How to use your faith to cure yourself ?

According to the holy books,“Faith moves mountains,”. If we have great faith in a deity, Saint, thought or an object our wishes are fulfilled through their agency. In France there is a small village named Lourdes where there is a small lake. It is believed that a dip in this water cures incurable diseases like cancer, leprosy, paralysis and many other serious maladies. Eminent doctors have vouchsafed for the genuineness of the cures and have always expressed great wonder and astonishment. Once, a woman suffering from paralysis was taken there on a stretcher. It was cold day. Her attendants after offering prayers to the Deity dipped the patient in the cold water of the lake. Oh! The Wonder! The woman got completely cured and went home on her feet. Such miracles are happening at Lourdes even today. Read More


The Six Powers of Mind-Prana Shakti

If you closely study the action of mind, upon mind, of mind, over matter of mind, embedded in the human body, you will find that each man is a power in himself. You will have to develop yourself by self-restraint and mastery over the passions. When your mind becomes powerful, it can speak anything, about the glory of Atman,a storehouse of everything,an infinite, inexhaustible central magazine of powers, knowledge and bliss from where the little mind borrows its light and power.



Importance of Concentration

Concentration is focus of the mind, the ability to hold the awareness of your mind on one point, one place, without wavering. The perfection of concentration leads to meditation. In the state of concentration, your mind is not aware of the external environment or of other peripheral things that surround the object of concentration ie. the object you are focusing on. Read More


Trataka,the Practice of Concentration and Gazing

Trataka is one of the most direct, simple and effective techniques for attaining concentration of mind. It can be practiced by everyone and its benefits are enormous. The word trataka means ‘steady gazing’. The practice of trataka involves gazing at a point or object without winking or blinking the eyes. It is a method of focusing the eyes, and in turn the mind, on one point and forgetting everything else. The object can be either external, in which case the practice is called bahir trataka (outer gazing) or internal, in which case the practice is called antar trataka (inner gazing). Read More

Visualization and Imagination

One of the major causes of the rapid progress of a tantric aspirant is due to inner visualization, which has been outlined in all tantric sadhana books and scriptures. This imaginative and creative inner visualization which tantra emphasizes is not chosen at random but is deeply related to, and based on, the world of the psyche, which is the world of symbolism. As the mind explores the symbolism,ideas that lie beyond the grasp of reason are discovered.These ideas have an indefinable link with one’s structural past. Read More


Desires in You

Desire is an emotive personality. It has the force of externalizing our mind. Desire is the fuel; thought is the flame. The flame is kept alive by putting in the desiring fuel. In case you pull back the supply of fuel, The flame will be diminished back into its womb. If you think of cutting off your longings and desires, the mind will be pulled back into the self divine Brahma.
Desires in You Read More

Breathing Patterns and Mind (Exercises to Unlock your Subconsciousness) breath

Breathing Patterns and Mind (Exercises to Unlock your Subconsciousness)

New studies conducted by American Scientists have shown the benefits of controlled breaths. (something known to Yogis for centuries)Dr. Richard brown, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia university and co-author of “The healing power of the breath ” says Controlled breathing can change the body’s autonomic response of nervous system which controls many unconscious processes.“An initiative to tell you about the techniques that were taught by Himalayan/vedic shamans to control breathing patterns and how each pattern is an exercise in its own way,has been taken. Each breathing exercise enhances a particular Subconscious capability.
Breathing Patterns and Mind (Exercises to Unlock your Subconsciousness) Read More

Unlocking the True Potentials of your subconscious through the Practice of Gazing

Unlocking the True Potentials of your subconscious through the Practice of Gazing

Of all the processes for concentrating the mind the practice of gazing is the best. In Yoga Philosophy it is known as “Gazing, the divine”. In an advanced stage of this practice the practitioner acquires some mental powers such as thought transference, clairaudience, clairvoyance, and the power to hypnotize others. There is no other Practice to take our mind to the fourth dimension than the practice of gazing. This practice generates mesmeric powers in the eyes of the practitioner. Any person is subdued by only looking in the practitioner’s eyes. People who desire to become master mesmerists must do the following practices in gazing for at least one year. In books on mesmerism the writers give only a historical background but they are conveniently silent regarding the methods of developing this power. They go on describing case histories of mesmerists and their subjects which does not satisfy readers.
Unlocking the True Potentials of your subconscious through the Practice of Gazing

Ignoring all this historical background we will teach you certain sure methods and practices in gazing and thereby gaining mesmeric and other uncanny powers. You should please note that these psychic powers cannot be acquired by practicing pranayam or gazing for a couple of weeks. To achieve this divine power they will have to practice these practices for years together with great perseverance and tenacity. There are seven types of gazing practices. They are as follows: Read More