Perceptiveness of Thoughts

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It is your thoughts which define who you are.One can achieve the power of controlled thought energy through shear determination and focus.

Thought-Culture and Thought Energy

If a pebble in our boot torments us, we remove it. We take off our boot and shake it out. Similarly, you can expel any intruding and obnoxious thought energy from your mind.There ought to be no doubt, no two opinions in this. This thing is obvious, clear and unmistakable. Man is a mere slave and prey to the bat-winged phantoms that flit through the corridor of his brain.

thought energy

Benefits of Controlled Thoughts

Thoughts lead to action. A thought is the sources of all actions. Thought is Karma. Thinking is its action. If you can nip out all evil thoughts from you mind in the bud only, you will not do any evil action. If you can nip them in the bud, you will be free from the miseries and tribulations of this world.

Thought is a real action. Activities of the mind are the real Kannas. Once the Vikshepa of your mind vanishes, you will get good Nishtha (meditation). Your mind will be very, very calm. Get rid of the impurities of your mind. Have mastery over your mind.Only then,will all the miseries of the Samsara,births and deaths,come to an end. If you free yourself from the clutches of your mind, Moksha (liberation) will come by itself. There is no doubt about this.

A wise man watches his thoughts and eradicates all evil thoughts from his mind as soon as he is born. Thus he is happy in his life. He has pure and clean thoughts in his mind. By meditation, pure thoughts emanate from your mind, because God is purity (Nitya Suddha).

If you can master the art of controlled thoughts, you can do immense work with intense concentration. Mental torments of all sorts, cares, worries and anxieties will disappear from your mind. The peace that you will enjoy after that cannot be adequately described.

thought energy

Those who have even a little control over their thoughts and speech will have a calm, serene, beautiful,charming face,sweet voice and brilliant, lustrous white eyes. Just as sweet perfume continuously emanates from an incense stick, divine perfume and divine effulgence (magnetic, Brahmic aura) radiates from a Yogin who has controlled thoughts and who is constantly dwelling on Brahman or the infinite. The effulgence and perfume of this face is Brahma-Varchas. When you hold a bouquet made of jasmine, rose and Champaka flowers, the sweet perfume pervades the environment and tickles one and all. This is the reason why the perfume of fame and reputation (Yasas and Kirti) of a Yogin (who has controlled thought energy) spreads far and wide. He becomes a cosmic force.

Conservation and Proper Utilization of Thought Energy

Just as energy is wasted in idle talk and gossiping. Energy is wasted in entertaining useless thoughts as well. Therefore, you should not waste even a single thought. Do not waste even an iota of energy in useless thinking. Conserve all the mental energy,stored in your brain. Utilize it for higher spiritual purposes in divine contemplation, Brahma-Chintana and Brahma-Vichara. Conserve all your thought energy and utilize it for meditation.

Do not store this thought energy in your brain. Learn to unbind your mind. Unlearn whatever you have learnt. They are now useless for you. Only then can you fill your mind with divine thoughts. You will then gain new mental strength as all the dissipated mental rays are aligned now.

Negative Thoughts

Drive away all the unnecessary, useless and obnoxious thoughts from your mind. Useless thoughts impede your spiritual growth.Obnoxious thoughts are stumbling blocks to spiritual advancement. You are away from God when you entertain useless thoughts. Substitute them with godly thoughts. Entertain only those thoughts that are helpful and useful. Useful thoughts are the stepping-stones to spiritual growth and progress.

thought energy

You must eradicate all sorts of mean thoughts from your mind through introspection.These mean thoughts include thoughts like useless thoughts, unworthy thoughts, impure thoughts, sexual thoughts, thoughts of jealousy, hatred and selfishness. You must annihilate all destructive thoughts of disharmony and discord from your mind. You must develop thought-culture of good love and sublime thoughts. Every thought that you have must be of constructive nature. It must be strong, positive and definite. The mental image of your thought must be of a clear-cut and well-defined nature. You must develop right thinking. Every thought must bring peace and solace to you and everyone around you. It should not bring any kind of pain and unhappiness to anyone. You are a blessed soul on the earth then. You are a mighty power on the earth. You can help many, heal thousands, spiritualize and elevate a large number of persons just like Jesus and Buddha.

Just as, you grow jasmine, rose, lily and Honolulu flowers in a garden, you should also cultivate flowers of peaceful thoughts, love, mercy, kindness and purity in the vast garden of Antahkarana. You have to water this garden of your mind with meditation and sublime thinking.

Inconsistent Thoughts

Generally, in untrained persons four or five kinds of thoughts occupy his mind at a time. These thoughts are:

  • Household Thoughts
  • Business Thoughts
  • Office Thoughts
  • Body Thoughts
  • Food Thoughts
thought energy

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