How Your Own Imagination Plays With You


Nature never creates a vacuum in your mind. If one problem gets over, another manifests immediately. Mind can never become vacant. It has got infinite preoccupations.Your mind tempts, exaggerates, magnifies, infatuates unnecessarily alarms through vain imagination, vain fear, vain worries and vain forebodings. It tries its level best to divert you from your goal. Mind creates havoc throughout your body through its power of imagination. Imaginary fears of various sorts, exaggeration, concoction. mental dramatization, building castles in the air, are all due to this power of imagination that we possess. Even a perfect. healthy man has some or the other imaginary disease. A lot of energy is wasted due to our imaginary fears.

When a soldier’s mind is fully occupied with the affairs of a war, the soldier does not feel any serious injury or a gunshot wound in his leg. He is not even aware of blood loss because he is filled with enthusiasm.

When the excitement is over. when he sees some blood-spots on his clothing or when some friend points out to him that he has wounded his leg, he regains consciousness.The power of imagination plays havoc now. He may even collapse now. The power of imagination always exaggerates the situation.

Whenever the mind of two friends is strained by ill-feelings. these minds begin to exaggerate and concoct things. They both start looking for faults in each other. It becomes very difficult to save their friendship then. Their utterances are always hidden by their inner feelings. Think of him as a good friend of yours and he becomes a good friend in reality. Think of him as your foe and your mind perfects this thought into an actuality. He who knows the working of the mind and has controlled it by practice is really happy.

During conversation with your friends, your mind sometimes imagines in vain that it has hurt the feelings of your friend. It spends much of its energy in such unnecessary feeling.

You have thoughts like, “How can I see him tomorrow morning‘.’ He may be displeased with me.I may have hurt him”

Next morning when you meet him, nothing happens. Your friend is pleasant,as he normally is. You are surprised. To your great astonishment. your conversation takes quite a different turn altogether. A family-man imagines at times of epidemic and plague ravages: “What will I do if my wife develops plague and dies now? I have six children.”

This is his vain imagination. Nothing happens in reality.There are a thousand ways of mental dramatization like these. The power of imagination plays a vital part in mental dramatization.


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