What are the Possibilities of Rebirth after Death?


What is Death? 

Death is the end of life. It is the cessation of life. But what do life and cessation means? These questions are not so easy to answer, at least not in science. Many people are curious to know the scientific definition of life and death. However, the nature of reality or consciousness is not the main question that is to be answered. The main question is

Do we have life after death?

A child wrote in a letter to God.

“Dear God, What happens when we die ? I don’t want to do it. I just want to know what it is like.” 

Death is the end of life but, is the reincarnation of soul found true?

The ultimate power of the universe is God. The universe is divided into good and evil. You will end in heave after death if you have done good deeds in life. If you are evil you will end in hell after death, engulfing you in fire and suffering. The main teaching of religion is to be good without any expectations. Alas! this kind of questions does not satisfy this sophisticated scientific age.


Who or what Survives?

Who are you after death? 

You are not a physical or corporeal entity. It is only an incorporeal soul which survives. You are told that the soul survives after death. The soul goes either to heaven or hell.

Death is the end of life but, is the reincarnation of soul found true?

Where do we get Ego from ?

Clearly, Our experiences shape up ego in us, as we grow up. The physical brain preserves the memories of these experiences. Experiences are not the only cause of ego. It is logical to say that genetic endowment also plays a major role in developing the ego in us. Brain, memories and genetic nature are physical in nature. Ego cannot function with the decay of our body and demise of these physical memories.


Our body and brain stabilize our identity. When we are dreaming, we lose awareness of our body. Many times in dream we observe that our identity shifts from one dream to another. Sensory deprivation and psychedelic drugs cause such things. We experience a normal stable ego in our waking consciousness. But, this ego disappears in the altered state of consciousness.

Death is the end of life but, is the reincarnation of soul found true?

It is very difficult and controversial to write about the nature of the soul and what happens after death. When we picture life and death in a continuum of many cultures. Something does survive death, but that something returns after re-birth in a new form and in a new body. This is how the process goes.

The science behind Survival and Reincarnation?

Re-incarnation is a timely but unexpected reevaluation of ancient wisdom. It is a science that has been scrutinized in the past few decades. Since the seventeenth century, the general trend of science was materialistic.But after 20th-century science has started exploring marginalized spirituality as well.

Death is the end of life but, is the reincarnation of soul found true?

Proper formulation and understanding of such ideas are extremely subtle. But, people think of spiritual arena in a materialistic manner. Like most people think of heaven as a happy place for them after earth. We develop this kind of thinking from our childhood experiences. Another major reason for our belief in heaven and hell is Religion. It often portrays heaven and hell in this way.


Death is the end of life but, is the reincarnation of soul found true?

Modern science supports the idea that there is only one substance of reality. There is no dual world of soulsubstance. No such world can interact with the material world. Nothing can mediate such interaction. Hence, soulsubstance and material substance cannot act as a mediator. Also, there is no such interaction between the exchange of energy and two worlds. The reason is that it does not show any deficit or occasional access to the energy ledger of the material world. According to a physical law, energy of the material world is a constant. The law of energy conservation.


What is possible?

The right scientific approach towards wisdom is to avoid dualism from our thinking about reality. Dualism and science are like oil and water, they never mix with each other. The past three centuries of science has taught us that everything is made up of matter. The matter is an idea based on monism.

Death is the end of life but, is the reincarnation of soul found true?

If you grew up in a materialist western culture, Your worldview might be strange and confused, with glimpses of materialism and display of dualism. Dualism is a spirit world that exists independently. It is made of a non-material substance that somehow interacts with the material world. Every now and then, people have tried to prove the existence of a soul. They show that body loses weight upon death in violation of the law of energy conservation. What do you think? Is the concept of reincarnation of soul true?

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