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The Enormous Powers of our Pineal Glands

The mystic functions of the unconscious mind, aura of one’s vital energy and inner strength does not depend on the condition and activities of...

Detachment from Pain and Suffering

What is the use of Religion as a Medicine? Medicine provides unsatisfactory pain relief to many patients. Analogous to, some percent of people remain in moderate...

The Essence of Indian Philosophy and the Universe

Indian Philosophy Indian Philosophy is a fundamental nature of Knowledge, Reality, and Existence. Since it has originated from a sub-continent that includes Hindu, Buddhist, and...

What are the Life Pursuits?

 What are Life Pursuits? The Vedic philosophy says that the humans have a definite goal in life. Since the end Goal of life is "Moksha", there...


Nirvana, also known as Liberation or Mukti, is a state of the mind which is completely free from the attachments and bonds of worldly...

The Immortal Vedas

Science and Vedas

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