Gym Vs Yoga

Yoga Asanas have a deeper significance value in the development of the physical, mental and spiritual personality of a person.Pure exercises on the other hand have a physical effect on our muscles and bones only. Physical exercises in the gym are performed quickly, with a lot of heavy breathing and exertion.The acrobatic, gymnastic exercises and weight lifting systems are suitable for healthy people to develop large muscles or flexibility. Very large muscles, in particular, require more nutrition and a greater supply of blood. Consequently, the heart and respiratory system have to work much harder. In this way, there is exhaustion of vital energy. Read More

Properties and Medicinal Uses of Lavender plant

Properties and Medicinal Uses of Lavender

Lavender plant ( Lavandula angustifolia ), is one of the most well-known medicinal plants and used along the long epoch, one of the indispensable ones in the popular medicine due to the medicinal properties and benefits that it offers to take care and to maintain our health in natural form. Read More

Significance of Nostrils in Breathing NOSTRIL BREATHING

Significance of Nostrils in Breathing

Breathing is something we do all the time, everyday but have you ever wondered that each nostril of ours has it’s own significance in determining the things that happen in our life. Each nostril breathing effects the states of our mind and body in it’s own way. There is a noticeable difference between the breath taken in from each of the nostrils. Read More

Relaxation Technique Get Relaxed for 8 Hours in 1 Hour

Relaxation Technique : Get Relaxed for 8 Hours in 1 Hour

Our lives have become so fast these days that we hardly get anytime to relax. We idolize famous people who are used to minimal sleep just to get more working hours. Rest is losing its priority in our lives, But rest is something we cannot take lightly. Lack of rest can do serious damage to your mind and body. On the other hand we cannot lose those extra working hours that can get us ahead of others in material life. We have got a middle way to revitalize you and your 27 centers! Read More