The Amazing Potentials of the Right Side of our Brain

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In terms of anatomy and physiology, the structure and basic functions of our brain is thepowers same in all human beings. Then what is the reason that some people become scientists, some artists, writers or otherwise talented and some do nothing. Some are born intelligent while some are dullards or booby? The intellectuals and thinkers of all ages have addressed this issue. The right side hemisphere of our brain is found to be more active in people who are endowed with creative talents. The left and right parts together constitute the complete brain.

The Amazing potential of the right side of the brain.

However, the right side of our brain is found to be relatively more developed and active in people having an investigative mind with sound reasoning and insight. It is really beyond the capacity of human skill to comprehend the amazing features of our brain or decipher why the eternal creator has given special roles to the two halves of a single organ. The brain material, which looks like a jelly, brown substance is made up of thousand billions of neurons,and is the main power generator in the ‘factory’ of our body. It is million times better than the super computers of today’s generation. Its central processing unit (CPU) receives, recognizes and processes several bio-electrical signals, simultaneously in a matter of just few micro seconds. Bio-electrical signals are processed continuously in an active brain at a high speed of over a thousand processes per second. They are responsible for recognition and processing as and when they receive informational impulses from our sense organs.

The Amazing potential of the right side of the brain.

The brain automatically produces the energy required for its own processing and continues to work efficiently without any rest throughout the normal life of a human being.powers The right hemisphere of the our brain has been of special interest to the neuro-scientists and psychologists of the modern age. Most of us do not realize the immense potential inherent in our own self, we are not able to drive our intellect righteously. This is the reason why we are deprived of those qualities which most of the talented great personalities possess as natural endowments. It is not necessary for people in general to know the detailed structure of the brain or analyse the positions and processing of special functional centers in it.

The Amazing potential of the right side of the brain.

It would however, be beneficial for all of us to be aware of how to make the best use powersof this precious organ to refine and rouse our mental and intellectual talents. It is a well known that the right hemisphere of our brain controls the motor and sensory activities of the left half of the body and the left hemisphere does that for the right portion of the body. The right side of the brain is considered to be the functional center for artistic talents, soft emotions and creativity and theleft counterpart is thought to govern talents, skill-full activities and extraordinary memory.The Amazing potential of the right side of the brain.When we try to recollect where a particular object was kept, recall a person whom we had met earlier, or perform similar tasks of retrieving the memory, we make more use of the right brain as compared to the left. In the awakened state of our body  that is, at least 16 hours of a day on an average, when the conscious mind is active, the ‘shift to right’ process is carried out by the corpus. This process required about 50 watts per hour in a normal person’s thinking. An analysis was done on the activities of epileptic patients before and after the brain  powerssurgery. It was found that the coordination or separation of the dual activities (of the two halves) of the brain change pattern of the electrical sparks (Impulses) in it. A split brain syndrome was developed in the patients when the center connecting the left and right halves of the brain was cut during the surgical operations. Characteristics of dual personality were then observed in the subjects/patients. Moreover, because of lack of mutual cooperation and systematic organization and fine-tuning of the intellectual functions of the two hemispheres of the brain, such people were unable to make use of the specific talents they possessed.The Amazing potential of the right side of the brain.The Amazing potential of the right side of the brain.

Similar kinds of observations made in several neurological research laboratories have led to drastic change in the classical views, about the role of the two halves of the human brain.powers Better under-standing of the brain-functions has raised hopes for creative use of neurosurgical operations.People in the Indian society, by and large, force their lefty children to use the right hand instead of the left for most of the essentials tasks including eating, writings etc. this conviction also exists in the western society. The conventional views about righteousness of the right hand is rather misleading’. In fact, the right side brain of a person who naturally uses his left hand for every activity,  (be that holding a pen while writing or griping a cricket bat or tennis racket while playing, etc.) is more active than those who normally use their right hand. Forcing a ‘lefty’ child to use his right hand triggers the harmful processing of ‘shift to the left’ in his brain. This disturbs the harmony between the two parts of his brain and suppresses proper mental development of the child. As a result, such children often suffer from indecisiveness, mental complexes and psychological abnormalities and development of dual personality.

The right brain’s major role is converted into a minor one because of a forced transformation of a lefty persons into ‘normal’ by the socially convention ones. This should be avoided by generating social awareness about the importance of using the right brain. Professor Albert Einstein, renowned genius of the 20th century scientist, used to say that  it is very much in our hand to train and elevate the creative potentials of our brain. In his views, we should try to create, a three-dimensional image and/or detailed planning of what we intent to do, by mental concentration.The Amazing potential of the right side of the brain.

This ability is naturally gifted to every human being and the right brain performs the task of planning and decision making. Before starting an important task, we plan and thoroughly study the ‘pros and cons’, ‘ifs and buts’ associated with it and register the ‘image’ of the related thoughts in the right side of our brain.After that the task is completed as per our expectations,thoughts, which are torturing or disturbing to the mind or which are mutually conflicting and perplexing or destabilizing internal peace of our mind, should be expelled from our mind for a few seconds. After a while, thinking should be focused at the right side of the brain. The tumultuous thoughts would be systematically ‘processed’ there and appear in a clearer and harmonious form. Calm thinking and thorough analysis of the related topic or problem would be easily possible in this state of mind. Such a condition of the mind could be practiced any time while relaxing, scrolling, or, meditation.


The Amazing potential of the right side of the brain.

Many psychologists and psychiatrists also opine that people can be trained to use their right brain and thus develop the faculties of the balanced thinking and sound reasoning. The oriental philosophy and ancient science of human mind also emphasizes that a human being is a controller of his development. He can rouse his dormant talents and make best use of his mental faculties by realizing the potentials of the right side brain. Negligence of the right half of the brain or improper use of its creativity is one of the major causes of insignificant development of one’s personality. We must learn to activate this core of creative talents and intelligence and harmonize it with the left side of our brain, with the help of simple spiritual practices lie ‘dhyan’ (meditation).

The Amazing potential of the right side of the brain.

When one mentally concentrates on the specific objects and links it with contemplation of the divine thoughts during deep meditation, his consciousness gets linked with the subtle world. Gradually, his ‘inner eyes’ the centers of latent intellect—are awakened. If one sincerely performs such experiments at a regular intervals in his daily life, there is no reason why one would not be able to refine his intellect and activate some potion of the unused 93% of the real potential of his brain! It should always be kept in our mind that righteous thinking and integrity of the character are the key factors in supporting the elevation of intellect by any practice of conditioning and harmonizing the activities of our brain

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