Uses and Health Benefits of Oregano

Oregano Oil

Oregano is a herb which has been grown in Mediterranean areas for thousands of years and is still present in numerous herb gardens all over the world. The important and impressive health benefits of oregano include its ability to, protect the immune system, prevent the onset of chronic diseases, improve digestion, detoxify the body, give strength to the bones, improve heart health and increase the over all energy level. Oregano Oil has a lot of health benefits that most of the people don’t realize at all.Its leaves are the most commonly used part but strangely its aroma and flavor improves when the herb is dried. 


How to Use Oregano Oil ?

The ancient Greeks first recognized the disinfectant and antibacterial properties of oregano oil and often used it to treat bacterial infections on skin or in wounds.They  also employed oregano to protect food from bacteria.Oregano oil is more widely praised in many parts of the world.It is distilled from dried leaves of a plant. This oil is dark yellow in color and has a very strong aroma.Oregano has therapeutic and impressive list of benefits. It is used in one of the three ways :

  • Its most popular use because of its aroma.
  • It can be applied topically on to the skin directly or through a carrier oil like coconut oil and olive oil.
  • It can also be ingested in very small quantities as a dietary supplement.

Oregano Oil for Cold and Flu

If your immune system is perpetually under attack by a cold virus, flu, respiratory infections or any other illness, you should start using oregano oil. Oregano Oil contains carvacrol which eliminates symptoms of cold and flu  and breaks the outer cell membrane of many types of bacteria. The second active ingredient of this natural remedy is thymol which detoxifies and cleanses the respiratory tracts since it is antiseptic and anti-fungal in nature.

Natural Remedies using Oregano

  • You can mix 4 to 5 drops of oregano oil into a morning glass of orange juice or blend it with coconut oil to dilute its flavor as oregano oil tastes quite bitter. Then you can drink this orange juice normally or place the coconut oil under your tongue to be ingested orally.
  • You can pour 5 to 6 drops of oregano oil into a pot of streaming or boiling water , then cover the pot with a towel. Now you can place your head under the towel and breathe deeply for 1 to 2 minutes. The aromatic compounds of oregano oil will be rapidly delivered to your immune system clearing out your sinuses relieving pressure.

Oregano oil for Cough

Oregano oil is an excellent alternative to medications as it can help to reduce inflammation in your respiratory tracts and expel phlegm and mucus out of your system. Coughing can be responsible for some dangerous respiratory infection or can be a chronic cause of some kind of long term respiratory infection (bronchitis or emphysema) . Both are relived by using this oil as it reduces congestion in your chest thereby reducing pressure and discomfort in your body.

Remedies Using Oregano

  • You can try adding a few drops of oregano oil at your pillow.You can also rub a few drops of diluted oregano oil (one part oregano oil + three parts carrier oil) on your chest before going to sleep. The aromatic compounds ,carvacrol and thymol , help to relieve you from  chest pressure and irritation .
  • You can drink a potent mixture of 4 to 5 drops of oregano oil and coconut oil.This will boost your immune system continuously. It will also provide a soothing relief from episodes of coughing.


Oregano oil can cause irritation of skin and mucus membrane if taken in high concentrations, pregnant women should avoid using it because it can result in a miscarriage.

How to Use oregano tea ?

Oregano is a tasteful herb recognized for its cookery uses.It is also ideal for brewing tea. It has been hundreds of years since oregano tea has been regarded as an effective herbal supplement as well as treatment. A cupful of oregano tea can work as an

  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-fungal
  • Provide Digestive Support
  • Help in Reducing Weight
  • Relieve you from an Asthma Attack
  • Reduce Heart Illness Chances.

Fresh oregano leaves or dried leaves may be used to make tea. Following are steps to make oregano tea :

  • You can take a few fresh leaves of oregano or 1 tablespoon of dried oregano leaves.
  • Put these leaves in a tea pot and fill up the pot with a mug of boiling water 
  • Then you have to steep the leaves.
  • The taste can be more powerful the longer you steep. Oregano has bitter flavor but you can steep it for 10 minutes and then sweeten it.
  • You can try to flavor your oregano tea’s bitter taste by adding sugar, honey, lemon juice. You can also gargle with unsweetened tea to clean yourmouth.

Benefits of Oregano Constituents

  • Vitamin B : It rejuvenates and energizes your body and improves the functionality of your metabolism.
  • Iron : It increases the levels of hemoglobin in your blood.
  • Calcium/ Iron/ Manganese : These salts improve your bone health, help speedup your liver function and eliminates toxin to detoxify the body.
  • Omega-3 fatty acid : This is the good cholesterol which improves your heart health helps in preventing  atherosclerosis ,and balances your cholesterol  levels along with reducing inflammation.
  • Fiber : Fiber aids our digestion by stimulating peristaltic movement and helps in maintaining gut health to increase our nutrient uptake.
  • Thymol/ carvacrol : These increase the white blood cells in your blood,gives you a fast recovery from any illness. Thymol have antibacterial property as well.
  • Rosmarinic Acid/ Thymol : It is an antioxidant which boosts immunity, free radicals.

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