Mouna, Its Practice and Benefits


Miscellaneous talking is a very bad habit. It distracts the mind. It keeps the mind in a Bahirmukha (outgoing) state and makes a man non-spiritual. A vow of silence or mouna must be practiced once a week. A lot of energy is wasted in talking.

The Vag-Indriya (organ of speech) seriously distracts the mind.

According to the Four Footed Character of the Mind Brahman(Chhandogya Upanishad),our mind has 4 legs or feet.They are:

  • “Speech is the fourth ‘foot’ of Mind-Brahman, because it is by means of the ‘foot’ of speech that the mind approaches the notable objects such as cow, goat, etc. Therefore speech is like a foot of mind.
  • In the same manner, nose is a ‘foot’, because it is through nose that the mind approaches objects of smell.
  •  Similarly, the eye is a ‘foot’.
  •  The ear is another ‘foot’.

One should not allow anything to come out from his mind through the Vag-Indriyas (organ of speech). Observe Mouna (a vow of silence).

Do you know what is the exact benefit of observing mouna ?

The speech energy becomes transmuted into spiritual energy (Ojas). Since you have shut out a big source of disturbance, you can now rest in peace or even meditate and remember God or Brahmana easily.

Spiritual aspirants must observe Mouna for some hours daily.You should be careful in the selection of your words before you speak. Think at-least thrice before you speak. Consider what effect the words will have on others. Observe Mouna for a couple of years. It is Tapas of speech.

Mouna and its Introspection

  • Do not argue unnecessarily. Argument brings about hostility, heated feelings and wastage of energy. Every man has got his own views, his own opinion, ideas, sentiments, beliefs and convictions. It is very difficult to change the views of others. Do not try to convince others. When you are an aspirant, when you are gathering facts and knowledge from the study of sacred lord, do not argue with others till your thoughts have become mature and steady.
  • Imagination in the mind always exaggerates. Exaggeration is a modification of lie. Aspirants should not exaggerate. They should utter words with mathematical and scientific precision.
  • An aspirant is asked to give up company and observe Mouna, because on account of Raga, he will multiply acquaintance but due to Dvesha, he will incur the displeasure of others by uttering some unpleasant words. There is a sword in the tongue. Words are like arrows. They injure the feelings of others.
  • By observing Mouna and giving up company, one can control the Vag-lndriya and remove Raga. Then your mind will become calm.

    There are fifteen Doshas that arise from company. An aspirant should, therefore, preferably remain alone during the period of Sadhana. The Doshas of company are:

  • Misunderstanding 
  • Ill-feeling 
  • Displeasure 
  • Raga-Dvesha 
  • Jealousy
  • Vampirism
  • Attachment
  • Mental sharing of pain of another man
  • Criticisms of others
  • Anatma topics
  • Habit of talking
  • Bahinnukha Vritti
  • Idea and Samskara of duality
  • Slavish mentality and weak will.

When you take a vow of silence, never assert from within that you won’t talk. This will produce a little heat in your brain, since the mind wants revenge on you. Simply make a determination and then remain quiet. Attend to other affairs. Stop Thinking, ‘I won‘t talk, I won’t talk.’In the beginning, when you observe Mouna, you will find some difficulty. There will be a severe attack of Vrittis. Various kinds of thoughts will arise and force you to break the silence. There are all vain imaginations and deceptions of the mind. Be bold. Concentrate all energies on God. Make the mind fully occupied. The desire for talk and company will die. You will get peace. The Vag-lndriya (organ of speech) considerably distracts the mind.

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Mouna of the Mind

Mouna of the mind is far superior to Mouna of Vak (speech). Mouna should come of itself. It must be natural. Forced Mouna is only wrestling with the mind. It is an effort. If you live in Truth, Mouna will come of itself. Then only will there be absolute peace.What is wanted is natural Mouna and mental nudity. Physical nudity has no meaning. It is Tamasic Tapas of fools that is not countenanced by Sastras and reason. In a Jivanmukta or a liberated soul, nudity comes of itself as he is absorbed in Brahman, when he is in the Saptama Jnana-Bhumika (the seventh stage of knowledge).

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