Time, Space and Matter

time space and matter

All of us have lived our lives just like any other mortal, forgetting the past, recollecting it, crying over it. In the eternity of Time these pasts are present,always present.Everything proceeding from and dependent on the physical body is physical; anything on which the physical body depends is non-physical or non-material. Physicality has an end, a change, and is enveloped and covered by the Physical or Materialistic Expanse, which is present,subsisting even after the recurring change, and so is as indestructible as Space itself in which it has its being physicality is called Matter.Time, Space and Matter

Is physicality indestructible or destructible ?

Does destructibility signify complete disappearance without reappearance in any form whatsoever?
If change is destructibility. then physicality is Kshara. Matter is Kshara. And Kshara does not mean that it is not present in the changed form. Whatever there is, it will continue to be in “change”, in “conversion”, in “disappearance”, and in “reappearance”. So Kshara and Akshara are only relative terms signifying Change and No Change. No-Change means Eternality.

When we look at MATTER and SPACE in relation to TIME, it is evident that there is a constant change in the former as far as physicality is concerned. But in the case of TIME we rise above the physical environment and enter the wide portals of No-Change, Eternity.

time, space and matter
Time and Eternity

Will Space and Matter have an end with Only changing time ?
Time is endless and so is change. All are infinite.
TIME is Infinite-Infinity. Space is Finite-Infinity: Finite because of a constant change within it which is indestructible just like TIME. The two are concomitant and co-existent.

time, space and matter

Again. there is, was and can be no time when Time is not. There can be no Space,no Matter since Space envelops Matter and Physicality.

Time envelops Space. Hence the latter is finite within Time. bounded by Time, and cannot exist but by Time. which is Non-Material, Non-Physical. Eternal Time! It is not it. It is HE. He is the Supreme Power. who makes Himself felt through Physicality, through Physical Existence in conjunction with or even without Matter and Space. The Power that cannot be felt, if not seen, by the Material Body is not Supreme Power. Indestructibility or Inscrutability alone is not the Supreme Power. The Supreme Power is supreme in everything in every respect; and we feel the supreme-ness in every breathing of ours. He is Infinite. He is Consciousness. He is Will. He is All Being-ness, All-Existence. He Is All Action; He is All-Knowledge. And HE IS KALA. (TIME).

time, space and matter

SPACE is Space. Nobody knows how expansive, how unbounded it is.It is Eternal, changeless, constant. infinitely-infinite, beginning-less, endless. It has no direction, no shape, no form. it is HE, the supreme Power. who is doing all this, who creates, preserves, destroys, re-creates and repeats the processes.He is the one who commands and brings about the “regulation” of what is to be and what is not to be. And that gives it the physical form which expresses itself in Matter in the shape of worlds, universes. solar systems, stellar expanses, milky ways, ethereal immensities and all that we see. we hear of but still understand nothing.

time, space and matter
The Entire Universe

MATTER is, was and will be there. But it is bounded by SPACE. TIME and SPACE are the two Realities, co-existent and inseparable.KALA (TIME) is the God. and from Him emanates all this. First comes SPACE. Space is responsible for Creation. SPACE is not Akasha, but Shunya (Void). Since Space in itself is ‘finited’ by KALA, everything within and born from it is Finite, and thus has an end.

time, space and matter
The Hindu deity known as Kala, who represents both time and death.

When KALA himself wills or wishes, the Seed is planted by Him in the Great Womb of Space, and the process begins, which in the manifest material form creates the elements and everything else follows.

time, space and matter
Space is Infinite

It is this SPACE which becomes the Experimental Laboratory where diverse forms. diverse shapes. diverse compositions, are evolved. Here Man, higher beings. lower beings. that what moves, that what does not move. that what thinks, that what does not think. that what is sentient. that what is not sentient. that what is solid, that what is not solid. that what is liquid or gaseous. that what is not liquid or gaseous. that what is understandable. that what is not understandable, are modeled, and their comprehension is limited or “finited” by Space. The highest limit is Space. and beyond it,the only the feeling or consciousness that exists, is a POWER, Who is at the root of all this. Realization of that root cause is becoming one with Space and then merging in that Supreme Consciousness.

time, space and matter

SPACE and MATTER cannot be annihilated, nor will TIME annihilate them.The Space in which Matter shapes itself, manifest himself is very important since Manifestation alone is the process of understanding. To understand Him, the Real Form of KALA. one has first to understand His Physical Manifestation, and that leads to Realization. Without that it is useless to talk about him,know him or call Him by whatever name you may, Brahmana. Parama Shiva, Jehovah, or God.

The process of progressive understanding is called Evolution.Time (KALA) wishes, Space does. There is an agitation in Matter. One by one of its forms is assumed.Shapes come into existence and diversity manifests itself in diverse constitutions, compositions, makes and un-makes. These forms evolve. and the process continues stage by stage, permitting the sentient Man an attempt to understand, know and realize it. In this evolutionary process Science comes into play, and small beginnings lead to great displays, and Man’s head begins to turn.

time, space and matter

“I have discovered it, Eureka, Eureka;”. The crude “Eureka” develops and evolves into an advanced probe in the hidden realities and new methods are evolved, which are not complete or perfect,because within the Space of change nothing is perfect or final in shape, or form or otherwise.

time, space and matter

Man is the highest specie who knew physical aspect of Manifestation. He is endowed with a power of understanding and realizing what is what, according to an individual, make and consequent individual capacity. He devises the scheme of his life, how to live, how to mature, how to progress, how to attempt ‘perfection‘ within physical limits. Beginning from time immemorial, passing through various and different stages. he has arrived at what he thinks he has. ‘perfected’ for himself. And he is living accordingly. This is not a thousand years‘ progress. Thousands upon thousands of years have gone into its making.

time, space and matter

Who knows how many thousands more may make it less sophisticated. This is an evolutionary process which is never completely complete, never perfectly perfect, but always “incomplete”, to be completed and perfected even when thought to have been completely perfected or perfectly completed, because in the human process it is all building towards perfection.

What is smooth today will be smoother tomorrow after the ends have been shaped. reshaped and made. It will go on. and Man will never feel he is at the end of the process, but always at the beginning of another end. The endless ‘end is the world’s corollary, the corollary of the whole creation and the process of evolution, leading to creation with a desire and yearning for a better progress.

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time, space and matter

TIME becomes physical in contact with and through Space and expresses himself in various shapes, forms, attitudes and behaviors. This contact gives rise to vibrations.For a philosopher these vibrations have no other meaning than the fact that it is Consciousness and their disposition is Will, followed by Action.The eternal phase of (Eternity ) is Bliss.

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