Spirituality Behind Namaskara

Namaskar (Namaste)

Indian culture is incredibly complex and resembles a chaos of mind-boggling proportions. But beneath this seeming chaos is a scientific foundation that is thousands of years old. Often, the practices that we label today as blind superstition have very logical explanations behind them. Namaskar (Namaste), is a form of greeting practiced mostly in the Indian Subcontinent. It is used both for greeting as well as good-bye. When a person greets someone with namaskar, his greeting is accompanied by a slight bow with his palms are Namaskar (Namaste)pressed together,fingers pointed upwards in front of his chest. This hand position is known as the Namaskar Mudra. (Mudra means a particular hand gesture or position.) For a long time during the British rule this practice was quite ridiculed as it was considered as accepting the others as superior to us by bowing. But the meaning of Namaste is far away from that. Indians greet even complete strangers with a Namaskar (Namaste). The south Indian counterpart vanakam is also widely used. In several Indian schools, the practice of wishing teachers with Namaste is inculcated.

While it is a popular non-contact form of greeting along with the Japanese bow and the hand-wave, its spiritual basis is what sets it apart from any other greeting Let us explore the spiritual meaning of namaskar along with its benefits to us.

Meaning of Namaste or Namaskarnamaskar

Namaskar‘ is a Sanskrit word which is derived from another Sanskrit word ‘Namaha, which means paying obeisance. While the words namaste and namaskar are synonymous there is a spiritual difference between them. Namaskar has more sāttviktā than the word namaste.

Spiritual Benefits of Namaskar (Namaste)

Namaste embraces myth and metaphor, ritual and enlightenment, faith and awe in a non-religious environment that neither judges nor advocates for any particular set of beliefs. In this setting of profound respect for the beliefs and traditions of spiritual seekers the world over, you find that Namaste opens new doors to enliven your spiritual experience. Spiritual research into the meaning of namaskar (namaste), has found NAMASKAR to be the most spiritually beneficial and sāttvik way to greet someone. These findings were found using the sixth sense. The reasons for this are:

  1. The Intention behind Namaskar (Namaste):
    • As this greeting is about acknowledging the Divine in another, it enhances the spiritual potency and attracts Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) towards self. This inculcates an attitude of surrender and gratitude. This helps in spiritual growth.
    • While doing namaskar, one thinks, “You are superior to me ‘I’ am the subordinate one. I do not know anything, You are the omniscient”. This helps in reducing one’s ego and increasing his humility.
  2. The Actual Hand Gesture: By doing the namaskar mudra,a new Divine consciousness gets absorbed into the body. By saying the words namaste or namaskar, the Absolute Ether Principle (Ākāshtattva) is invoked within the self. However when the words are said along with the mudra, a second element that is the Absolute Earth Principle (Pruthvītattva) is also invoked. This is because the mudra by itself is associated with the Absolute Earth Principle.The two when combined together give birth to a tremendous divine consciousness,which gets invoked within the self. As both of the elements of energy connects, other elements also starts connecting with the person – Water (Jal), Fire (Agni) and Air (Pavan/Marut). This results in the generation of spiritual positivism in a person.
  3. Lack of Physical Contact:
    • Physical contact enhances the ease of flow of subtle-energies between two people. These energies are oftenly negative and not positive. With namaste, as there is no physical contact, the ability for one person to affect someone negatively gets minimized.
    • The impact of negative vibrations affecting an individuals greeting someone is further reduced due to the presence of Sattva component. The sattva component is made up of subtle knowledge, light and pleasure. It manifests as love, gratitude, compassion and other divine qualities.
    • But Even Namaste can emit negative vibrations particularly in the case of a possessed person greeting another person with namaskar. The possessing entity can spew negative vibrations from his finger tips at the person being greeted and into the environment. However, compared with a greeting that involves physical contact,
      Namaste : Transfer of Subtle Energies  Namaskar (1) is offering Namaskar (pranam) to God. Namaskar (2) is offering Namaskar to an individual or group of individuals

      the impact of the negative entity is substantially limited. The spiritual emotion with which the greeting is done further minimizes and potentially eliminates the negative vibrations altogether


Spiritual Frequencies Generated from Namaskar (Namaste)

Namaste creates vibrations to the one receiving the gesture. Namaste creates a loop of bliss to pass positive energy unto the one receiving the gesture. Heart centers and chakras are said to connect during the divine saying.

When your mind is fully withdrawn in super-consciousness, it becomes centered in the bliss of the spine,You are then in your ideal, or causal, body. That is the final level of your soul.

The figure based on subtle-knowledge below shows that spiritual frequencies are generated when two people greet each other with namaskar. In this figure the person greeting is at the 30% spiritual level while the person being greeted is at the 50% spiritual level.

This drawing based on subtle-knowledge has been drawn by Ms.Priyanka Lotlikar through an advanced sixth sense of vision. It has been verified and authenticated by His Holiness Dr. Athavale. When checked through advanced sixth sense, the drawing based on subtle-knowledge was found to be 80% accurate. (To be able to attain 80% accuracy in a drawing based on subtle-knowledge is a very high accomplishment. Unless intense spiritual practice is undertaken subtle-artists are not able to attain anywhere near 80% of the Absolute Truth in a drawing based on subtle-knowledge.)
Meaning of Namaskar(Namaste)- Spiritual Research

The table below provides the details behind each aspect in the above drawing based on subtle-knowledge.

No. Explanation
1 When a person greets someone with a feeling that “I am paying obeisance to the soul in him”, a ring of spiritual emotion gets created within him
1A Instead of spiritual emotion there is Communion with God and has better access to God’s thoughts.
1B As a result there is a ring of spiritual emotion that is created around the person who is being greeted
2 This in turn attracts a flow of Divine Principle or God’s power
2A A ring of the Divine Principle is created and gets activated in the atmosphere.
3 Wherever there is Divine Principle,a flow of Bliss (Ānand) is attracted. Bliss is a type of subtle-energy that brings about supreme happiness which is not dependent on any stimulus.
3A This creates and activates a ring of Bliss around the person.
3B The person being greeted also imbibes this flow of Bliss
3C As a result there is a creation and activation of a ring of Bliss inside the person being greeted
3D There is an activation and emission of particles of Bliss into the environment
4 A flow of Divine consciousness gets attracted to the person who initiates the greeting.
4A This creates and activates a ring of Divine consciousness around him
4B This Divine consciousness is emitted into the environment
4B2 The person being greeted too imbibes this flow of Divine consciousness from the person greeting him
4C A flow of Divine consciousness is attracted towards the person being greeted
4D There is creation and activation of a ring of Divine consciousness around the person being greeted
4E There is an activation and emission of particles of Divine consciousness and the complete environment is benefited spiritually


Spirit of Namaskar (Namaste)

When you live in the Spirit of Namaste you are aware of the intrinsic connection to all life.namaskar

  • Namaste
  • Spirituality
  • Self-improvement
  • Affirmations
  • God

The life force energy runs through every element of life from  atomic particles unseen by the naked eye, to the magnificent Milky Way which is home to some 400 billion stars.

Namaste and Giving

One should Give freely and willingly with no expectation of any reward. Selfless service is the highest form of giving and conveys the love and respect you bequeath to others.

Namaste and Gratitude

Gratitude is a sacred attitude. Honor the precious gift of life as you give appreciation to the many blessings around you. Allow your ‘thank you’ to reverberate to the furthest reaches of the Earth.

Namaste and Kindness

Kindness is nourishment for the Soul. It is bonded to the unconditional love of the Universe which brings kindness to others.

Namaste and Forgiveness

‘Forgive ye’ your sins and the sins of others, for you do not know from whence they came’. ‘There but for the grace of God go I’. Such concepts dispel judgement and condemnation of the less fortunate and the mistakes made by others. Forgiveness of yourself and your neighbour brings about your development and transition to the highest plains.

Namaste and Love

Love is the highest expression of Namaste. It is the absolute Love that reigns supreme in your Soul and embraces all that exists with compassion, humility and respect.Love journeys upon the abundant flow of life as it delivers the essence of Spirit to all.

Minute Things to remember while doing Namaskar (Namaste) and the reason behind it

It is important to create a ring of spiritual connection while saying namaste. The positive energy exuded creates an auric field of positive spiritual power.

  • Your Eyes should be closed while doing namaskar: By keeping your eyes closed while doing namaskar to God or any person, it facilitates you to ‘seewithin and have a vision of God within you or focus on your soul (God).
  • Do not to hold any object while doing namaskar: While doing namaskar, if any object is held in your hands, your fingers and their tips are not straight. As a result, the flow of the Sattva component is restricted from entering the tips of your fingers. The Sattva component emitted towards a person doing namaskar strikes the object he has, in hand and bounces back.If the object in the hand is Raja or Tama predominant and if it is touched to the forehead or chest while doing namaskar, then the Raja-Tama components from it may enter your body while doing namaskar.namaskar
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