The Four Ages (Yugas)


The Triad of TIME-SPACE-MATTER being indestructible and thus immortally always present, one is tempted to ask whether the traditional conception of dissolution would still hold good. The orthodox Hindus believe (and so do several other non-Hindus) in the four yugas (Ages) of Iron, Copper, Silver and Gold or the four yugas (Ages) of Kali,Dvapara,Treta and Krta (or Satya).

The Four Yugas (Ages)


The first of the four yugas (Ages) is credited with an age or duration of 432,000 human years. the second with twice the number. the third with three times and fourth with four times that number, making a total of 432,000 years (or 12000 years of the gods).

The four yugas (Ages) are called Chaturyugi, and such 71 chatmyugis make a Manavantara or the Age of Menu;

14 Manavantaras make a day of Brahma, the God of Creation.

The age of Brahma is 100 Years or 4320000 X 71 X 14 X 360 x 100 x 2 or 30,91,73,76,00,00,000 human years.

This is called a day of Vishnu. and he also lives a hundred years.

Then comes Rudra. whose one day equals the age of Vishnu; then Shata-Rudras and others.


In short. one is puzzled to find these astronomical figures run into trillions and quadrillions raised to another astronomical figure making the calculations still more astounding.

The Ancient people have wisely entrusted this astronomical calculation to KALA. These figures indicate infinity of TIME as physically calculated. This physical aspect alone is not the Reality. It. however. makes the fact abundantly clear that there is nothing which is not covered by TIME.

After a cycle of 71 Chaturyugis or a Manavantara of 306720000 years. there is a small dissolution of the Bhu-Loka or the Earth. when it is submerged under Water. and the Mann carries all the seeds (of created species) in a ship (or just like Noah’s Ark) sailing over the dreadful waters to a safe haven until the earth is pulled out and recreation or rather replanting begins.

At the time of Mahakalpa or the end of Brahma’s Day or 14 Manvantaras (of 4,294,080,000 human years) there comes the Night of Brahma of equal duration during which the whole creation is annihilated, and it remains so for this long. long period, when Brahma restarts his creation. It is a theory which in its application seems to take into count the Earth a place where MAN lives, and does not appear to tell us about other worlds and universes. It is not known who live on other planets in other stellar worlds in Milky ways and Galaxies. How they live?What their conception of creation is with reference to their own universes in which they live or the worlds upon which their races inhabit. When dissolution takes place, does only the Man of the earth get submerged or lost along with his world of beasts. birds, insects. worms. sentients. insentient. etc, under water or the other universes also do the same. To talk of those worlds and universes is rather presumptuous.

It is only about his own world the Earth and its surroundings. that Man’s Buddhi (Intellect) acts. calculates. propounds theories. cross-words. puzzles. maxims and laws. and devises solutions.

If Man does not know anything about the fate of Other Lokas or universes. how can he predict anything about them ? The earth as at present known and on which beings and non-beings exist, has a spherical surface. three-fourths of which is under water and one-fourth is land. The present-day scientific calculations reduce“ the watery surface to less than 70 per cent. The earth is a sphere in space. It is a part of the matter of the universe, in which other planets. stellar spheres, etc. exist. It Is as indestructible as others are except that it may disappear, if at all it does.When shattered into small pieces along with the creation in it and on its surface, the earth may be scattered in space into small bits. Halls. meteors, or the something like that. But as long as this does not happen and the earth continues to exist and revolve as a sphere under the laws of gravitation and electromagnetism inherent in it, as a part of Matter, all that can take place is change. Change my take any form. The watery surface of today may rise (under torrential rains of dissolution or otherwise) and submerge the earthy surface partially and bring about a change in so many ways.

If Matter being what it persists, continues to exist. and is never destroyed out of existence, It will only undergo change but will never be destroyed. Whatever the orthodox belief. it is an incontrovertible fact that the four yugas (Ages) cannot exist independent of one another.

  • Good and Bad are relative
  • Clean and Unclean are relative
  • Pure and Impure are relative
  • True and Untrue are relative and so on.

The Age we call Kali (Iron) is a part of the other Ages and all other Ages are a part of the rest of them. Destruction is inherent to Change, and as such the question of Dissolution or Recreation does not seem to pose any new problem or give rise to any controversy.

The end of one Age is followed by the beginning of another one. Faith is Faith

It is not an easy thing to expect a traditional belief or faith to be shattered not withstanding the advancement of science or the advanced way of one’s thinking.

Even a scientist’s faith undergoes changes and the wider and deeper the search, and research, the greater and surer are the chances of reorientation,outlook of possibilities,new premises and conclusions.

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