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Uses and Health Benefits of Oregano

Oregano is a herb which has been grown in Mediterranean areas for thousands of years and is still present in numerous herb gardens all...

Properties of Oregano or Wild Marjoram

Oregano or wild marjoram is commonly known to be used as a spice,flavor food and brew tea but it has several alternate uses.The leaves of...

Tattvas and the Breath

In the Chandogyopanishad it is stated that the five tattvas have evolved from the mind,the mind has evolved from prana and prana has evolved...

Breathing Patterns and Mind (Exercises to Unlock your Subconsciousness)

New studies conducted by American Scientists have shown a large number of benefits of controlled breathing. (something known to Yogis for centuries)Dr. Richard brown,...

The Immortal Vedas

Science and Vedas

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