Relaxation Technique (Get Relaxed for 8 hours in 1 hour)

relaxation technique for 27 centers

Our lives have become so fast these days that we hardly get anytime to relax. We idolize famous people who are used to minimal sleep just to get more working hours. Rest is losing its priority in our lives, But rest is something we cannot take lightly. Lack of rest can do serious damage to your mind and body. On the other hand we cannot lose those extra working hours that can get us ahead of others in material life. We have got a middle way to revitalize you and your 27 centers!

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It is regretted that this mighty practice is a side tracked thing and unknown to public in general.

There are 27 centers in the body which control our whole mechanism. They are:

(1) 2 Ankles


(2) 2 Calves

(3) 2 Thighs


(1) Private Parts

Private Parts

(5) Navel


(6) Heart


(7) 2 Lungs
(8) 2 Shoulders

(9) 3 parts of the right and left arm each.

(10) 2 Eyes

(11) 2 Ears

(12) Mouth

(13) Nose

(14) Space of forehead between two eyes

Space between Your Eyes

(15) Top of the head

Top of the head

You should remember these 27 centers in order to make good progress in this practice. We know that the mind is always engaged in seeing and hearing things outside the body. It has as if no time to attend to these important centers. Only when we are pricked by a thorn or when we have headaches, our mind at once becomes conscious of that part.

In ordinary life the whole machine of the body is controlled by our sub-conscious mind. If by some method, we are able to focus our conscious attention on these 27 centers, they will surely become activated and a sense of well-being would be experienced by the Practitioner. If the life force is greatly absorbed in the nervous system by the practice of pranayam and could be distributed among the above 27 centers, these centers would become very active. When these centers get more “life” in them, bodily and mental well-being can be experienced in the practitioner. These centers are normally lifeless” for want of mental attention to them. This practice is to be practiced just before going to bed every day.

Method of Projection on centers

Lie on your bed in a comfortable position. Loosen all your limbs. It would be better if you can lie in shavasana posture (a posture in which a man lies just like a dead body). Concentrate your mind on your breath for a few minutes. It will slow down considerably and you will feel a sense of joy and well-being. Then exhale completely the air in your lungs and immediately inhale. Now with deep concentration of the mind on each center (mentioned above) for about 15 seconds repeat a small mantra (incantation) all the while imagining that the mantra is being- absorbed by that center. When you have done this with one center, repeat the process till you complete the 27 centers. When you have done this, you have completed one round of this practice.

The practitioner must do at least two rounds every day to get results. In this practice, your mind is doubly concentrated (on the mantra and on the centers). It cannot stray away because otherwise you will forget the next center and you will have to begin all over again. This mental exercise is not as easy as the readers might think. During this practice the mind is very likely to stray away from a particular center. This will be experienced after the 5th or 6th center is crossed. It is impossible to complete even one round in the beginning.

Sometimes the practitioner goes to sleep just in the middle and he cannot remember anything when he wakes up. After one round, the practitioner feels a great sense of divine joy. His heart is full of joy, beauty and love. The reason for this reward is that the mind of the practitioner becomes thoughtless and the light of pure consciousness is reflected in such a mind. The practitioner should strive hard to complete at least two rounds of this mental exercise every day with great perseverance and faith. He will experience divine joy and a sense of physical well-being.

As this mental exercise can be practiced without anybody’s knowledge it can be practiced anywhere. Avoid nuisance from mosquitoes. No fixed time is necessary for this practice but night time is generally suitable. Persons suffering from insomnia will be cured of their malady within a very short time. While doing this practice your body will become very light and you will feel a sense of well-being throughout the whole day as if you have taken a good 8 hours of sleep. This is because your 27 centers are fully revitalized. Your face will appear very bright and lustrous and your eyes will sparkle with divine light. Our nervous system has stored a huge quantity of vital power and this power is distributed among the 27 centers through pranayam.

This makes the whole body fully vitalized. Maladies such as rheumatism, gout, indigestion, gases in the stomach, stomach- ache, and headache are completely cured without medicine. Now moving to the advanced practice of this mental exercise. In this practice the Yogi has to think intently while projecting his mind on the various centers that the Deity of that mantra is controlling the centers. After completing one round, the Yogi will feel that his body has completely gone under the control of the Deity. His ego vanishes. As the actions of the body are now being directed by the Deity, they are bound to be more god like. The practitioner becomes God himself in human body. There remains nothing for him to do. He becomes unaware of his very existence and has the conviction that his body and its actions are controlled by God. He has a further conviction that since God is the controller of his life,he is bound to be happy and divine.

As the ego has vanished there is nobody to enjoy the fruits of good deeds (Punya) and suffer the fruits of bad deeds (Papa). He views all these as pure consciousness which he himself has become. This is liberation while alive (Jiwan mukti).

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