Concepts of Direction in Vastu Shastra

right direction

The four main directions and their assisted four angular angles play a very important and major role in the designing, planning and construction of structures for human beings. Vedic rishis, much before the concept of modern sciences had foretold that Sun is the most powerful, beneficial and natural source of light, heat and energy.Now the main question that arises is,how much did the vedic rishis knew ?Did the know everything about the right direction and the right vastu ?

Vedic Rishis had advised that for maximum comfort, our houses should face the eastern direction.They had also given the angular directional lordships to enable mankind to build and live in harmony with nature to maximize his comfort, happiness, peace and wisdom. The Sun goes from the East direction to the West direction and from the West direction to the East direction in an approximate 24 hours. During its journey it emits, varying amounts of heat/light and energy depending upon its distance from the earth.


What is the Right Direction ?

Various Directions and their impact on occupants

Light and heat from Sun plays a major role in the maintenance and up keep of life on the mother planet earth. It often leads to Vastu defect, if Sun light/rays do not fall on a plot/building,then such a defect can cause ill health to occupants particularly to woman and live stocks. At the same time if moonlight does not fall on the building/plot it will cause long lasting diseases and problems as well. As per Vastu Shastra different directions have different influences on human beings and living creatures.

When we analyse these directions with reference to the native horoscopes based on Kala Pursh, the results indicated clarifies the extent of achievements and failures one has.

The significance of various houses in a Horoscope and related directions along with the impact on the occupants are given below:

significations of various houses in a Horoscope

Right Direction and their Gods

East direction

Indra, Lord of lords is Responsible for Smooth functioning of household, matter related to personality. While constructing a house or any other structure,one should leave open space in the Eastern direction. Defects in the eastern direction leads to difficulties and problems like death and hardships to occupant.

South Direction or East direction

(Agney) God of Fire is Life and health giver. Defects may lead to loss or fight with friends, disgrace, worries, etc.

South direction

(Yama) is the the God of death.Its Defects may lead to loss of reputation, loss of profession/business, social disgrace or loss of parental protection.

South Direction West Direction

Nisshan or Niruthin is the demon responsible for behavior, thoughts and prosperity. Defects may cause untimely incidents and illness.

West Direction

(Varun) God of Rains is Responsible for success reputations and comforts. Defects may cause problem from partners (life or business) and loss of maternal protection.

North Direction West Direction

Vaayu, The God of Wind is responsible for friendship and relationship. Defects may lead to litigation.

North Direction

Kuber is The God of Wealth. Defects in north direction lead to losses to parental relations and prosperity.

North Direction East direction

The God supreme.Defect may leads to progeny problems.

During construction efforts should be made to ensure that all the sides are at 90 degree (Right angles) than only good effects can be achieved. In Vastu Shastra the angular direction become more influential as they get strength from two different directions and thus the benefits or negative results will be twice the right direction.

Right Directions and their lords

The flow of energy from the center of plot is both positive and negative depending on the direction. The flow towards East direction and North direction are positive and are benefic in nature, whereas, flow to West direction and South direction are negative and are malefic.

All the important components of building viz. Doors, Windows, Pooja Room, Study Room, Meditation room, Under Ground Storage or Water Bodies should be located in a positive direction for maximizing the gains from Vastu.  Whereas components of building like Bed Room, Storage, Overhead tanks and Staircases should be kept in a negative zone. It is of utmost importance that the fields are drawn before placing the various components of a building. The figure is given below for your convenience.

flow of energy from the center

For more detailed idea of location of various areas according to vastu go through the image below.

Location of various area
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