Know the Quality of a Plot with these Vastu Shasta Rules

plot quality

Quality of a Plot is determined by the atmosphere and environment around the plot.The environment of the site plays a major role in the comforts levels experienced by the occupants. There are certain features, which can’t be changed due to its characteristics where as some features can be modified so as to get maximum gains or minimize the bad effects ” of vastu shastra .The basic features affecting plot quality are:

Plot Quality based on Position of Buildings

Neighborhood Proximity :  These are the man- made features in the vicinity of the plot you are considering like.The surrounding environment includes Houses, Temples, High rise or low rise Buildings, Industry, Water Bodies, Slaughter houses, Cemeteries, Flyovers, Subways, Hoardings, Electric sub stations etc.

Position of Roads and their Placement : A plot is governed by the placement of roads, number of road around the plot or building, their levels and direction of slopes.


Plot Quality based on the angles of the Plot

The naturally occurring features have much more effects than the man-made features, as these natural features have been in existence over a long period and will continue to be there for times to come. The effects of these features, depend upon various contributory factors.

Quality of Plot based on Hills / Mountain / Mound

Effects of Hills and Mountains on different sides of the plot

In Metro cities these natural features may not be available but they have been taken over by high rise structures. The presence of such natural features in the South, South West, or West i.e. between 180 degrees to 270 degrees with reference to Magnetic North will enhance the Vastu of the plot and will give excellent results to the owner. The results will be adverse when such structure are in exact East, North East or North i.e. between 00 to 90 degrees from magnetic North.

Plot Quality based on Water Bodies

Effect of Water Bodies on Different Sides of the Plot

There are two types of water bodies, classified as stagnant bodies (like Lake, Sea, Ponds) and flowing water bodies (like river, canal, swimming pool). It has been observed that water from the ground slopes towards water bodies, as water  accumulates only in depressions. Staying near water bodies has its merits and demerits. Prosperity is promised near large water bodies but at the same time it can also cause mental depression, if the water bodies are just opposite to the bedroom or kitchen.

Plot Quality based on Running Flow of Water

It has been emphasized in Vastu that a river flowing from West to East and South to North brings prosperity whereas flow of sewerage drain in these conditions will not allow prosperity. The river flow in different directions has different effects on occupants.

Plot Quality based on Trees

Trees play an important role in the Purification and control of the climate/environment on the mother earth. For the last two decades or so the people and the local Government agencies of the world are taking great interest and have becomes eco-conscious on account of abrupt changes in the climate. Government agencies are promoting plantation to restore the greenery for the betterment of environment. As per Vastu the trees/plantation on and around a building create an energy field giving both good and bad results depending upon the type and direction of plantation/trees.

  • Before construction or buying a plot one must see the type of land, and what are the effects of various plantations on it.
  • A plot/land having Mangoes, Papaya, Amla, Bel, Gauva, Plantation etc. is very good and will give good results. In metro cities such plantations may not be possible due to limited availability of land. However, in case of land or farm land trees will help a lot in getting positive results.
  • A land where vegetation grows easily and remains green is good and considered auspicious in Vastu Shastra.
  • A land where only thorn trees likes Bera dry, grass, bushes etc. grow, yields average results.
  • There should not be trees like Peepal, Pakar, Bar-gad, Gular, near the Building as such trees are having big roots and with the passage of time they grow and cause damage to building. If under some exceptional case these trees are required than one should plant/have them in the mentioned directions.

Plot Quality based on Position of buildings

Man made features in close proximity to buildings or plots have their own effects. Normally a building is said to be in close proximity if the shadow of a nearby structure falls on the plot/building. It has been observed that such man-made structures may not have been there at the time of acquiring the plot but with passage of time they came up. The buildings in such proximity, affect the quality of life of the occupants of the building. It influences the mental and physical outlook of the occupants and the extent of it, depends upon the buildings in vicinity, immediate neighbors, and their life styles.

A Neighborhood keeps on changing over which the occupants do not have any control. The changes may be in the form of construction of Flyovers, High rise structures, hoardings, etc. There are instances where the prosperity of an occupant totally changed on account of such man-made structures. As a general guide line, the shadow of such Structures should not fall on the occupants of plots / buildings between 0900 hours to 1500 hours. Temples / Mosques / Churches / Gurdwaras / Mutts/Dharamshalas should not be in the immediate neighborhood of the plot and the shadow of these structures should not fall on the plot. The plot should be at least 50 m away from such structures.

Quality of plot based on Poles and Trees

An electric pole like obstruction in front of the main entrance to a plot or main door causes problem to female members of the family and such a pole is there in the opposite side of the main entrance or close to the entrance, it will cause discord between the family. Trees will cause obstruction to growth of children.

Quality of plot based on High rise Structures /Hoardings/Large Size Plots

The presence of small height structures or a small size plot between two high rise/large size plot/buildings does not have good results.These tall buildings cast their shadows on the small height structures. The tall/high rise buildings in South and West are ok, but, tall building in the North, East or North East are not desirable as they will cause mental and financial problems. The effects of hoardings, flyovers and subways are similar.


Quality of plot based on Slaughter Houses

A plot or building should not be near such structures, as they will cause obstruction to financial and physical prosperity. The presence of cemeteries with in the vicinity causes mental instability, disturbs peace of mind and gives ill health to the occupants. Garbage bins or Garbage collection type structures in the vicinity of a plot leads to losses in financial prosperity, ill health and wanted argument irrespective of the placement of such structures.


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