How To Meditate With ‘OM’

Meditation with OM can be done by following these 5 stages :

Stage I: Preparation

  • Sit in padmasana, siddhasana or siddha yoniasana.

  • Place your hands on your knees in jnana or chin mudra.

  • Close your eyes and become aware of your physical body.

  • ‘Consciously relax each part of your body.

  • Feel the body becoming quiet and still.

  • Intensify this awareness of stillness and experience this motionlessness feeling throughout your body.

  • The body is completely still and steady.

Expanding Your Awareness With Meditation

Stage 2: Breath awareness

  • Now bring the awareness to your breathing.
  • Be aware of the slow, steady rhythm of the breath.
  • Begin to practice ujjayi pranayama and be aware of the soft, subtle sound of each inhalation and exhalation.

Stage 3: Performing the Practice

  • Now open your eyes.

  • Though your eyes are open you should try to focus on your inner self.

  • Exhale deeply and bend your head forward.

  • Do not press the chin against the chest or make the neck stiff. The position of the head should be such that it is slumped forward as though you are sleeping in a sitting position.

  • Fix your awareness at mooladhara chakra, and while holding the breath repeat mentally, ‘mooladhara, mooladhara, mooladhara’ with concentration and absolute stillness in your body. Inhale up the frontal awarohan passage with ujjayi pranayama.

  • As your awareness ascends through the kshetrams, mentally repeat the name of each chakra once: ‘swadhisthana, manipura, anahata, vishuddhi’.

  • Try to feel that each centre is being pierced by prana as your awareness passes through it.

  • As your awareness moves from vishuddhi to bindu slowly raise your head.

  • When your awareness reaches bindu, your head should be upright and facing forward.

  • Retain your breath for a short time.

  • With your awareness fixed at bindu mentally repeat, ‘bindu, bindu, bindu’.

  • Remember there should be complete concentration, stillness of body and no movement of the head while repeating ‘bindu’.


Stage 4: Explosion of Om Sound

  • Feel a terrific build up of pressure at bindu, then exhale with an explosive om sound.
  • It is as if the pressure in bindu explodes into om.
  • Move your awareness and the om mantra down through the awarohan passage in the spine from bindu to mooladhara.
  • The o sound of om should suddenly explode as your awareness passes from bindu to ajna.
  • The m-m-m-m sound should travel from ajna to mooladhara, becoming progressively more subtle so that by the time your awareness reaches mooladhara it is a slight buzzing sound.
  • Repeat the name of each chakra in turn as your awareness passes through them: ‘ajna, vishuddhi, anahata, manipura, swadhisthana’.
  • As your awareness descends through the chakras, let the eyes close slowly. As your awareness reaches mooladhara gently lean your head forward. The eyes should be lightly closed. This is the end of first round.
  • Immediately begin the second round. Open your eyes and with the awareness still at mooladhara repeat: ‘mooladhara, mooladhara, mooladhara’. With ujjayi pranayama move your awareness up through the arohan passage, repeating the name of each chakra point.
  • Raise your head as your awareness moves from vishuddhi to bindu. Repeat ‘bindu’ three times.
  • Feel the pressure building up at this point and exploding into the mantra om as you exhale.
  • The 0172 sound is short and explosive and moves from bindu to ajna.
  • The m-m-m-m sound travels with your awareness from ajna down through the awarohan passage to mooladhara.
  • Mentally repeat the name of each chakra as your awareness moves downward.
  • The eyes slowly close as your awareness descends.
  • Let the head move gently forward when the awareness is at mooladhara. Continue in this way.

The sound of om should be strong and penetrating. In this way it has the greatest power to sensitize the chakras.

  • Try to feel the sound of the mantra piercing each chakra in turn, awakening and releasing the prana stored within them.
  • Intensify your awareness of the vibration-of om mantra.
  • Feel it begin to spread out from the psychic passages, penetrate and vibrate through your entire being.
  • With each additional round feel yourself becoming absorbed in the vibration of the mantra.
  • Allow your awareness to flow with om as it explodes from bindu chakra. There must be constant, unbroken awareness.

Stage 5: Ending the Practice

  • Now gets ready to end this practice. Stop the om chanting and ujjayi pranayama.
  • Sit completely still and quiet and just be aware of the continuing vibrations within.
  • Experience manifestations, sounds, and colors.
  • Observe and experience the same one point during the entire practice.
  • Now leave this awareness and bring your awareness to the physical body. Feel the meditation posture in which you are sitting.
  • Be aware of the sensations of your body.
  • Become aware of the room in which you are sitting and any sounds in the environment. Externalize yourself completely.
  • Breathe in deeply and chant om three times.
  • Then slowly move the body and open the eyes.

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You should sit in a meditation asana with your spine straight. Place the hands on the knees and close the eyes. Become aware of your physical body. Let go of all tensions from the body. Feel the body becoming still and quiet. Be aware of the whole body internally. Center your awareness on the feeling of space within. Become aware of the vastness of space within yourself. In this vastness of the still inner space,try to become aware of the deep sense of silence.


Visualize or imagine a pillar of air within this vast space. This pillar of air extends as far as your perception goes. Observe the pillar of air extending in space. Try to feel that the breathing is taking place in this pillar of air. As you inhale your breath ascends to the top of the pillar of air. As you exhale the breath descends through the pillar of air. Observe this for a few moments with complete awareness. Observe the breathing process taking place within the pillar of air.


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