How to Use Faith to cure yourself ?


According to the holy books,“Faith moves mountains,“. If we have great faith in a deity, Saint, thought or an object our wishes are fulfilled through their agency. In France there is a small village named Lourdes where there is a small lake. It is believed that a dip in this water cures incurable diseases like cancer, leprosy, paralysis and many other serious maladies. Eminent doctors have vouchsafed for the genuineness of the cures and have always expressed great wonder and astonishment. Once, a woman suffering from paralysis was taken there on a stretcher. It was cold day. Her attendants after offering prayers to the Deity dipped the patient in the cold water of the lake. Oh! The Wonder! The woman got completely cured and went home on her feet. Such miracles are happening at Lourdes even today.


If you have implicit faith in the quality of a certain object you will experience the fruits of that quality according to your faith. Once a doctor in America went to a movie with his wife. In the middle of the show the wife had severe headache. The doctor had no pills for headache with him at that moment. He suddenly had an idea. He tore off a button from his coat and asked the wife to chew it. Believing that she was given a pill to cure headache by her doctor husband,she chewed it and to everyone’s surprise her headache stopped immediately. We often come across shamans and mendicants who give talisman, black thread and amulets to ward off evil spirits. Many charlatans often advertise that their wares and waves can bestow wealth and children on the wearer. Though all this is a fraud, still it cannot be denied that faith in these things often brings about the desired results. The dictum “According to thy faith” is quite apt.

Now a question that arises in all our minds is,”Why are all our desires not fulfilled by following the methods mentioned above?”

Let us first come back to Lourdes. A person going there is often suffering from some kind of disease or disorder. He knows that a dip in the lake at Lourdes has cured many people of their serious maladies. The thought about the efficacy of the water of the lake, goes into his subconscious mind and good results follow when he himself takes a dip in the water. Whatever thought, wish or will enters the subconscious mind is often materialized. That is the first law of the subconscious mind. In this case the subconscious mind itself starts the work of curing the body.

If, however, a person has no faith or belief, his thought amounts to no thought at all and in the absence of a thought in the subconscious mind, the very seed of materialization is nipped in the bud. Without the seed,the further process of materialization becomes impossible. Now conceding that older people are cured by the water of the lake due to their faith and so on, how is it that children without any understanding whatsoever are also cured? They have no knowledge about the mysterious curing property of the lake water. The answer is quite simple. Even though the child does not have this knowledge or faith but the relatives attending on him know it and have faith in the properly of that water. The father of the child for instance has this thought about the efficacy of the water in his subconscious mind and for subconscious mind, it is logically a thought, which is then born in the subconscious mind of the child as well. This is how the child without an understanding can be cured.

You will now understand why blessings given to a person by a Saint or pious old people becomes true. The blessings enter into their subconscious mind and according to psychic law,they materialize. This thoughtform is so powerful that it takes no time for it to enter into our subconscious mind.Now what is a curse? It must be noted that it is very difficult for a negative thought form to enter into the subconscious mind. Should it be so, all our thoughts regarding wealth, prosperity, etc., would enter into our subconscious mind and materialize. All the human beings would then become happy. But this is not true. For a thought, forms to enter into our subconscious mind, our conscious mind must be absolutely concentrated and made to point in a single direction.

You should learn the art of gazing,to learn about the unbelievable powers of your subconscious mind, what it does and how. For achieving our ends, we must not wish about things which are “on the Moon”. Unswerving faith in our mighty will power is a necessary condition for the attainment of this “wish fulfilling siddhi”. The Upanishads and Bhagwat Gita have also extolled the virtue of unswerving faith.

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