Natural Teas for Weight Loss

green tea

It is very difficult to find a woman who is 100% satisfied with her weight. Most of the time, there are always a few pounds that need to be eliminated. They even resort to radical treatments and diets to achieve weight loss. Often, diets are even regarded as irresponsible, which can cause serious harm to health.Green Tea and Hibiscus Tea are very useful for weight loss.

Taken separately or in combination, the truth is that Hibiscus and Green teas are more than suitable for those wanting to shed off the extra weight. They have medicinal properties that help directly in reducing fat and digestion, regulating the intestine and still fighting the retention of fluids, which facilitates weight loss.

Problem : Extra or too much weight
Causes of the Problem : Greater Consumption Rate than Exercising Rate
Home Remedies : Green Tea and Hibiscus Tea
Reason : Green tea promotes the oxidation of fats and hibiscus tea acts as a digestive and diuretic.

Combining teas for weight loss

If the pretense is to lose weight in a healthy way, the tip is to combine the intake of these two types of teas. Green tea promotes the oxidation of fats and hibiscus tea acts as a digestive and diuretic. But, attention! Despite the beneficial effects, the consumption of the substances must be accompanied by the doctor. It is also advisable to incorporate in your daily life a balanced diet and a routine of physical activities.

Hibiscus tea

With pink coloration and a well-differentiated flavor, hibiscus tea is known to many people for its weight-loss properties. The plant is so successful that it is indicated even by nutritionists, nutrologos and endocrinologists. Hibiscus is also known as china rose, mime-de-venus, greens, student grease and dandelion.

The tea, which is prepared from the use of flowers of this plant, contains diuretic action, which helps eliminate fluid retention and combats the accumulation of fats, especially those concentrated in the belly and hips. This is only possible thanks to the action of tea, which works directly in reducing the cells that accumulate fat in the body, which favors the loss of weight.

Despite the many benefits, hibiscus tea can not be consumed in excess as it can end up eliminating essential nutrients rather than weight loss due to its diuretic effect. Pregnant and lactating women should not consume the tea as it may pose risks in structuring the baby’s genes. Patients with low blood pressure should also stay away from the hibiscus, since it lowers blood pressure.

Preparing Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea can be prepared with 200 ml of filtered water and one teaspoon of the dried flowers of the plant. In a container, place the water and boil, then add the hibiscus and turn off the heat. Let the tea rest for about 10 minutes. Then consume it with lukewarm, cold or even cold water.

Green tea

Green tea is one of the most consumed infusions in the world. This is justified by the many beneficial health effects that it can present. In its composition it is possible to find antioxidants, minerals, caffeine and vasodilators. For these reasons it can be used in the treatment of various diseases, in addition to reducing weight.

green tea

These characteristics make it can be used as an intestinal stimulant, such as bad cholesterol reducer, metabolism accelerator, wellness stimulant, heart protector, anti-aging, as well as aid in digestion, prevent the onset of diabetes and hypertension, Cancer and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Judging by the amount of benefits that green tea can bring to health, consuming it in excess should not be done. This is because it can bring side effects like heart palpitations, dizziness,  insomnia  and increased irritability. People with hypertension and stomach problems, such as gastric ulcer and gastritis, should also avoid drinking.

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Preparing Green Tea

To prepare green tea you will need 200 ml of filtered water and one tablespoon of dried green tea leaf. The first step is to put the water to a boil. Once it begins to bubble, turn off the heat and add the herb. Remain capped for about 10 minutes. After this time, use a sieve to remove the herb and the drink is ready to be ingested.Ideally you can take three to four cups daily.

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