliced Ginger and brown sugar or cola are mixed in water to cure Common Cold.
  • Ginger act as a catalyst in Platelet Integration.
  • It also inhibits diarrhea, improves gastric motility, and at the same time exerts antispasmodic effects.

Seasickness or motion sickness can be cured by Zingiber officinale

  • Antihistaminic effects have also been reported in Ginger.
  • Aqueous extracts of Ginger prevent the accumulation of Trichomonas vaginalis in the human body (a tiny parasite responsible for sexually transmitted infection STI).
  • It also has adverse effects on salmonella Typhi (a parasite responsible for typhoid fever)
  • An oral intake of powdered Ginger effectively treats the poisonous vomiting experienced during pregnancy.
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