What is the Purpose of Life?

purpose of life

Why do we live ? Why has God given us this life ?

We know that the supreme god has manifested everything in this world, in such a way that it relates to something or the other.In day to day life we often get tiny proofs that we have been born/brought into this world for some reason. Since the beginning of life, life has a multi-dimensional insight for feeding itself. It extracts its energy from the locale. This energy consequently gives them vitality  in the surroundings. Thus the main question that arises is

What is the purpose of such daily experiences and suffering ?

According to vedas, the supreme god has manifested this human life for seeking the ultimate truth. This truth can be experienced at personal level only and hence it is the same for everyone. You must know that all the energies or souls are manifested from one supreme soul.

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Thus, all the soul entities have to return back to the supreme soul(their creator) in the purest form to later join a new body. Thus we may say that, life is in divine order. Everything you need and deserve will come to you at a perfect time. You usually accumulate karma or association in a work that is against the law of supreme universe.

The Vedas are the vital source which guide us in this human form.It tells us about the true nature of our surroundings and our self. It also leads us to recognize the karmic bonds between life and death, and get rid of them.

Hence, following the vedas is a path a soul must follow, to meet the supreme soul. So that it can experience the divine and turn him self to selfless. A human life can know the truth.

One has to place himself on the second place. Truth on the first.

What aim do we have?

Ironically, aim of life is to attain Moksha. The absolute reality or the truth along with the Purusharthas(It is a composite Sanskrit word in which PURUSHA means “soul, universal principle and soul of the universe“, ARTHA in one context means “Purpose“).

Accordingly, there are four paths to attain Moksha. These are :

  • GYANA YOGA(path)




Every one,born on this earth, has its own path to follow. However, it may often seem as if the first path is difficult. And, the last is easiest of them,all. It is the capability and the order of life and birth,which leads us on a relevant path to attain absolute reality.

Gyana(wisdom) Yoga means to attain ultimate knowledge. which include the self and the supreme. It also constitutes the vedas and Upanishads.

Raja Yoga is the simpler level which constitutes meditation(Upasana) and Patanjali Yoga sutras(modern day exercise yoga).

Karma (action) yoga means that you have to perform action,as a contribution to society which is selfless.

Bhakti yoga is the devotion to God. Bhakti Yoga allows idol worship.

Formation of Mind and Society

Brahmana, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra

In Sanatan dharma, caste is a English word which means JAATI. Jaati is a word taken from Sanskrit dictionary which means “The Formation of Mind“.Bhagwad Gita divides society in to four pillars.

  • Brahmana(professors,administrative advisers,priests)
  • Kshatriya(politicians/warriors)
  • Vaishya(Business people)
  • Shudra(Services).

According to the Bhagwad Gita,a person should be given work according to his formation of mind(JAATI). No doubt, the society will be strong in values, morale, and economy.

This can be compared with a cashless society,a class system of resources and its uses. Most of all observe these classes in modern life.Hence, the modern world is experiencing chaos. Probably due to the work given in the early times. In the earlier times work was given to an individual according to his caste not because of the formation of mind. As a result, He could not attain Moksha if he does his duties for his selfish need.

Whether a Brahmin or Smith,if he does his karma correctly. He is a Karma yogi and both are given Moksha.

There is no inequality between any four pillars as seen in Bhagavad Gita. In case anyone thinks himself superior to others, It is pure dishonesty with the self and the supreme and nothing else. According to the Bhagavad Gita,every karma(action) is necessary for the society to prosper. This has been misunderstood and misinterpreted in different context.

Introduction to Non-Duality

In schools,you have to pass the first grade in order to got the next grade, In the 1st grade you have less experience and knowledge. At that age it is sufficient.After the first grade every student strives to go to the next level or grade. Similarly in the divine order of life. If one has to reach Gyana yoga. He has to cross Raja yoga, karma yoga and Bhakti yoga.

This is the only approach in life.

Everything that is created does have a dual nature.  As we humans have two forms viz. male and female. Everything in the universe has the same dual nature. But the purpose of duality is to approach singularity.A drop of water in air takes a spherical shape. No other forces but a single gravitational force is at work during the free-fall. Drop will make a single geometry.

We may need help in finding this singular path. It may be Guru or through our personal life experiences. One can definitely move on a single path.

Consequently, we approach towards the final settlement in our lives. There is only a singular approach in  life.

Hence, the ultimate truth of life is to approach this single supreme soul


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