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Why do We Light a Lamp ?

In almost every hindu home a lamp is lit daily before prayer.Hindu Dharma gives a lot of importance to a lamp. We would have...

Origin of Religion and Humanity

Religion is a Part of Humanity In the history of humanity, there has always been a tribe of men who follow some form of religion....

The Four Ages (Yugas)

The Triad of TIME-SPACE-MATTER being indestructible and thus immortally always present, one is tempted to ask whether the traditional conception of dissolution would still...

Introduction to Atharva Veda

The Atharva veda is a book of knowledge compiled last in the series of chatur veda. It derives its name from Sanskrit word ‘Atharvaveda’...

History of Yoga Asanas

The history of yogasanas as a physical, mental and spiritual culture goes back into the depths of time. It is mentioned in the oldest...

The Immortal Vedas

Science and Vedas

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