How “Vastu Shastra” works? (Scientific Explanation)

Vastu is derived from the Word Vasti, which means place of residing or house. The origin of Vastu can be traced to centuries back. Some of its principles are available in various Vedas and scriptures as well. Vastu is basically “a vidya of building structures“. Hence all structures irrespective of their use, Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, Temple, etc. come under its purview only. Vastu Deals with Principles involved in selection of site and shape of a plot.

We live in and are surrounded by five elements of nature and energy fields of various type created by them. On an open ground these elements or energy fields operate freely,in complete equilibrium. When a structure is placed in this energy field this equilibrium is affected and has to be restored.

When this is achieved in a proper manner a harmonious flow of energy is created in the building and the structure. This harmony influences natives by making their lives harmonious which means a trouble free and prosperous life.On the other hand,a defective construction obstructs these forces which results in the creation of a distorted field inside the building. This distortion is responsible for all the misfortunes and misery of the occupants.


Now suppose someone is passing through astrologically bad times,this distortion increases his misfortune manifold,giving him miseries and sorrows. Vastu vidya is a science in itself because its effects in a Vastu defective structure can be felt/ observed by anyone and everyone. We come across a number of houses and natives where some or the other tragedies have taken place, at any point of time. Research Works carried out on pyramids models/Domes and Temples have shown that a distinct energy field exists inside the four walls of a pyramid. These structures focus all energy at a single point,in a single direction. The Indian sages were perhaps the most practical scientists who ever lived on the surface of this earth.

Human consciousness and intelligence has its limitations and we see regularly that the scientific truths of yesterday are being proved wrong today. In previous centuries sages felt that the answer to all their questions lay in their own minds, as they were but a part of the force which created the Universe.


Hence they went to the source of their creation and obtained the answer, which was infallible, and error free. Our sages had defined significators of various planets for various direction and their impact on the humans.

How "Vastu Shastra" works? (Scientific explanation)

Vedic Maharishis always wanted to ensure the happiness and prosperity of all the living beings whether human beings or the environment around them. They always showed great concern in the prosperity and happiness of all. They created and formulated various codes of conducts for living, which are stored in our ancient scripts like Vedas and Upanishads. Some of the very important Rishis and Maharishis who developed the norms for Vastu applied are :

  • AtriRishi
  • Anirudha
  • Bhrigurishi
  • Brispati Rishi
  • BrahmaGarga
  • Maya
  • Narad
  • Vashistaand vishwakarma

These details are available in Vastu Shastra by

  • Vishavkarma
  • Vasturatnavali
  • Matsypuran
  • Samargana Sutradhara
  • Lilavati
  • Silpratna
  • Brihatsamhita
  • Rajavallabha
  • Narad Samhita
  • Manasar
  • Mayamat

and in Purans like

  • Skanda
  • Maysa
  • Garuda
  • Narad Linga
  • Vayu
  • Brahmandar

Rishis and Maharishis were great visionaries. They explained the mystices and mysteries of vast universe, the effect of planets on living beings and even their characterstics much before the present day researches.

How "Vastu Shastra" works? (Scientific explanation)


They even visualised the constant magnetic gravitational flow in space flowing from North East to South West, with head pointing in the North East direction and foot towards the South West direction. It represent dwelling unit which has been depicted in Vastu Purusa as well.

Vastu Purusa works in Tendam with Kala Purush which signifies time. The Vastu and Kala Purush jointly influence the earth and all the living beings here. Easterly Sun ensures the purification of the Eastern area in the morning Sun while West direction is taken care by the Sun in evening.The South-North axis provides circulation of air and utmost benefit of cool air and breeze.

How "Vastu Shastra" works? (Scientific explanation)

All the living and non-living objects in nature are produced, protected and perished under the influence of the solar rays present on the surface of the earth.Solar light is divided into three segments:

  • The visible segment is from deep blue to deep red
  • MaleficRays
  • BeneficRays

Very often we hear about environment pollutants, green house effects, pollution etc.

Vedic rishis knew perfectly well, how to live in better environment with the basic five components i.e. space, earth, air, water and fire. They synchronised and coordinated all their activities within the above five elements. They worshiped them at one time or the other to get their beneficence.

Buildings constructed by India were purely based on Vastu dictum.Even now in states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, West Bengal, they follow the Vastu dictum to every possible extent.Even the workers in Rajasthan know and can guide any house owner, with their knowledge and wisdom about the location of various areas in case of serious mistakes. These days most of the time is spent on the detail like structure, external elevations, heights, beauty, appearance and cosmetic beauty but at that moment we think only about our own comfort levels without going into any detail of prosperity, happiness or what that structure means/represents. It is deemed and considered that a native who is building a house will have eternal happiness by staying in it but how much percentage of them are actually having happiness and prosperity is the main question to be answered. There are ancient buildings, which were constructed as per Vastu dictum and brought prosperity and flourished a lot.Few of them are

  • Badrinathand

    Badrinath Temple
  • The Temple of Tirupati

  • Birla Mandir New Delhi
  • Puttaparthi in Andhra Pradesh
  • Cities like Jaipur, Chandigarh, and Bangalore.
  • Chattarpur

In vedic period people spent their time on internal planning and then moved to external planning but in the present environment, Maximum time is spent on external planning and only then do we give any thought to internal planning.

We come across many buildings and mass housing societies which are under construction for quite some time and are not completed or occupied, while some buildings which are constructed in the shortest possible time and the people living there have prospered a lot with a few modifications and have improved their standards of prosperity, peace and happiness.

If we see the Vastu of India we will observe that it has a number of defects ranging from mountains in North, North East, Water in South, South West and depression in South West. The only positive aspect  is that country is slopping from West to East. India has been invaded time to time by one group of invader or other and now also it is facing a lot of problems from its neighbouring countries. Indian sages and saints have developed Vastu science after a great deal of research and experimentation and have evolved a common set of principles, to be adhered,for construction. The principles of Vastu Shastra relate to:

  • Selection of city / place or town based on the individual name and birth details (not possible in the present environment due to shortage of space in urban and semi urban areas).
  • Selection of benefic direction thereby ensuring transformation of magnetic energy.
  • Selection of size of plot to suit the requirement.
  • Analysing soil and its quality to suit Varna.

In the previous times, site selection was done based on the four varna’s and colour of soil. These classifications are not possible in today’s era due to non-availability of desired land. The Varnas are not based on caste classification but gave distinct shape and properties.

Brahmin site: It is a square site shape, whitish in hue and has no defects. Such site brings happiness to occupants. Such land slopes towards the Northern direction.The soil is sweet and gets fragmented.Its Sweet taste is associated with the planet Jupiter. Jupiter signifies wisdom, spirituality expansion and happiness.The colour white is associated with Northern direction thus the ruling planets are Jupiter and Venus.

Kshatriya site: It is a rectangular shape site with length up to I .50 times, the width of the plot.It is redish in colour and slopes towards the Eastern direction.Its Soil is bitter/ astringent in taste. The bitter taste and red hue is associated with mars. Thus its ruling planets are Sun and Mars. Red is the colour associated to the Eastern direction.Such sites brings success and prosperity.

Vaishya site : It is a rectangular site with length upto 1.5 times and is 2 times the width of the Plot. It is yellow in hue and its soil tastes sour. Yellow and sour taste is associated with the southern direction and is ruled by Venus. The site slopes towards the Southern direction. Such site are beneficial and bring financial prosperity and success.

Shudra site : It is rectangular site with length more than two times the width of the plot.Its soil is black and pungent in taste. The pungent taste and black hue is associated with the western direction and the planet associated with it, is Saturn. This site slopes towards the western direction and will bring prosperities.

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