How to Detach Yourself from Your Body

How is Identification of your body, a detachment from the self?

Identification of the body is a detachment from the self

We are all serving a life-sentencein the dungeon of the self.

The Sense of Self Needs Identification

The physical world and our body always occupy our mind with related thoughts. It is important to keep your mind occupied else something crucial will be forgotten. There is a need for identification of the self withinDoes it really exist? If it exists, it has to be somebody, something or some entity. You need to hold on to something or constantly clutch to something else. It is impossible to be identity-less.Identification of the body is a detachment from the self

Being identity-less means that you don’t exist. You ought to be something if you do exist. And, if you exist you must know ‘Who you are‘? If you don’t remember this, you need to recall miscellaneous things, you need to identify the universe. You need to identify the world with your senses.Identification of the body is a detachment from the self

Identification of your own body is not a problem itself. First, You have to be sure that you are moving on the wrong way. Is there any hint? That this way is not the right way. Here, arises a glimpse of “I am not what I think myself“. Did these questions arise in your psyche? if yes then only these questions become meaningful. This means that your real identity will call you only when you earn the right to ask “Why am I body identified?“.


Denial of Self-Identification?

An involvement with the small and the ephemeral is the main question. The main question is not about being involved with the small and ephemeral. You cannot deny your self’s involvement in these matters. It is your compulsion to be an identity if you exist in this world.It is your mind that needs to be somewhere else and needs to identify itself. A mind of a person is spiritually not in the brain, it exists in the aura of a person.

Identification of the body is a detachment from the self

The mind should be at the centre of your soul and not at the periphery. People often say that “my mind is not on the borderline” Why? Because for him the periphery of his body is the centre. The body is not a mere illusion for those who have deeply identified themselves. Their ultimate truth is the body.

give up identification with this mass of flesh as well as with what you think is mass. Both are intellectual imaginations. recognize your true self as undifferentiated awareness, unaffected by time, past, present and future .

How is the question of Identification born?

Something is always there in your mind to raise questions. This means questions are bound to exist in your mind. When something becomes irrelevant, you forget it. It was there because of your importance towards it. It seems like you were ignoring something that was important to you and accepting something totally irrelevant. The real question is ‘Why am I ignoring something that is really important?

Identification of the body is a detachment from the self

The urge to go beyond the little and into the vast is the reflection of truth that shines. This is the realization of truth. It is irrelevant for you to ask “why do I have to identify myself?“. This question is not worth asking.

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