Breathing Patterns and Mind (Exercises to Unlock your Subconsciousness)


New studies conducted by American Scientists have shown a large number of benefits of controlled breathing. (something known to Yogis for centuries)Dr. Richard brown, an associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Columbia university and co-author of “The healing power of the breath ” says Controlled breathing can change the body’s autonomic response of nervous system which controls many unconscious processes.“

Breathe In and Breathe Out

An initiative to tell you about the techniques that were taught by Himalayan/vedic shamans to control breathing patterns and how each pattern is an exercise in its own way,has been taken. Each breathing exercise enhances a particular Subconscious capability.

So, why is breathing pattern so important and how is it related to our mind. Unless one makes his mind powerful, he would not be able to control the minds of others. Our ordinary desires can only be fulfilled if they are projected from a mighty, and a concentrated mind.


The power of the mind is reduced by our constant thinking and worrying. Mind is a manifestation of will power and it is fully under its own control. In fact all animate and inanimate things are fully controlled by will power. It is all-pervading like ether. It is the cause of beautifully colored flowers. It is the cause of the shining Sun and Moon. It is like digesting food and controlling internal activities of the body.

We should say that this will power is the very cause of this universe, because it is the will of God that it is projected. This will power is the cause of breath. Existence of mind depends on will power.

Clear Your Mind of Questions

How are Mind and Breath co-related ?

When we stop thinking, our breath becomes slow and when our mind is excited by anger, the breathing becomes fast. On this principle, the science of breathing is based.


Many methods are prescribed for the control of this breath on whose activity the working of the mind depends. Though these methods are valuable and efficacious, they do not bring about the desired result —viz. stilling the mind. In the method of quick inhalation and exhalation of breath the mind instead of becoming still, is excited all the more.

People who want to increase their will power tremendously and who desire to make their mind calm and powerful should practice the following exercises step by step. It is ridiculous to think that the practice of breath control is dangerous. Some people believe that control of breath brings insanity. The above fears can be compared to a person crying “I am dying. I am dying” even when he falls in a lake of nectar.

The Sadhanas (Spritual practice) of breath control given below should be practiced at a fixed time and place, preferably in the morning. After about four months You will start to get good results.

Breathing Exercises to unlock your Subconsciousness

Breathing Practice No. 1

Spread a small woolen carpet on the floor. Sit on the carpet with your back touching the wall. Light a fragrant stick. It is ridiculous to think that one must face the North or that one must salute the carpet as it is touched by one’s feet. Sit straight. Don’t bend forward. Sit in a comfortable posture. You need not sit in postures mentioned in Yoga. Now close your eyes and try to stop thinking. Never mind if you are unable to do so in the beginning.


All this will give you a sense of peace and tranquillity. Now exhale all the air from the lungs. After that inhale through the nose while you count 10 numbers. Then exhale through the mouth till you count 20 numbers. Your mouth must assume a whistling position while exhaling. This will complete one breathing exercise (Pranayam).


While inhaling,think that you are taking in the mighty will power spread in the atmosphere like ether along with the air you are inhaling. While exhaling, powerfully think that you have stored this will power in your nerves and have exhaled only the filthy air contained in your lungs. Advanced practitioners should think that along with the air inhaled they are also inhaling the joy and beauty in this universe, and while exhaling they should think that they, along with the filthy air, are also exhaling bad tendencies fear and anxiety from the mind. This practice should be done as many times as your age +3. If you are 21 you must do 21 + 3 = 24 rounds every day. The necessity of doing more pranayams in the case of older persons is that their will power has diminished considerably due to old age. Hence the necessity for doing more pranayams every day. After about 15 to 20 days from the day you start this pranayam you will feel a sense of well-being throughout the day.

Inhale – Exhale

While doing this pranayam, the practitioner should always think that just like a mirage is a false phenomenon superimposed on the rays of the Sun, this world along with its Seer is a false vision superimposed on pure consciousness.. He should also contemplate that as there is no darkness in the Sun, =there cannot be ignorance in pure consciousness. Ignorance being the material cause of this universe, in the absence of this non-existing ignorance there cannot be any idea of universe and its Seer.

The practitioner must also contemplate that the Sun and tin Moon, light and darkness, knowledge and ignorance, bound and liberated all fall under the realm of ignorance. Ignorance being a nonentity the world also becomes a nonentity. When one is fully convinced that this universe and its Seer is a false vision, his hankering after pleasures will cease. In the advanced stage of this pranayam along with contemplation, the mind devoid of thoughts becomes pure consciousness where there is only the experience of “I”.

The Body is my Tempe,Asanas are my prayers ~ BKS IYENGAR


Breathing Practice No. 3

In this practice of pranayam you don’t have to do anything. Sit straight on your seat. Close your eyes and keep your attention on your incoming and outgoing breath. This practice will slow down the process of breathing and a moment will come when your breathing will stop altogether. You will not experience any gasping sensation or discomfort. As breathing stops, you lose body consciousness and in this condition there is only one feeling “I”. This is trance. This is also known as fourth condition (Turiya) of the mind. The practice of this type of pranayam will help you achieve this end. However, this pranayam must be practiced for a longer time. Half an hour in the morning is sufficient. There are other 2 or 3 advanced practices of pranayam but they are meant only for advanced practitioners.

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