Thought,the Origin of Everything

Everything about us, in this material universe has its origin,in our thoughts. The thought takes its form. Every castle, every statue, every painting, every piece of mechanism-in short, everything-has its birth in someone’s mind and thoughts.


Mind has got various preoccupations. When an artist begins to draw a picture on the canvas, he draws the picture out of the thoughts preconceived by his mind.


After all, the world is merely an idea or thought. Just as a seed begins to germinate at its proper time and place,the seer (knower) appears as a visible through, ie. Sankalpa of the mind. When the mind ceases to think, the world vanishes and there is a bliss which is indescribable. When the mind begins to think, the world reappears and so does suffering.


The Mystery Behind Our Thought

This universe is rendered visible by our mind. But it is a pity that nobody has seen the mind save a seer. When you seriously and unceasingly think about the nature of your mind, it is nothing. When you begin to analyse your mind, it is nothing. Your mind has the tendency to dwindle in airy nothing. It is a bundle of thoughts and the thought ‘I’ is the root of all thoughts. This ‘I’ is a false idea, a non-entity. When the root of all thoughts vanishes into nothing, where is the boasted mind?

The first thought that arises in our mind is ‘Aham’, ‘I’. The last thought or Vritti that will arise in your mind before you are absorbed in Brahman will be Brahmakara Vritti, which is produced by a feeling that you are Infinity.

Universe is a Creation of Our Cosmic Mind

The universe is not a mental creation of Jiva. It is a single organised thought of the Cosmic Mind (Hiranyagarbha)which has been materialized as the seeming universe. This phenomenal universe is but an outcome of the Divine Will, seeming to be real through the workings of the mind.


You may have usually observed,Before you write out a drama, you have a vivid mental picture of the whole drama in your mind. Then you write it out in succession in four acts. When it is staged, it is acted in succession, part by part.

Similarly, the universe with its movements is a vivid mental picture in the Cosmic Mind – in the mind of Isvara. There is neither past nor future for Him. Everything is ‘Present’ for him. There is neither ‘near’ nor ‘far’ for him. Every place is ‘here’. Every time is ‘now’. The events come out in succession on the stage of the long world-drama as time rolls on. Atoms rotate continuously.


Old becomes new and new becomes old. In reality there is no such thing as old; there is no such thing as single. The jivas with individual minds are witnessing the events in succession. But lsvara knows all the events that have happened,are happening or will happen in the future.


He is Sarvajna (all-knowing). He is Sarvavit (all-understanding) also. He knows every detail of His creation. The Cosmic Mind creates the Maya. Individual minds receive things under delusion.

This universe is nothing but a mode of the mind, self-evolved from Brahmana (The cause of the universe). All the universes which appear through Manas are its modes. The mind is subjectively consciousness and objectively it is this universe. Hence, this all-pervading world is nothing but consciousness itself.


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