Ashatavakra Gita

ashtavakra gita

Ashtavakra Gita (also known as Ashtavakra Samhita) is one of a kind, treatise on the Non-dualistic (Advaita) rationality which sureties to transport the seeker momentarily from time to time, with respect to the Absolute.It also transports the seeker from servitude to freedom (MUKTI).

There is no need of any pre-essential, ceremonies, control of breath (Pranayama) or considerations.There is no need for any ‘Japa’ or droning of sacrosanct syllables.There is no need for  any reflection or examination. It is an easy quantum flight to achieve a definitive objective (MOKSHA). You may experience a solid piece of land vanish into an amazing scene along with a summit of immortality and happiness, where both the world and yourself are disintegrated into nothingness.


“When “I’ stops to exist, there is freedom, as long as “I’ exists, there is just servitude.’’

Ashtavakra does not set out any pre-condition or capability. It acknowledges its practitioners on an “anywhere” premise.

There is no need to develop any specific qualities or any renunciation of existing molding. It is simply Being and no getting to be.

“How and where would anyone be able to consider acknowledgment or dismissal?’’

Your  psyche neither denies nor acknowledges it. The whole procedure is by all accounts progressive and conflicting to every single acknowledged standard of customary Sadhana practice.

While Bhagavad Gita drives you to an objective of freedom, starting from L.K.G. class to the Ph.D. (Doctorate level), Ashtavakra Gita launches you directly to a definitive destination without the requirement for any strides. Regardless of the fact that the Divine Trinity of Siva, Vishnu or Brahma are there to train you, this Self-information can’t be given over to you on a platter. You will need to work for it by overlooking everything else except the Supreme Self.’’

Ashatavakra Gita is a discussion with the tune of music (as a tune) between Ashatavakra, an awesome Self-acknowledged holy person of Mahabharata and King Janaka — a thinker and a ruler, well known for the absence of his body cognizance. While Bhagavad Gita has a few understandings and its implications have been curved and misshaped by numerous observers, both antiquated and cutting edge, Ashatavakra Gita is so straightforward and unequivocal  that it is difficult to misconstrue its content.Not many have dared to interpret it or include any analyses about it. This is something which can’t be comprehended through scholarly splendor or by simple grant. It must be comprehended through the heart, by an instinctive spiritual affair. Every one of them is a free a Bliss-case, independent and fit for taking you to a definitive destination without anyone else’s input.

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