Origin of Religion and Humanity

life, origin of religion

Religion is a Part of Humanity

In the history of humanity, there has always been a tribe of men who follow some form of religion. Therefore, it is as old as a human himself and resides in the soul of a human.

life and origin of religion

Religion takes a human being to his highest level and lifts him to an infinite and eternal universe.Human is living a materialistic life and has faith to attain spiritual consolation, solace, and peace.

life and origin of religion

The word ‘Religion’ is a Latin word which means “Religare“. Where ‘Re’ means (Back) and ‘Ligare’ means (To bring). It is love, empathy, mutual rights, duties, and religion that binds the human beings together.

The Oldest Phenomenon of Life

The origin of religion is non-traceable, but there are certain conditions necessary for its existence. The oldest phenomenon in the human history is religion itself. Therefore, the beginning of the history of human and religion is the same. Religion is a product of humans in a general conception during his entire lifespan.

life and origin of religion

A human being from birth is conscious about his own existence as well as the existence of the universe. So that, we can reach on a satisfying explanation about the cause of the existence of a universe. A human being is conscious of his limits that he is not the creator and administrator of the universe. This power is beyond the human control and is seen as God. The awareness of their own limitations enables them to recognize the need of help from the superior power for the inner satisfaction.


life and origin of religion

The relation between humans and their creator is the primary motive of a religion. It is deeply hidden in the hearts and is embedded in the constitution of human beings. The successive development of human reasons is shown in throughout the history of humanity. From stone age to the nuclear age, there is not a single span of time where the religion is absent or not there. The human desire is to build spiritual relations with the superior powers from the beginning of his consciousness.

Modern Assumptions

An analysis of the history of religion reveals that there are diverse conceptions about the theology or religion. It is difficult to establish a single source pertaining to religion. But the projection idea about religion is an approach and perspective of the modern anthropology. This anthropology works on the assumption that the human community created every religion and started the concepts of worshipping. These were human beings who had projected their creative activities to the God. Here, religion is considered as a medium for wish fulfilment.

life and origin of religion

But, the psychological approach is that religion is the standpoint of limitations of humanity. Human beings have a major fear throughout their life that they should never ever go through a bad phase. This is why they seek help from the supreme power in order to face such circumstances. Accordingly, we see religion as an invented entity.

life and origin of religion

A religion originated with a human is a subjective theory. The necessity of the meaning and hope to the existence in this vast impersonal universe is God and religion only. That is why humans have a psychological need for a supreme being. This is God. Although, a religious makeup always exists below our conscious awareness. The awareness and desire for religion is a universal phenomenon. But according to the experience of the cultures, they have different views.


A Subjective Conclusion

The disposition that lies in our subconsciousness is a conclusion. As a result, an external reality is not responsible for believing in a transcendent being. Psyches are a driving force for these beliefs. The origin of religion is a revolutionary approach to the subjective theory that religion begins with humanity. It is an evolutionary process in human history. An attempt to organize the society is one of the major reasons for the origination of religion.

life and origin of religion

Every important occasion like opening a new building, marriage, death, etc follow these religious rituals. Similarly, these rituals are capable of inspiring common emotions and feelings in a person. In fact, these inspiring emotions and feelings greatly help humanity to socialize together in a group. On the other hand, religion and system of faith is the root cause of many conflicts and bloodshed in society. Therefore, religion is a socio-cultural phenomenon that has its close association with social life.


The Visualization and Evolution of Religion show three stages.

The theological stage– It is an explanation of all events in terms of all supernatural beings.

The Metaphysical stage– The abstract is unseen and all forces are invoked.

The Positive stage– It apprehends events of life in scientific ways.

life and origin of religion and humanity

Hence, the human desire to avoid anxiety and limitations, and to seek an absolute settlement is the reason for the origin of religion. the limitations of human existence and finitude have created a by-product.


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