Inner worlds of Our Mind

What is the meaning of a Conscious Mind ? How can we achieve it ?

Eminence of scholars, writers, scientists, philosophers, intellectuals and the extraordinary talents of artists, successful businessmen, industrialists, politicians, etc. reflect the multiple dimensions of creativity that our conscious mind has.powers The importance of brilliance, alertness and the above types of glorious faculties of the conscious mind is well known. However,very few people realize the existence of the unconscious, subconscious and super-conscious levels of a human mind. These subtle layers of mind are mysterious and astonishing. Through research in deeper aspects of psychology indicates that the micro levels of mind are extremely powerful. But still,due to the subtle nature of our mind their existence remains latent and unknown to most people.

Inner worlds of Our Mind.

Researchers in Gnostics Psychology have analysed that only about 7% of the active domain of the unconscious mind is used by us,rest is left idle. It is argued based on these research findings that the natural tendencies, hobbies, inherited habits and adaptability to acquired nature – all originate from the unconscious mind. Parapsychologist consider the latter as the most wonderful, powerful and sophisticated creation.They state that if its immense potentials were realized, sublimated and used like the conscious mind then the human society would have made thousand times better progress than the most advanced developments of today. They believe that by rousing the latent energy of mind, we can perform all the arduous tasks, which at present are carried out only with the help of sophisticated instruments and advanced technology. The scientific area of research in these aspects of human mind is known as “Psycho Cybernetics”.Inner worlds of Our Mind.

The experts of the spiritual science of supernatural faculties have mentioned that the agility of the conscious mind prevents the expression and realization of the unconscious and subtler levels of human mind. The ever-active tides of an ocean can be seen by anybody. However, the version and acquisition of the enormous property lying as its bottoms becomes possible only for those adventurous divers who go deep beneath and search for this hidden treasure. Same is the case with the gigantic, ocean of consciousness existing in human brain. Whatever has been elucidated about the activities of the human brain with the help of modern techniques like EEG, pertain only to the bio-electrical impulses of its conscious part. This at the most, corresponds to about 13% of the total sense organs.Inner worlds of Our Mind.Routine functions of hearing and vision are normally performed by our conscious mind. However, there are instances when the conscious mind is not able to perceive any sound or light. The perception of sound and visual cognition then takes place in the domain of unconscious mind. Such situations often arise when the type of sound or scene produced encountered is beyond the audible or visible range of the conscious faculties of mind. The instances of this kind are not available to recognize and process the signals received from the sense organs. The unconscious mind is never asleep. The sonic or visual signals perceived by the unconscious mind create intense impressions on the inner self. The assimilated effects are sometimes manifested for drastic changes in one’s behavior and attitude.
Inner worlds of Our Mind.

The examples stated below illustrate the impact of the subconscious and the unconscious minds which could be potentially used in psychotherapies.

In the supper of 1997, a team of researchers had arranged for transmission of vague message – “eat parched rice and drink Coca-Cola“ after every five minutes during a film show for customers arranged in Photo play, New Jersey. The message was of no importance to the conscious mind but its repeated reflections induced in the unconscious mind were seen in surprising outcomes of the experiment. The records in that market soon after showed an increase of about 5.75% in the sales of parched rice and over 38% in that of Coca-Cola.

Dr. Hall Bracker of the medical electronics department of the Louisiana University has developed a tachistoscopic projection device for experimenting the unconscious mind. In one such experiment he repeatedly conveyed the recorded message.‘I am honest, I will not steal. It is wrong to steal. If I steal, I will be caught’ to a group of his patients. As a result, significant positive effects were recorded in terms of the change in the lathers behavior, even those who had criminal mentality were found to have become sincere and sober. Inner worlds of Our Mind.

Dr. Harvard Chevron of Michigan University has analysed (with the help of EEGs) the signals received in the unconscious state of body, on the brain waves.

Mattew Irdaily, expert psychologist of the Brooklyn College has also experimented on repeated reflections of such signals/messages on many human subjects during conversational and (day) dreaming states. Both kinds of experiments have illustrated significant potentials of the unconscious mind. Newer kinds of experiments involve inducing positive effects or ‘advice’ by bio feedback techniques adjusted according to the on-line EEG records of the DC potentials. The success of such experiments on unconscious mind also shows that the yoga-sadhana aimed at awakening and controlling the unconscious mind are derived from logical and scientifically justified grounds.Inner worlds of Our Mind.During the experimental studies in psychology, Lloyd Silverman of the New York University had conducted a specific experiment several times on some chronic cases of mental instability and addictions. In each sitting everyday, the teenager patients were sent a message – “Mummy (mother) and I are one.” vocally for five minutes. The message was repeated at such a rapid pace that the conscious mind was hardly able to concentrate on it. The results of this experiment – conducted for 10 successive years – were quite remarkable, many of the subjects were able to get rid of their mental evils and addictions, many others, who were averse to studies and hard work started making progress in their schools and colleges. Inner worlds of Our Mind.

Deeper research in this field should focus on the analysis and use of the power of unconscious mind to help development of positive and creative faculties and elevation of personality rather than the negative aspects which trigger animal instincts and suppressible complexes. In the ancient Indian systems, music was developed as powerful medium for psychotherapy. The Samveda emphasizes the majestic role of divine music in conditioning and sublimating the mental potentials of the human brain. The rishis had composed and compiled classical music through afflatus. They had sincerely used this music for controlling their mind and rousing its immense qualities at the subtler levels of consciousness. They had attained supernatural talents and knowledge by such experiments on adept use of music in their disciplined and aseptic life.Inner worlds of Our Mind.

As long ago as 600 BC, the renowned geometrician and philosopher, Pythagoras had also propagated the importance of music in psychotherapy.

Lambolycus of Syria too had supported the use of music as remedy against complications caused by mental tensions and stresses of over an ambitious life style. Positive effects of calm music on mental health have received substantial recognition in the modern age as well. Experimental studies of the impact of music on unconscious mind adds to the series of the above mentioned observations on the assimilation of audio-signals in the unconscious mind.Inner worlds of Our Mind.

The practice of trataka significantly helps in restraining the agility of your mind, streaming the thoughts and improves mental concentration—which is a great achievement in view of the immense power of a controlled mind. The customs of igniting lamps in the temples, candles in the churches and worshiping fire in the agarics at the time of prayers are indicative of the above mentioned psychological importance.
The eminent experts of the Indian yoga sadhana have been there, since the time of yore.They have been successful in the awakening the unconscious, subconscious and the super-conscious layers of mind with the help of dedicated practices of pratyahar, dhyan, dharna etc. this is how the great yogis attain supernatural faculties of hearing or seeing beyond the limits of space and time. Telepathy, clairvoyance, prophecy, knowledge of latent objects, thoughts or emotions, etc., are usual offshoots of such attainments. The rishis were regarded as perfect beings because of their absolute success in the external physical as well as internal – pertaining to thoughts, emotions and spirituality domains of life.Inner worlds of Our Mind.

Today’s man has lost his inner strength and is living in a pathetic state of mental and emotional weakness, disorder and dormancy. The situation will certainly improve if the yoga practices like mouna or other practices as guided by our ancestors are experimented in modern scientific light and brought back in the mainstream of human life. Everybody would then be able to realize and make best use of the internal power of his own mind to live with divine dignity.

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