Unlocking the True Potentials of your subconscious through the Practice of Gazing


Of all the processes for concentrating the mind the practice of gazing is the best. In Yoga Philosophy it is called “Gazing, the divine”. In an advanced stage of this practice the practitioner acquires some mental powers such as thought transference, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and the power to hypnotize others. There is no other Practice to take our mind to the fourth dimension than the practice of gazing. This practice generates mesmeric powers in the eyes of the practitioner. Any person is subdued by only looking in the practitioner’s eyes. People who desire to become master mesmerists must do the following practices in gazing for at least one year. In books on mesmerism the writers give only a historical background but they are conveniently silent regarding the methods of developing this power. They go on describing case histories of mesmerists and their subjects which does not satisfy readers.

Ignoring all this historical background we will teach you certain sure methods and practices in gazing and thereby gaining mesmeric and other uncanny powers. You should please note that these psychic powers cannot be acquired by practicing pranayam or gazing for a couple of weeks. To achieve this divine power they will have to practice these practices for years together with great perseverance and tenacity. There are seven types of gazing practices. They are as follows:

(1) Gazing on an Idol

(2) Red cloth gazing

(3) Spot gazing

(4) Gazing on one’s reflection in a mirror

(5) Flame gazing

(6) Gazing in flames of fire

(7) Gazing on Sun.

Gazing on an Idol

Keep an Idol or a picture (3″ x 3″) of some God or a Saint at a distance of about 3 feet from you. People who do not believe in God etc. may keep a picture of a flower or any other good object they like. Now look intently at the object for about 15 seconds and close your eyes. Then try to visualize the picture in front of your mental eye. The image will fade away after some time. Repeat this process at least 21 limes at one sitting, After some days practice, the practitioner will be able to see this image before his mental eye at any time of the day. When you are able to retain the image at least for half a minute then and then only, you can be said to have mastered this practice. This image gazing practice enables the practitioner to open his third eye. This practice is far superior to the method of physically drilling the center between the eyebrows for opening this third eye, practiced by Lamas of Tibet.

Dalai Lama

In an advanced stage of this practice many visions can be seen by merely closing the eyes. In the initial stage, however, these visions have no meaning. This practice makes the intellect sharp, and cures forgetfulness. This sort of gazing can be practiced at all times of the day. Just look at a clock or any- other object for a few seconds, and immediately close your eyes. The image of the object can be seen by the mental eye quite clearly.In the advanced stage of a gazing on Idols or Saints, the deities and saints are pleased with the practitioner and they help him in all ways in his worldly life.

Gazing on Red cloth

Take a piece of red satin (6″ x 6″), sit on the ground or a cot. Place a big pillow having a white pillow- case in front of yourself. Spread the satin on the pillow. Now place a big grain of jawar in the center of the cloth, and begin to look intently at it. You will experience that color of the cloth changes occasionally. The grain of jawar will become luminous. When your whole mind is concentrated on that grain, both the cloth and the grain will become illumined alternately and the grain will vanish before your eyes. While practicing this practice, your eyes will become heavy and watery. Close them for a moment and start afresh. This practice should be practiced at least for 15 minutes every day. After this practice, sprinkle cold water on your eyes.

The bright light which you see on the cloth when the mind is concentrated is the light of the Self. This practice brings the conscious mind in contact with the sub conscious mind. This results in getting brilliant and sublime ideas. You will dream about saints, temples, forests, etc. In an advanced stage of this practice, you will see before your eyes a bright and luminous spot on which you can practice gazing with great profit. In this practice the sense of time is lost altogether. One hour is felt only like 10 minutes. However, I warn the practitioner not to practice this gazing for more than 15 to 20 minutes. The contact of the conscious mind with the divine and all-powerful subconscious mind is hard to bear in the initial stage.

Gazing in a Mirror

This is the most important practice in gazing. Take a mirror of real Belgium glass (about 8″ x 6″) and fix it on the wall in level with your eyes (in a sitting position). The room should be dimly lighted as before. Sit in front of the mirror at a distance of about 3 feet. Now try to gaze on the reflection of your face in the mirror. In the initial stage your concentration must be on the center of your eyebrows (Bhru Madhya) in the mirror. You will then experience that the whole of your face in the mirror is becoming dim and a time will come when the reflection of the whole face will vanish from the mirror. You will only see the mirror. Try to remain in this condition as long as you can. Slowing down the breath will help you to achieve this condition easily. After a very short time your face will reappear in the mirror. Again try to go in the “vanished condition of the reflected face”.

Practice this for 20 minutes every day preferably in the evening. Do not exceed the time-limit in any case. Do not chant any mantra during the practice. Your mind must only try to concentrate on your face in the mirror. In an advanced stage of this practice you will see the blank mirror visions of forests, big trees, unacquainted people, and lakes. When you begin to see these, visions, know for certain that you are on the right path. They are nothing but the projection of visions contained in the sub-conscious mind. The practitioner must not stop at these perceptions of visions. After some months these visions will also vanish and your mind will go in a trance. The fourth condition of the mind (Turiya State).

In this condition there is only the feeling “I am”. It will suffice for the practitioner to stop at these experiences. In this state the mind is one with the universal consciousness. When this “I am” consciousness is merged in “Brahma” the Yogi becomes Brahma himself. It is very difficult, not impossible, for an ordinary householder to reach this unique state. “One in a million merges in me.“ says Bhagwat Gita. After the practice is over the mirror should be wrapped up in a crimson colored cloth. It should never be used for any other purpose. The practice of gazing in the mirror develops the power of influence and controlling other people. There appears a divine light in the eyes. People, beasts and birds come completely under control by merely looking into their eyes. They cannot go against the wishes of the practitioner. Angry people are calmed down by a mere look into their eyes.

The power of mesmerising is developed later on. This faculty of influencing others (vashikaran) can also be induced in other inanimate objects such as a ring or a handkerchief. This may be called inducing of will power in other things. For this wonderful phenomena, the practitioner should go to a solitary place or room. He should then take the object (in which he desires to transmit this will power) in his hands and look at it with great concentration without any other thought in the mind. While in this condition he should think with complete faith that, his will to influence others is entering the object set forth. Do this for about ten minutes. You will be surprised to see that the person who looks at the object will be completely under your control. However, contact with water destroys this weird power in the object. This power also diminishes after about three months.

Gazing in a Flame

At night, switch off the lights in your room. Close the doors and windows and make the room completely dark. Now light a candle and sit in front of it at a distance of about three feet. Try to gaze in the flame with all your mind fully concentrated. You will experience that the flame is becoming brighter. When the mind is fully concentrated on the flame, you will see the vision of some faces in it. In an advanced stage you will see faces of persons whom you desire to see. By this practice your eyes will become bright as the flame, because during this practice the object and the subject become one. It is said that after mastering this technique, by merely gazing at a bird and by willing that it must drop down dead on the ground, the bird will fall down dead.

Gazing in Fire

For establishing contact with the worlds composed of four elements, there is no other more efficacious practice than the practice of gazing in the fire. As full control over sex life is a primary condition for doing this practice. On a new moon night (amavasya) go to a jungle. Light some firewood and sit at a distance of above three feet from the fire. Now try to look with greatest concentration in the flames. After some days of this practice you will see a very bright white light instead of the red flames. In this divine light you will see Angels and other unearthly things. Please note that in this light you will not see ghosts and other fearful spirits of the heathen world.

In fire gazing you leave off elements earth and water and you will see visions composed of the remaining higher three elements (fire, air and akasha). If our consciousness could transcend these elements we can become one with the universal consciousness. This state is very difficult if not impossible to achieve. To see the world made up of three higher elements the Seer must also be identical. This practice by eliminating the two lower elements from the consciousness makes it three elemental. A fire elemental consciousness cannot have a contact with the higher three elemental world.

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Sun Gazing

You should practice sun gazing on an early morning during sunrise. As the sun is not very bright in the morning, injury to the eyes can be avoided. This practice must not be practiced for more than three minutes at a stretch. Practicing sun gazing in midday sun is a very dangerous practice since it involves great injury to the eyes. The sun is the “eye” of the universe and as such eyes become lustrous like the sun by the practice of sun gazing, and its hypnotic power is increased. Apart from this no other Psychic power is seen to develop in the Yogi. However after getting up from this practice a very bright spot of light is always seen before the eyes and gazing on this spot on and off increases the magic power of the eye of influencing other people by merely looking at them.

Star Gazing

Our physical eyesight cannot normally see beyond a distance of 4 to 5 furlongs. If gazing on very distant objects like the stars is practiced this power of the eyes will definitely increase; and along with that the same power of the “inward eye” must necessarily increase. The mighty Siddhi of clairvoyance is developed in the Yogi.

Try to gaze with full concentration on a fixed star every day for about ten minutes in the beginning. After some days of this practice, you will experience that the star is looking more bright. In an advanced stage even in the absence of that star in the sky you will be able to see it at that place. This is nothing but the reflection of the star recorded in your sub-conscious mind. As already stated clairvoyance is developed by the practice of gazing on a star. To test this power close your eyes and then think intently about a place you have already seen. You will clearly see the vision of that very place before your internal eye.

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