The Cause of Life

The Cause Of Life

Why has God gives us this life ? What is the cause of this creation,life and consciousness ? The most beautiful gift given by God to us, is life. With time,we are moving in the forward direction and the technical evolution is taking humans light years ahead. They are trying to develop new technical marvels with sophisticated technologies. Humans are trying to copy the creation of God by creating computers and robots. It seems like they are trying to make machine,work as a human. But, is it possible to bring life to anything ?

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human and cause of life

Do you know, how wonderful life is ?

If we notice the universe carefully, we will observe that, it is a reflection of perfection.

Have you ever observed the leaf of a plant?Just think about its design, existence, and purpose.

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Have you ever observed the feather of a bird? Just think about the feather of a peacock,housefly,etc.What a marvelous and perfect design them have.The feathers of each creature have been customized according to their features,size weight,etc.

What do you think?
Will the existing technology be able to create such an optimized design?


How Humans and Animals Perceive God?

Humans perceive this universe in their own way and animals perceive it in their own. Our brain is much more developed than other creatures,so that we can think more and have reasons for our doing whatever we do, and follow our instincts. But that does not mean we have the power to control everything under us.human and cause of life

All living beings on this earth have different senses and so do humans. It is these senses which formulates perceptions and thoughts within us.  We think of God as a superpower and imagine in our own way that God looks like a huge human being. This is the same for animals like elephants, they may think that god is a big elephant.

A Very Famous Story related to this Scenario of Perceptiveness.

Once a frog fell into a well. There was another frog inside the well. After some conversation the frog of the well asked the new frog “How big is the ocean ?”

The new Frog replied that it is too big. In response, the frog in the well jumped to the other side of the well and asked, “Is it bigger than this” ?


Limitation of our Senses

Consequently, the moral of the above story is very clear to us. We try to explain everything within our capabilities and limits. But, it is not always possible to sense, visualize or express properly through these senses. There are other creatures who have different or greater sense organs than humans. Some examples of the different sense organs are :

  • Eco location (usually a radar that fishes have)
  • Infrared vision
  • Electric Field Sense
  • Magnetic Field Sense, etc.


human and cause of life

Humans have been trying to create their own definition of God from a long time. We humans have different views and thoughts because of which we fight with each other. Every human on this earth tries to prove that the other one is wrong and he is correct. With our own thoughts we try to generalize our own definition of God.

This is the reason why there is no solution to such communal fights and riots. We have been given the wide knowledge of Vedas from our ancestors. But unfortunately, wrong information and mis-interpretation can cause havoc and create many problems.Knowledge is the correlation between the spiritual aspects of life and science.

We are given twisted explanations in different religions as well. The theory of evolution connects the living beings and nonliving things. Cellular micro-organisms came into life from nonliving things.These microorganisms evolve into a complex human beings.

A Definite Cause

Everything has a cause since there is no such thing which has ever evolved on its own from nothing. The laws of conservation of energy are a proof of this phenomena. Humans still don’t know the end of this evolution. We can know the end if somehow we are able to find the beginning.


human and cause of life

We can define everyone’s consciousness by saying that it is their view about our universe.Everybody’s mind has made some perceptions about this universe.These perceptions and ideologies build up his consciousness. It can also be said that Consciousness is the similarity between one side and the other side of the universe. Hence, it is passive in non-living beings and active in living beings. we should all know that his consciousness is God himself. It is an on-going process which keeps on repeating until we reach our goal. This is the reason why all the religions say

We came from God, We will finally go back to God.

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