Concept of Heaven and Hell

Concept of Heaven and Hell

Thus hell and enforcers of divine justice do not have an independent existence as such. There are no courts of law for divine justice and related office personnel like the earth has. Innumerable human beings die each moment,each day. Rendering justice to them would require a complex establishment. There is absolutely no feasibility of such a complex set up for dealing with the dead beings.

The scriptures mention that Yam is the personnel who does the decision-making on allotting heaven or hell to the soul of the dead on the basis of records maintained by Chitragupta in his court.

In Sanskrit, Yam means ‘disciplining one’s own self’ and Chittragupta or Chittagupta means the Chitta which is secret or hidden wiz the Chitta keeps the record and self-control delivers the judgment. When the combined total sins which deeply embedded in the psyche of human beings become illumined since everything is stored in a person’s unconsciousness, his soul is forced to take cognizance of them thus paying for his sins.Thus each being has a hell of its own which becomes extinct,the moment he is re-born in a different body.

Concept of Heaven and Hell

Let us now understand the concept of Yamduts, the emissaries of death.A moth is usually attracted by fire and appears to be forcibly drawn towards it by some independent entity. Similarly when a soul is brought to divine justice and undergoes punishment on its own, one often gets the feeling that he is being forced by aliens. These deliverers of divine justice appear in a shape,form, complexion and description which the human soul has seen,read or studied according to his faith and religious beliefs in the materialistic world. These deliverers of justice converse with the soul in his native language as well.

Concept of Heaven and Hell
Yamduts according to Hindu Belief

In order to punish and reform itself the inner-self (sub-consciousness)produces an exclusive hell within, wherein the traits accumulated from activities of previous life become personified as living images, and the soul is subjected to torment, anguish and humiliation.All of us have different perceptions of physical suffering such as being roasted or an intense experience of remorse, mortification and embarrassment,of hell The kind and degree of punishment would depend on the emotional susceptibility of the soul.

The purpose of hell is to make the soul suffer so that it is able to learn a lesson by connecting his sinful deeds with the ultimate consequence. The duration and degree of punishment also depends on the degree of his sin and the required reformation. In order to punish a soul, which repeats mistakes in successive life cycles, heavy punishment is designed. For physically committed sins, the physical counterparts are punished and for the evil thoughts, mind of the soul is made to suffer.

Concept of Heaven and Hell

So does the inner-self have an inbuilt arrangement of self- punishment for evil deeds? Sinful acts which are not kept secret are generally punished for in this very world, whereas for the remaining, the being has to undergo suffering in the astral world. (The provision of confession in Christianity is to enable the person to unburden the soul of sins kept as secret). Divinity has established this system to enable the being to make penance for most of the grievous sins and proceed for the next birth as a pious being without the burden of consequences of sins committed in previous life. The commander-in-chief does not permit a wounded soldier to go back to the front till he recuperates. Since, otherwise, he would not serve his purpose and instead of fighting would be preoccupied with the injury. For the similar reason, barring a few exceptions most of the sins of the individual are wiped out after the reformatory treatment and the being proceeds for the next birth with a clean slate.

Concept of Heaven and Hell

The advantage of hell does not lie merely in weakening the impact of sins on the soul but is also reformatory. It relieves the living being from past evil habits in future life and make it remember the consequences. The voice of conscience is in fact a memory of this lesson. Thieves, evil doers and murderers become restive while committing the crime. It indicates the faint recollection of the punishment suffered in hell for similar deeds in earlier life. But alas! People do not pay heed to their voice of conscience and fall again and again in the trap of sin.

Heaven or Hell?

by Ellen Bailey

Heaven has a place prepared for me and you
Hell is another place that has one prepared too
There is no place in-between that we can go
It’s either Heaven above or Hell down below
hellHeaven is a place with streets paved with gold
Hell is a fiery furnace with unquenchable coals
Heaven is found with forgiveness and prayer
Hell doesn’t care; it will take you as you are
hellWe are all destined for one place or the other
There is no place in-between to run for cover
We must decide now where we intend to stay
We cannot be fence-sitters come judgment day


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