How to Use your Brain as a Source of Supernatural Powers?

The organization and function of human brain is so splendid that no sophisticated machine could match the ordered assembly and efficiency of its components. Its automatic activities in normal cases are so perfect that they appear to have been derived by mathematical principles. Its regulatory knowledge acquisition and biological physiological information processing, activation and control of body functions are just perfect.

The Human Brain

If we consider the subtle potentials of our brain, we will find that its above mentioned ‘routine’ functions could be expanded to an unexpected extent. One could get absolute knowledge about everything existing in nature, placed anywhere in the cosmos. One would be able to communicate with any desired person at any place, howsoever far, without the help of any external device. If the hidden potentials of our brain are aroused completely, we can lift anything with ease, whatever be its weight.

The supernatural potentials and talents – termed as asta siddhi and nava nidhi in the Indian scriptures – are the expressions of miraculous powers of human brain which were attained by our ancient yogis through mental concentration and meditation with sublime spirituality. Divine incarnations have supernatural faculties within themselves. Religious scriptures cite many examples of this sort. Several incidents of this kind are associated with the life of Jesus Christ. Once he was traveling bare foot with a handful of his disciples when they felt exhausted after a day’s sojourn, Jesus told one of the disciples to go up to a particular distance in a particular direction and bring back the ass that was grazing there. Surprisingly, the fellow did find an ass at the same spot as guided by Jesus, he brought the animal for riding. This was nothing but a minor glimpse of his supernatural vision.

Extraordinary faculties of perception exist in subtle form in the brain of every human being.The advancement of scientific understanding of some functions of the brain and simultaneous study of the effects of some yoga and dhyana sadhana on thee functions haspowers paved way for newer research. It has also shown that – the spiritual methods developed by the ancient savants are systematic and scientifically justified techniques which could activate the latest potentials of the human brain.

Dr. George Delgado had conducted several experiments to demonstrate that the sensual powersfeelings like hunger, thirst, concupiscence, etc could be controlled by controlling the governing centers of our brain. Controlling its neuronal activities could also help control the mental tendencies of a living being. In a demonstration, he gave a banana to a monkey named Ali. When Ali was eating this fruit of its liking, Dr. Delgado recorded its EEG and accordingly sent specific electrical signals to this subject’s brain. These signals were tuned to ‘order’ the monkey to throw off the thing in hand. The viewers were surprised to watch that suddenly Ali stopped eating and threw away the banana despite his hunger and liking.

In another demonstration – a bit adventurous and risky to perform, two bulls were brought in a ground surrounded by thousands of viewers which included some experts who had come to examine Dr.Delgado’s experiment. The bulls had electrodes fit in their heads, the public triggered them to have a head-on collision. The fighting animals appeared so The Miraculous Power of Human Braindreadful as if they will crush each other. Just then Dr.Delgado sent a signal ‘conveying ‘the ‘message’ that peace is better than violence to both the animals. These signals had electrified the nerves of the bulls so as to stimulate the secretion of certain hormone and suppress that of the other. Within no time the bulls were seen standing calmly near each other like domestic goats, although their hissing continued but there was no excitation in them. Dr.Delgado has also successfully used this method of controlling the specific nerve-functions through electrical charges for the treatment of many patients. At least 20 Watts of electricity flows continuously in the human brain throughout his life. This generation and conduction of (bio) electricity is a part of the normal automatic functioning of the human brain.

If a neuron could be excited by some processing then because of its electrical energy, it would work like a dynamo.The million billions neuron would collectively The Miraculous Power of Human Brainbe equivalent to million billions of dynamos! Just imagine then, what a gigantic around of power – heat, light, electricity etc that could be generated from the human brain? Understanding of the electrical activities of the neural network and related findings of modern sciences appear superficial when compared with descriptions of the internal power of the brain as cited in the ancient scriptures. The divine powers of Lord Indira and Savita are said to be present in the inner core of the sahastrara in human brain.The Gods Rudra and Pusan are said to exist subtly on its back side. These divine powers were identified by the rishis as the sources of conscious and unconscious faculties of the human mind. Scientific findings have so far discovered that the cerebrum is the principal portion of the brain where all the nerves and veins meet collectively. This portion keeps control over the sensory and motor functions of the body. The backside of the brain is so far been analyzed as the center of memory, the electrical impulses for the subconscious and unconscious activities of the brain are considered as emanated from this portion.

The activities of the conscious mind and the cerebrum reflect the existence of life in a human body.

The Miraculous Power of Human Brain
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The development of body in the fetus begins from the growth of cerebrum.The latter controls the development and organization of other organs. In spite of clinical death, a person remains alive till there is presence of consciousness in this part of his brain. Many examples of this ‘miraculous’ phenomenon have been recorded in the history of modern medicine. Some of these are described below for ready reference.The Amazing potential of the right side of the brain.

A Britisher named Frank Lasslie had ‘died’ of heart failure in Calcutta sometime in 1896. Many members of his family had also died of similar attacks so his death was confirmed without further investigation. His coffin was buried in a nearby graveyard. His relative wanted to bury him in the grounds of Saint John Chapel. But, they couldn’t get the permission till six months. Then, as per the rituals, his coffin was opened, people were stunned to see his dead body! His body was originally kept straight with his hands folded to form a cross on the chest but now the body was lying overturned having its back upwards, his clothes were torn and there were spots of blood in and around his mouth! The coffin was checked properly before his first burial and was closed firmly so that no insects could enter it. What happened then?

Sant Haridas

The forensic experts and doctors inferred that Frank might have been buried when there was still some life in his brain – that was unconscious for some time after his heart-failure. By the time his brain would have regained consciousness be would have found himself buried inside the grave. He would not have been able even to breathe inside that airtight caffeine, in a shocked state of fear and irritation, he might have tried to come out of that box, in this attempt his clothes would have got torn and in the end he would have died of suffocation after vomiting blood.Another incident of similar kind had occurred in a Ladies hostel in Edinberra. A resident orphan girl had fallen sick there. Despite medical treatments, one day her condition became critical and all observable symptoms of life disappeared, her pulsation and breathing also stopped.
After a preliminary checkup the doctor-onduty declared that she is dead. However, the warden of the hostel was not convinced. She said, “I cannot believe that she has died, I will allow here cremation if her body begins to stink.” Surprisingly, the girl was lying in that state for about ten days, still there was no sign of degradation of her body. Even the doctors were amazed to see this peculiar body. More startling was the fact that the girl gained consciousness after thirteen days and became healthy few day later.
The revered saintly expert of Indian classical music Swami Haridas had once gone into trance to demonstrate the power of Indian Yoga to a British General named Sir Ventura, on the request of the Sikh King Ranjita Singh. In two such experiments, the Swami was buried in a muddy pit—once for ten days and another time for forty days. In both the experiments, he was found perfectly healthy when he came out. However, the central top portion where the Hindus grow the hair knot – sikha of his head had become hot like fire. The portion of brain beneath this spot of head is very important in yoga sadhana. This is called rodasi of the saptadhora soma.

Literally speaking, rodasi means – having two parts. The two parts of central brain – the reservoir of subtle energy of consciousness are described in the yoga scriptures as the centers of existence of divine powers of Indra and Savita. The middle portion of the brain below this center is called antrariksa and the lower on preathvi. Seven principal streams (saptadhara) of the power of soma – the eternal nectar of life and energy are described as

  • Agni
  • Swargdwara
  • Atri
  • Dronakalasa
  • Asvini, etc.

These are supposed to exist latently in the middle portion of the brain.

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Paracelsus has also mentioned the above described seven powers and classified them into two groups – Apollo and David. He has considered these ‘seven current’s to be associated with the spiritual functions and the subtle emotional reflections of the human brain (mind). The Miraculous Power of Human BrainIn anatomical terms, the associated seven activity centers of the brain correspond to the seven ventricles. The first two of these are in the right and fourth is located in the left side of brain, the third one below the top center is connected with the pituitary and pineal glands. The fifth ventricle, below the third is attached to the cerebellum. The sixth one begins from the lower and of the brain and expands within the spinal column till the Sacrocoxial Ganglian – the lower end of the spinal cord. The seventh ventricle is spread like a cloud in the right portion of the skull.

Varuna (water God) is described in the scriptures as Omnipresent in each of three slokas:

Yasya Srveta Vicaksna Vistro Bhumiradhiksitah
Thiruttarani Papratuh Varunasya Dhruvam Sadah ||
Sa Saptanabhirajyati ||

Varuna,The God of Water

Meaning: The mysterious streams of power, endowed with the subliminal presence of God Varuna, are spread in the three lokas. All these are bound with the brain particles (neurons) in the upward direction. This portion is the main center of existence of Lord Varuna. The seven groups of linkage nerves emanated from this center regulate our entire body and mental functions.The Miraculous Power of Human Brain

Neuroscientists have found cerebra-spinal fluid to be spread every where in the nervous system. 99% of this fluid consists of water only.

Different kinds of the subtle power of the omnipresent consciousness are described as the manifestations of devtas (powers of God) in the Indian philosophy. For instance, the seven ventricles are described as seven Gods (sapta devata soma) in the scriptures of yoga spirituality. These scriptures contain treasures of knowledge of the majestic structure and function of the human brain. The methods and guidance presented there are useful for all human beings. One who learns and gains expertise in practicing the associated yoga and spiritual sadhanas, can attain supernatural powers.








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