Creation And God

creation and god

Who endowed Man and how was he endowed with attributes, qualities and qualifications which he possesses? It is a question self answered by the theory of creation.

creation and god
The creative Power OF creation has brought about all this :

  • Different Geniuses

  • Different Species.

  • Different Categories

  • Different Orders

  • Different Compositions

  • Different Makes

  • Different Forms

  • Different Shapes and so on.

If we heat water to transform it into vapor, water is helpless and cannot be responsible for the changed form of gas. It can never become the “same water again by its own effort.
God’s creation ,Man has a limited power of action. He is created and endowed with attributes; lives and acts in life guided by Thought or Intellect, which is a special gift of the Supreme Power. It may be true that within the limited ambit he is independent and powerful, but when one looks deeper he is convinced that things happen without considering his wish or desire, act or thinking.He is impelled to take them for granted, because he feels his limitlessness. his limitation. his power.creation and godIn God’s creation, Man a free agent ? Certainly he is. but within a given sphere or compass. I take it in this way. A circle is drawn with a radius of. say, 100 kilometers in a forest, on the contour of which is constructed an iron railing 50 meters high covered with impenetrable mesh wire, This area is studded with trees of sort. ponds. streams. rocks. big and small game, etc. A lion is made the master of this beat with his lioness and cubs, and he feels satisfied. In his moments of glee proceeding from the thought that he is the master of “all he surveys.“ he frisks and gambols, jumps and leaps into the air believing that he can fly into the space above and command everything. But when be actually leaps, he finds that with all the nerve he possesses he cannot scale the failing, let alone jumping over it.He is crestfallen, brooding over his incapacity, his powerlessness. The open. azure, inviting sky tempts him over and over again as he roars. thunders, instills fear in all the inmates of his demesne. At last he realizes that even “though he is not, powerful enough to leap into the open space over the fence. Men have the same attributes.

creation and god

Time came and Newton discovered the Law of Gravitation, or Einstein his Theory of Relativity. which supports the theory of physical time and my Non-physical interpretation of TIME. Now Rockets and Space-Ships have been invented.  Man is circumscribed and as such whatever he does. he does it with the sanction of some Power behind and beyond. He possesses the same brain. the same faculties. the same powers. the same weapons and the same arms like ARJUNA. but even then he fails. Why? Because it is not the same TIME, and something or other is not the same.


creation and god

The difference between God’s Creation Man and Man is explained by the fact that persons conceived and born of different or same couples. in different environments, different circumstances, different conditions, in and at different times have to be dissimilar. In addition there is a Supreme Power, Who acts in each case in His own way, the common denominator of physicality being almost the same so far as regeneration and reproduction are concerned. Man has the power to act as the lion in the limited ‘arena’. He can think within that space; he can make experiments. record them too. if he likes. His actions do bear fruits which he can enjoy, with a gusto if delicious, reject and throw  away if acrid, provided he is powerful enough to do that. If he is not, he has to taste that acrid fruit also. A man slips and falls into water; his clothes get soaked and become unwearable; he can dry them. use them, if not otherwise soiled.

creation and god

These give rise to the different experiences of the living life which God Offers his creation.

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