Is Cow Urine good or bad ?


Cow urine or gomutra Panchagavya is a solution prepared by mixing five products from a cow. The three main constituents are:

  • Cow dung

  • Cow Urine

  • Cow Milk

The two derived products  which are mixed along with the above mentioned direct constituents are

  • Curd from Cow Milk

  • Ghee from Cow Milk

These are mixed in a proper ratio and then allowed to ferment.


The Cow urine therapy and all traditional techniques from the Vedic system of medicine have a strong scientific base.

Ayurvedic References

In ancient ayurvedic texts,cow urine has been described as ‘Sushrita Samhita’ and ‘Ashtanga Sangraha’ Charaka Samhitha, is the most effective substance/secretion of an animal and has innumerable therapeutic values. Gomutra is called ‘Sanjivani’ and ‘Amrita’ (Elixir) in Ayurveda.

Bhav Prakash Nighantu describes gomutra as the most useful animal’s urine (including human) and enumerates its various therapeutic uses.

In addition,cow urine has applications as a bio pesticide in organic farming along with cow dung.Cow’s milk and herbal ingredients have been used in the Yajur veda for Ark as a medicine.

Medicinal Properties of Gomutra

It can be used:

  • As an Anti-oxidizing agent
  • As a Cure for Diabetics as well as Gangrene

  • For Wound Healing and stings

  • As an Immunomodulator (a chemical agent that modifies the immune response or the functioning of the immune system)
  • As a bio-enhancer to increase the efficacy of antibiotics
  • For a Nutritional diet
  • Instead of Anticancer drugs like Taxol.

  • For augmenting Band T-lymphocyte blastogenesis
  • As IgG, IgA and lgM antibody titers in mice
  • For increasing the secretion of interleukin-1 and interleukin-2.
  • In the prevention and control of infections
  • For Strong,Soft Hair and preventing Hair Fall

and many more

Gomutra is not a toxic waste material. 95% of it is water, 2.5% consists of urea, and the remaining 2.5% is a mixture of minerals, salts, hormones and enzymes.

Gomutra exhibits the property of Rasayana tattwa (Tonic) responsible for modulating various bodily functions and also helps in improving immunity.Antimicrobial and germicidal properties of gomutra/cow urine are due to the presence of urea, kreatinine, swarn kshar (aurum hydroxide), carbolic acid, minerals like calcium and manganese and  other phenols. its anticancer effect is due to uric acid’s antioxidant property and allantoin .Immunity is improved by swarn kshar.

Cow Urine helps improve our Cardiovascular Activity because:

  • It has Kallikrein , which is a vasodilator
  • The enzyme Urokinase acts as a Fibrinolytic agent
  • Nitrogen, uric acid, phosphates and Hippuric acid act as diuretic agents.
  • Ammonia maintains the integrity of our blood corpuscles
  • Nitrogen, sulfur, sodium and calcium components act as blood purifiers
  • Iron and erythropoietin are stimulating agents and maintain hemoglobin levels in our body.
  • Renal health is maintained by nitrogen, which acts as a renal stimulant, and urinary components which act as diuretic agents.
  • Aurum hydroxide and copper act as antidotes for various poisons in our body.

Its anti obesity effect is due to the presence of copper ions

Calcium promotes skeletal/bone health

Bio-enhancing Properties of Cow Urine

Cow urine distillate is more effective as a bio-enhancer than cow urine.It increases the effectiveness of antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anticancer drugs. Cow urine concentrate acts as a bio-enhancer of immunization efficacy to modulate this effect. Cow urine can be used instead of  Rifampicin(Rifampicin, also known as rifampin, is an antibiotic used to treat several types of bacterial infections. ), a major antibiotic drug used against tuberculosis.

In a scientific study the fertility index was found to be 88% in a group treated with cadmium chloride and cow urine. Cow urine exhibits anti-toxic activity against cadmium chloride and can be used as a bio-enhancer for zinc.It has been observed that cow urine can increase the potency of ”Taxol” (paclitaxel) against MCF-7, a human breast cancer cell line. Mature male mice, Mus musculus, exposed to cadmium chloride only, showed 0% fertility rate. However, the animals given a combination of cadmium chloride + cow urine + zinc sulfate showed 90% fertility rate with 100% viability and lactation indices.

Uses of Cow Urine in Ayurvedic Drugs Purification

Certain poisons can be refined and purified if soaked in cow urine for 3 days. For example, Dhatura (Dhatura metel) seeds (with shell peeled off) are considered purified after soaking in gomutra for 12 hours. Bakuchi is soaked in gomootra for 7 days for shodhana .Cow Urine is also used for the process of Bhasma,or inner purification (A traditional Indian Practice done for Tattwa Shuddhi )

Cow urine can be used for purification of guggul (Comniphera mukul), loha (iron) and bhalataka (Semecarpus anacardium), Psorela corlifolia, detoxification of aconite (Aconitum napellus) and also for purification and detoxification of silver.

Cow urine has been given to many US Patents for its medicinal properties, particularly as a bioenhancer, as an antibiotic, anti-fungal and anticancer agent. These milestone achievements highlight the potential role of cow urine in treatment of bacterial infections and cancer, and demonstrate that cow urine can enhance the efficacy and potency of other drugs.

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