“Why do Indian women wear Bangles?” The Science Behind This

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Bangles are rigid bracelets, usually from metal, wood, glass or plastic.A bangle is one of the most important ornaments that an Indian woman wears. Married women wear bangles, because bangles hold a special significance for them.A lady’s Bangles prove her Suhaag. It is considered to be a traditional thing and is followed since a long time.

Most of us are under the impression that wearing bangles is just for beauty, fashion and show-off. But it is not the main reason for wearing bangles.There are some shocking secrets which lie behind the tradition of wearing bangles.

The word, bangle, was derived from the Hindi word bangri or bangali, which in Sanskrit means an ornament which adorns the arm.

Mohenjodaro’s Remains

The history of bangles in India is reflected in one of its oldest art pieces, the bronze figurine of a dancing girl excavated at Mohanjodaro.  This epitomizes the antiquity and the universality of wrist ornaments in India.This figurine stands with one arm at her hip and the other arm completely weighed down with a collection of bangles. Ancient fragments attest that bangles were made from terracotta, stone, shell, copper, bronze, gold, silver, lac, and even glass. From simple metal bands to the ones decorated with etched and exquisite designs of bird and animal heads studded with gems, bangles come in all kinds of designs and colors!

Why do Women Wear Bangles – Science

In Ancient days men used to go and work in farms and forests which involved a lot of muscle work, while women used to do all the household work. Though household chores and work involve a lot of work but when compared to a man’s work it is kind of small. By sitting at home and not doing much physical work, there is a chance of high blood pressure, which leads to impatience,anger and depression.

To avoid high blood pressure problems, women were asked to wear bangles and some other ornaments like waist belt, anklets and armlets. Even Ear-rings have their own significance.

Bangles are not just accessories.They are traditions.They are a part of our culture. There is so much more to bangles than that.There are legit scientific observations which tell us exactly why women used to wear bangles.

1. Blood circulation and Energy

Normally our wrists are in constant movement. In case of any ailments or any checkups,even our pulse is measured through our wrists only. The Bangles and the wrists are in constant friction with each other which leads to an increase in the blood circulation level.

Bangles help in maintaining and recharging our energy levels as well.The electricity passing out through the skin is again reverted to our own body because of the ring-shaped bangles.Since bangles are circular in shape there are no ends to pass the energy outside ,and thus the energy is reverted back to the body.

2. The foetus craves acoustic stimuli

According to the Indian tradition,Bangles are gifted to a women during her baby shower. According to a scientific study, during the seventh month of pregnancy, the brain cells of a baby start developing and the baby starts recognizing sounds.

A tinkling sound of bangles provides an acoustic stimuli for the baby.Studies have shown that cheerful or calming music reduces a pregnant woman’s stress and depression and helps the foetus develop the baby’s ability to hear. According to the gynecologists,a pregnant woman who is stressed out is more likely to give birth to a preterm or underweight baby.

3. Emotional balance

A research made on ladies wearing glass bangles and those wearing bangles made of other synthetic materials revealed that glass bangles vibrated and acted as pacifiers and moderators of strong emotions. Those wearing non-glass bangles were found to be restive and excessively emotional, to given situations and stimulus, in the experiments conducted.

4. Positivity

Glass bangles were found to absorb goodness and purity from the atmosphere  and radiate them onto the wearer. The sound caused due to the jostling of bangles with each other is also found to be soothing and gentle on the environs.It was also found that Glass bangles repulsed bad vibes in the surroundings and protected the body of the wearer from evil agents in the atmosphere.

According to the Vedas

Benefits of sound waves created by Glass Bangles

  • Due to the subtle weapons emitted from the sound waves of bangles, the motor organs of the women are protected because of wearing bangles.
  • The Sattva component of the woman’s motor organs increases by the sound waves emitted from glass bangles
  • A sheath of waves of Kriya-Shakti (Energy of Action) emitted by the bangles is generated around the woman’s body and she is protected from the negative energies.
  • Shakti-Tattva (Divine Energy Principle) is activated in the woman and her body sheaths are purified by the sound waves.The premises and the surrounding environment gets purified as well.

Due to the movement of bangles,a woman’s Raja component increases. This Raja component activates the Adishakti-tattva (Primal Energy Principle) in a woman’s body. The woman’s body benefits from the awakened Shakti-tattva, which helps in purifying her vital body and mental body sheaths. As the waves of Adishakti spread into the atmosphere, the Raja-Tama particles in the premises disintegrate and the premises gets purified.


The Relevance of Colors

  • Red bangles signify energy.
  • Green bangles imply good luck and prosperity.
  • Yellow bangles are symbolic for happiness.
  • White bangles mean new beginnings.
  • Orange bangles signify success.
  • Silver bangles denote strength.
  • Gold bangles represent good fortune.
  • Black signifies power
  • Purple bangles denote Independence.
  • Blue Bangles represent Wisdom/Tranquility.

Depending on every color, there is a change in their vibrations and effects on a woman’s body.

Green bangles
1. Trigunas (Three components)
in the bangles
Tama-Raja Raja-Sattva
2. Principle Negligible
Marak, but
Tarak –
3. Shakti in the
Inert and in the
form of
4. Form of Shakti Unmanifest Manifest and
5. Active Principle Inferior sagun Medium Sagun
6. Function Accumulation of
Creation of
purity through

Number of bangles to be Worn

A specific number of bangles are worn in each hand for a specific reason. As a result, a specific Shakti is created.

Number of
Type of Shakti
3 Tarak
6 Tarak-Marak
8 Marak-Tarak
12 Marak

From this viewpoint, it is important for a woman of a particular age to wear a specific number of bangles.

Importance of Girls Wearing Three, or Fewer Bangles

Shakti is present in young unmarried girls in an un-manifested form. They also have less amount of sanskaras (impressions) in them.But the vibrations of Tarak-Shakti are active in girls at a young age only. By wearing three or fewer bangles, a slight inertia like sound is created in the bangles. Due to this sound, the girl gets the strength and vigor.

Why do newly married Women wear Bangles ?
The Science behind This

Marak(Destroyer) waves are created by the sound of the bangles worn in larger numbers by a newly married woman. With the help of these waves, a newly married woman is protected from the evil-eye and attacks of negative energies.

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