The Soul and the Quantum

Quantum physics of the universe is related with the the soul reincarnation

Quantum Continuation of Survival

A true continuum is anything that survives reincarnates in some form or other. After an intense period of research, the answer that has come up is soul survives the death of the physical body. Hence, it does reincarnate in another body to form a continuum. This concept of soul is based on the consciousness of science. But only when we think of soul in terms of quantum


Quantum physics of the universe is related with the the soul reincarnation

In the end of the nineteenth century, physicists reviewed the theories of light and matter. The matter is always localized, travelling in well-defined trajectories. Light is like a wave, dispersed, at more than one place simultaneously. These paradoxes gave them the anomalies to discover a new way of thinking. The quantum way.

What do We Understand from The Word ‘Quantum’

The meaning of quantum is “a discrete quantity“.Light is a quantum known as a photon, a discrete and invisible amount of energy.  Thus, the significance of this word is beyond discreteness. The result of quantum dynamics is unexpected and almost magical. It provides potency to objects of a submicroscopic domain.

The matter is wave like and can exist at more than one place. This conception is paradoxical. The waves of matter can also be thought of as, waves of possibility(technically a mathematical wave function). Every possibility can occur at two places at once. Every possibility has two POSSIBLE OUTCOMES.This is a mere superposition of two possibilities.Quantum physics of the universe is related with the the soul reincarnation

Until our perception brings out actuality from potentiality, a superposition of possibilities exists as a quantum object. If the possibility wave is necessarily strong upon observation, there is a great probability to actualize a particular possibility. This probability is small for a possibility to actualize where a wave is weak.

Concept of Quantum Soul

Suppose an electron is suddenly released in a room. The electron wave spreads all over the room in some time.  And, now suppose there is a set up to track how this wave works. An electron detector is used in the room known as Geiger counters. But, only one counter ticks in all counters. The conclusion can be derived even before any observation is made.An electron wave spread all over space. But, only as a wave of possibility.

Quantum physics of the universe is related with the the soul reincarnation

Quantum mechanics is a calculus of probability. It is a principal to calculate the probability of each possibility in any dynamical situation.This is the probability of uncertainty. Since we cannot know any object with a certainty, there is always some uncertainty shrouded over the movement of a quantum.

Upward and Downward Causation

Before the proper knowledge of quantum physics, a materialist metaphysics was introduced in science. An elementary particle makes atoms, atoms make molecules. molecule make cells including neurons, neurons make up the brain, and our brain makes consciousness. This is the theory of upward causation also known as the theory of causation.According to this theory, A cause goes from the micro elementary particles to the macro brain consciousness.Quantum physics of the universe is related with the the soul reincarnation

Causal power is an interaction between elementary particles. How can our observation overcome the waves of possibility? If we ourselves are nothing more than a materialistic possibility. The interaction of an event with another event only results in more complex possibility, never actuality. Quantum collapse would be a paradox if there was upward causation in the world only.

The upward causation is only capable of producing material waves of possibility for consciousness(non-materialistic). This consciousness has an ultimate power of downward causation to create and manifest reality. Consciousness is not seen as a brain epi-phenomenon but as a ground on which all material possibilities including brain are placed.Quantum physics of the universe is related with the the soul reincarnation

Quantum objects are capable of taking a discontinuous leap.One moment it is here and then another moment it is there. This type of leap is called a quantum leap. An atom emits light during the quantum leap of an electron from a higher level to a lower level atomic state.

You can see the radicalness of this quantum leap by visualizing an electron jumping from a higher orbit to a lower one around the nucleus. It does not travel in the space between the orbits. In a similar manner, the downward causation is discontinuous.

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