Nirvana, also known as Liberation or Mukti, is a state of the mind which is completely free from the attachments and bonds of worldly order. The brain has become de-tuned completely from resonant bonds and self-regenerating vibrations. It is fully transparent and equally sensitive to all patterns. In technical terms it has acquired a flat response over the entire cosmic spectrum with no emphasis or attenuation of its own. A person who has attained Nirvana will have no mental afflictions and will be free from the effect of his earlier Samskaras and Karmas. He can acquire any information or knowledge directly from the cosmic spectrum without any loss or distortion.

In fact, he has all the knowledge at his command and there is little he needs or wants to know any more. Similarly he has enjoyed all the experiences that this material world can offer and he has no further interest in its attributes. As a liberated person he has no unfulfilled desires or ambitions. The attractions of this world have lost their significance. He is only interested in maintaining his state of Kaivalya and to this extent the activity of his mind comes to an end. So long as his physical body is alive, the minimum programs of the brain, needed to keep the body functions going, are maintained. The processing the reasoning power of the brain remains intact. He is quite conscious and alert. But he displays no reaction or interest in his environment. he has no pending objectives or goals. After death, he has no imminent Samskaras or Karmas left to force a rebirth and he is never born again. His soul rests permanently in peaceful bliss, merged in Brahman.

Why Nirvana?

 What is the use of such a Nirvana? How do we attain this state? What is the mechanism by which we can erase the Samskaras and Karmas so permanently attached to our Soul?

Let us take the first question first. What is the use of such a Nirvana’? The answer is simple that Nirvana has no earthly use whatsoever. The use of the word ‘earthly’ is significant. A liberated person has already detached himself from all earthly attractions and involvements. He would hardly derive any benefit in terms of material possessions or gains. He also has access to all knowledge and is unlikely to find anything new to learn as a result of Nirvana. The mental attitude of a person who has attained Nirvana can be described in seven steps.

These are:

(i) I know all there is to know

(ii) I possess all I ever needed

(iii) I have no bonds, no attachments

(iv) I have completed all my duties and have no obligations

(v) I have no fear

(vi) I have no worries

(vii) I have no doubts.

A person who has reached the degree of enlightenment described above would hardly crave for anything further. He has already fulfilled all his ambitions and achieved all his goals. But he can be a very useful guide for others who are still struggling in the spiritual path or who are completely lost in earthly needs and quarrels and finding things hard for them. In other words an enlightened person is the best philosopher and psychological guide for our mental•stresses and strains. He can see the events taking place on the earth as a detached outsider and can analyse them scientifically for those who are emotionally involved in them. He is like a parent silting in a cinema hall with his young child. The young one is deeply involved in the story and is crying because the heroine is tortured or is losing his temper because of the activities of the villain. The father figure lies Sitting’ undisturbed analyzing and critically explaining the technique and art of production of the film. The father is confidently able to tell the child to relax; it is after all a transient show, seen within the confines of the cinema hall. The child understands and is pacified.
A liberated person is in exactly the same situation not a bit ordinary humans like us. We may not be fit or ready for such enlightenment. But the need to have enlightened person in our midst cannot be denied. Few of us are able to achieve Self-realization; fewer still attain Nirvana and become a liberated person. Once in awhile an enlightened person examines life on earth and the social behaviour of humans. With the competence of detached observation that he possesses, he can lay down guidelines for the human race for all times and all occasions.

The Science of Awakening Consciousness

All the different sects of religions are based on these guidelines. These guidelines are a part of human nature and are hence perpetual. They have stood the test of time for thousands of years. The scientific theories and the technological principles, on the other hand, have been changing in each century or even in each decade. In order to interpret this ancient wisdom correctly the interpreter must himself be a person sufficiently advanced in the spiritual path. Otherwise he will follow only the letter of the text and lay down dogmas of rituals without any meaning to the layman. Minor differences in such rituals would then fragment the society on the basis of religion, as is happening today. More than ever before, today we are in need of enlightened persons who, without any self-interest, can guide the polity of social behavior.

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