Creation and Evolution of our lives has been a controversial topic among Scientists and Religious Communities since a long time.Scientists claim that Human Beings have evolved from monkeys but different religious communities preach that GOD Created Human.

The Idea Of Evolution or Charles Darwin’s Evolution Theory

Charles Darwin tossed the idea of Evolution of species, which explains that all species of life have descended from common set of ancestors.This has been possible by a process called natural selection, in which the struggle for existence allows organisms to become more adaptive to the environment.


The scientific theory of evolution states that life on earth began as single-celled organisms and later developed into multi-celled beings. The theory further states that aquatic creatures came into existence first. Then came amphibians that could exist in water as well as on land. Land-dependent animals and airborne birds followed the amphibians.

Finally, human beings accomplished the cosmic stage show of creation. But it might surprise many people that various extraordinary events of the evolution of human life and Advancement in human civilization have been illustrated in Hindus sacred texts many centuries ago. Hinduism is well known for their use of deities for representation of planets & energies. There are numerous stories in Hindu verdict texts often with deep meanings that cannot be understood by ordinary minds and most of them have been ignored as their literal meaning does not make any sense.Hinduism philosophical views and its primary concepts?

According to the Hindu religion, there are three main deities:

  • Brahma,
  • Vishnu, and
  • Shiva.

Brahma is a deity who represents the cosmic function of creation, while Shiva represents the cosmic function of destruction. Vishnu represents the cosmic functions of maintaining & preserving. Vishnu is said to take forms of an avatar at various periods in history in order to take the necessary actions responsible for sustaining the universe.

So whats the connection between this and the evolution of theory? It’s quite interesting to note that the sequence of appearance of Vishnu on earth is in completely in tune with the theory of evolution,suggested by Darvin.

The ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu have taken the form of an avatar on Earth and all of these events have been recorded by Sages thousands of years ago,even before Christ or Gautam Buddha was born.These 10 incarnations are:

  • Matsya   
  • Kurma
  • Varaha   
  • Narasimha   
  • Vamana
  • Parashurama
  • Ram  
  • Krishna 
  • Buddha
  • Kalki 

    This picture represents only 9 Avatars of Lord Vishnu,because the whereabouts of the 10th avatar of Vishnu,Kalki are currently unkown.


Modern Evolutionary Interpretation

Some modern interpreters sequence Vishnu’s ten main avatars in a definitive order, from simple life-forms to more complex, and see the Dashavataras as a reflection, or a foreshadowing, of the modern theory of evolution.This interpretation was taken up by Orientalists and by Hindus in India,particularly reformers who sought to harmonize traditional religion with modern science.

  • Matsya -The first form of vishnu was a fish.Scientifically, the first class of vertebrates is a Fish. If we compare this with biological evolution of species, science has confirmed that the first life which came on earth, originated in water and happened during the Cambrian Period.
  • Kurma – This avatar was born in the form of a tortoise. We all know that tortoise is a creature capable of living both on land & in water, which indicates the transition of life from water to land,the second stage of evolution.
  • Varaha -The third avatar of vishnu was a Boar. This indicates the evolution of an amphibian into a land animal.

    Narasimha,the Fourth Avatar of Lord Vishnu
  • Narasimha – The fourth avatar of vishnu,was a half-human.Beings that are half-animal and half-human (indicative of emergence of human thoughts and intelligence in powerful wild nature)are the next step of evolution. Half man and Half animal, indicates the transformation from animal to human form. This may be early-extinct human ancestors such as someone who could be the missing link between apes and humans.You can think of it as an intermediary between two stages of evolution.
  • Vamana – The fifth avatar of Vishnu,Vamana represented short, premature human beings.  Described as a dwarf or pigmy sized human being,Vamana indicates the complete transition of an animal into the human form.Vamana marks the beginning of intelligence in humans. This was the period of Pliocene and could thought of,as Neanderthals, who were shorter than modern human beings.

  • Parasurama – The sixth avatar of vishnu represented early humans beings living in forests and using weapons.A Forest dweller is called Parasuram, who has weapons such as an Axe for survival.Parasurama Happened in the Quaternary period and could have been a man of the Iron age.
  • Rama – Lord Ram is well known among Hindus and is worshiped in temples as a deity. He is civilized and has better weapons such as bow and arrows.Lord Rama,the seventh avatar of Vishnu indicates a time where humans had started living in small Harsringarcommunities and villages.
  • Krishna – Krishna is Another popular deity worshiped in many temples.Lord Krishna,the eight avatar of vishnu is a clear representation of the advanced human civilization.
  • Buddha -A very important avatar, who was the founder of Buddhism,Lord Buddha,the ninth avatar of Lord Vishnu was able to find out the ultimate truth of human suffering.He represented an era of enlightenment and spirituality.
  • Kalki – As per ancient texts, this Avatar is yet to arrive on this earth. He will be born to restart the whole cycle of yugas so that satya yuga starts again.All the Species will disappear and the world will come to an end.Kalki represents the ultimate end of evolution.

Our ancient Puranas speak of the different manifestations or incarnations of the holy Deity in different epochs of the world history. According to the Puranas, the Hindu Avatar of Lord Vishnu rises from the lowest scale of life a fish,and starts progressing in levels.After fish,comes a tortoise, followed by a hog who is slowly and gradually promoted into an enlightened human being. Indian Avatarism is, indeed, a crude representation of the ascending scale of Divine creation. 

What is seen above, is the development of species right from the first signs of carbon life in the oceans billions of years ago to the present form of life, viz. the still evolving Homo sapiens. All these 10 incarnations of Shri Vishnu fit into the scientific chronology of creation and evolution of the universe. All humans—have taken countless rebirths spanning billions of years and only after that,have they reached this priceless human form,the highest evolved life in the eyes of the Universal Soul,the supreme and the absolute.

We, the human species are now in the last stage of physical evolution—the Resurrection

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