Cosmic Evolution of Everything

Cosmic nature

 Omnipresent Nature

Before our manifestation, nature was indestructible. There was no motion and imperfect balance because decomposition comes with the limitation. Many philosophers cannot separate the perfect balance of materials from nature. Therefore, it naturally follows that perfect balance does not have any motion. A compound of motion and matter is responsible for watching, feeling, and hearing.

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According to the Sankhya philosophy, the primary state of the universe is not atoms but it is a secondary or tertiary state.Atoms are the composition of original matter, which in turn compounds into greater and greater things. Further, according to modern theory, ether is everywhere, interpenetrating, omnipresent.All the atoms are floating in the ether.

If the ether was composed of atoms then there would have been some space between two atoms of ether.

What fills this gap?

The Sankhya philosophers call it anavastha which means never reaching the final conclusion. Hence, there is no final atomic theory. Nature itself is omnipresent such as one omnipresent mass of world in which everything exists for a cause.

What is the cause?

The more subtle and manifested state is the cause that is manifested from the non-manifested state.

What is destruction?
It is it reverting to the cause?

Our body goes back into their original form since it is a composition of materials.

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According to modern sciences, ‘Ages ago‘ means reverting back to the causal state of destruction.

First Manifestation of Nature

The first cosmic manifestation of nature is Intelligence or intellect. It is the ultimate knowledge, the great principle, and the absolute truth. But, it is wrong to relate intelligence with self-consciousness. Consciousness is a part of universal intelligence.


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With time ego develops out of universal intelligence which is due to both matter and mind. World normally appears as materialistic but if one understands the interaction of mind and matter then it is Dual in nature. Since it is the same substance in a course and fine form, all the particles transform or coincide with other. Egoism and matter take forms.


Organs of Sensation and Reaction

Interaction of nature changes into organs. These organs have two kinds:

  • Organs of Sensation
  • Organs of Reaction.

These organs are not skin or eyes, but something much smaller like brain centre or nerve centre.  It has manifested centre of the brain and our nervous system that changes into egoism when the time comes. Consider the fine particle which strikes our nose and create a sensation of smell. One cannot perceive these particles but can only know that they are there. All other things that we see and feel are subtle matter. This is a composition of gross matter like air, water and earth, which is the root of every subtle matter.

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A quantum evolution of the cosmic world is directly proportional to subtle matter. The first state of everything is a universal extension of matter.

The whole universe was built layer after layer.

  • First, it was undifferentiated nature (Avyaktam)
  • Then it changed into universal intelligence (Mahat)
  • It then changed into universal egoism (Ahamkara)
  • That changes into the universal sensible matter.
  • Matter then changes into universal sense‑organs

These sense organs then again undergo disintegration into universal fine particles. Consequently, they combine and become a part of this gross universe.

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Interaction of the Intelligence with Nature

Intelligence is very important to understand in nature. Egoism is the unification of all intelligence.All these motions in our body our due to this intelligence.

What are these Three Phases? 

  • Instinct is a sub-conscious phase which we find in animals. It is very limited, infallible and works like a machine. Just like an animal is able to differentiate instinctively a poisonous herb from an edible herb.
  • The reason is the cause of a conscious phase and it is higher than instinct. Therefore, it is slow, larger in scope, fallible and often makes mistakes. Hence, there are more dangers in reasoning than in instinct.

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  • Super-consciousness is the ultimate phase of our mind. It comes only to those who have cultivated it, mostly to yogis. Hence, it is much even higher than reason and infallible as an instinct.

Consequently, in man intelligence is a real cause of all that is here. This intelligence is always manifesting itself in various ways. Therefore, it covers all the three phases of knowledge. Hence, the cosmic universal intelligence exists as instinct, reason and super-reason.

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