Desires in You


Desire is an emotive personality. It has the force of externalizing our mind. Desire is the fuel; thought is the flame. The flame is kept alive by putting in the desiring fuel. In case you pull back the supply of fuel, The flame will be diminished back into its womb. If you think of cutting off your longings and desires, the mind will be pulled back into the self divine Brahma.

desires in you


Desire, thoughts and ego(Ahankara) form an endless loop. If you can destroy any one of them, the other two will die by themselves. These are the three columns or corner-stones of the mind’s structure. They are the three connections of the mind chain. Decimate any one of the connections; the entire chain will be broken.

desires in you


Desires are born in us due to Ananda-Abhava  (non-existence) since, when we like something or want to possess it, but are not able to possess it, makes our thoughts inclined towards that desire .The reason for desiring is the presence of articles outside our reach. Our Interests turn into desires in the mind. Intrigue and feelings arise within us before a desire is born. Trust and expectations convert these feelings into desire.


Just like heat is inseparable from flame, Vikshepa or the distraction of the mind is inseparable from the mind. It causes a lot of inconvenience to the Sadhakas(to accomplish). It is born by its own conscience leading to the birth of determination in us. The mind stops to exist if it is desperate of this wavering. This type of fluctuation in different personality creates the entire universe.

desires in you


Desire in the mind is a genuine pollution. Sexual desire, indecent fascination for the opposite sex, is the best polluting influence. This causes a genuine subjugation. You can even give up your wife, children and wealth because of this desire. Be that as it may, it is to a great degree hard to surrender money, recognition and power. Ambition is a genuine snag in the way of Yoga. This is the most effective weapon of materialism with which it butchers common minded people.

desires in you

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Even after you have revoked every one of the desires, there may be some unpretentious, hidden desires (Sukshma, Anirbuddha) in our mind that can’t be appreciated. These are exceptionally risky ones. In this manner, you must be, extremely careful. The lurking force of desires will throw you down at any moment, if you are not extremely careful and mindful, it will wreck your dispassion (vairagya) and you will face defeat eventually. It has been seen that numerous practitioners (Yogabhrashtas) who had tumbled from Yoga owing to the overpowering impact of these subtle, hidden desires. Insofar as you have these subtle, hidden, unnoticeable (Anirbuddha) desies in your mind, you can never dream of going into the absolute nothingness (Nirvikalpa state) without any modification of the mind. You can never grow supreme non-attachment and dispassion (Paravairagya) also.


You may get to old. Your hairs may turn dim, yet your mind is always young. The capacity may vanish, however the craving remains even when you have achieved supreme senility. Craving (Trishna) is the genuine seed of desire’s birth. These craving seeds offer ascent to Sankalpa and activity. The wheel of Samsara is continued spinning by these cravings. Check them from developing in any way. At that point you will be protected. You will get a reflection of OM and dedication will root out these craving seeds which are laid deep.


You will have to dig them out legitimately in different corners and burn them beyond resurrection. Then only your efforts will bear the fruit of supreme nothingness(Nirvikalp samadhi).

“Love and slaughter,”
“Marry and observe Brahmacharya,”
“Pleasure without desire,”
“Activity without fruits”

are some incomprehensible terms you have to agree with. A man with gross practical mind(Vyavaharic Buddhi) can hardly understand these terms. A subtle, pure intellect is required.Just assume that you were a terrible smoker throughout the past fifteen years. then you gave up smoking for five years. The craving for smoking additionally died. Assume one of your companions offers you a cigar in the 6th year. You have no craving for smoking at this point. if you take it now and appreciate it just to satisfy your companion, it will be known as a Suddha Bhoga. You have delighted yourself in it without a desire or a craving. divine god appreciates Suddha Bhoga.

desires in you


Desire energizes the mind and senses. At a point when desire is satisfied by enjoyment of the objects, fulfilment (Tripti) becomes temporary. Delight is the pleasure in the essence of what is accomplished. Where joy exists, there is no bliss. Happiness resembles a tired voyager who hears or sees water or a shady wood.Bliss is enjoying the water or entering the backwoods shade in the forest.

desires in you
Bliss or Joy

When there is desire, then there is pleasure alone. The reason for pleasure is desire. If you have no desire,pleasure can’t be achieved. If there is no hunger, delicious food can give you no pleasure.If there is no thirst, no reviving drink will have any impact on you. To understand this, appetite is the example. The first cup of hot milk gives us delight. The second glass induces disgust. After the enjoyment is over, Tripti wiz Satisfaction comes. Subsequently, disgust emerges when the second cup of hot milk is taken.But, there is no genuine delight in milk. The joy is in soul(Atman) only. It is reflected in the object (milk) owing to ignorance, attributable to illusion (Bhranti). It is Bhranti-Sukha. If there was real happiness in milk, it should induce pleasure always and in every person but it is not the case.

desire in you

If a desire emerges in our mind,a state of Vritti has been achieved now. This Vritti shakes your mind till you get satisfaction through delight in the object you craved for. There is peace or joy after the happiness is over till another desire emerges in our mind. Presently, in between the delight of one desire and the manifestation of another, there is pure bliss, in light of the fact that there is no desire then, our mind comes at rest. You are in union with Brahma.

desires in you
Creator of the Universe

That condition of pure bliss between two desires is Brahma. If you can delay that time of joy through Sadhana by keeping up the possibility of Brahman and by not permitting another Vritti or desire to manifest, you will be in Samadhi. The period between one Vritti and another Vritti is the genuine Samadhi/nirvana.

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