Difference Between Opinions and Real Knowledge


An Opinion is a medium between

knowledge and ignorance

opinions and knowledge is the key for indifference and ignorance

What is meant by Indifference?

In the universe of consciousness, the word indifference is known as ‘Nirveda‘. Here, it denotes free of knowledge. If you are observant enough to notice that there are just opinions and opinions. you will see that all we have is a projection, a perception, and an opinion, disguised as truth.

Even a learned or knowledgeable person makes mistakes in perceiving the ultimate knowledge. Perception and knowledge can only create opinions and more opinions.

opinions and knowledge is the key for indifference and ignorance

We notice people around us, who are good at providing knowledge. Some of them are at higher level and some are at a lower level in terms of knowledge. What we mostly notice is that they are caught up in their own opinions. They claim their opinion to be true and try to satisfy their ego and materialism portraying themselves as the only learned one. Hence, they are mere projection, multiple projections and game of ego.

How Opinions Change the Faith in Knowledge

So there are no such opinions that can even come close to the truth. Therefore, there is no point in holding onto these opinions. Since there are multiple sets of opinions, a single truth. This is where a wise man thinks of Nirveda, an attainment of Nirvana, not holding onto any knowledge. All concepts of mind are mere rubbish. But on attainment of nirvana, he discards all the absolute knowledge instead of discarding his opinions. According to him after nirvana, “Knowledge itself is not valid”.

opinions and knowledge is the key for indifference and ignorance

Knowledge must have some utilities as far as the world of senses and perception goes. Understanding and experiencing the real nature of the self is different here. Self-has no real nature. Its real nature in other sense is freedom. Freedom from where? From everything. That is why we also call it ‘Mukti‘ or ‘moksha‘(liberation).opinions and knowledge is the key for indifference and ignorance

Freedom is our real nature. This means that nothingness is our only nature.Our real nature is free from everything.”Freedom is our real nature,” which means that our real nature is always free of whatever we call ‘real nature’. An assigned nature must be some kind of confinement or a boundary on the path of freedom.

Not knowing the truth does not make you ignorant.

But not wanting to know the truth is what makes you ignorant.

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