Pure and Impure Intellects


What are Pure and Impure Intellects?

The word Kubuddhi means the one with impure intellect. Then what is Sadbuddhi? Sadbuddhi is pure intellect. The major difference between them is thinking. A person with Kubuddhi has no value for truth. Even if he knows the supreme truth, even if he knows that soul is one but he does not realize it.
[ HOW TO UNLOCK YOUR SUBCONSCIOUSNESS ]Intellect as pure and impure are capable for seeker to seek the truth

Kubuddhi is responsible for a person’s deluded state throughout his life. The movement of mind from one state to another is known as Buddhi. The mind is always in a flux wherepowers thoughts are rising and falling simultaneously. Our state of mind is not permanent at all. It is always changing and does not survive even for a moment. Buddhi is also called Antahkaran chatushtay. The four states of mind are

  • Mann
  • Buddhi
  • Chitt
  • Ahankaar


How does Intellect move from One Way to Other?

Buddhi acts as a guiding force in life. Then what is sadbuddhi and kubuddhi? Since buddhi makes mind move from one direction to other. These movements are specifically of two types only.Intellect as pure and impure are capable for seeker to seek the truth

  1. I know that I exist and it is the ultimate truth. I am there, my concept about an image of myself, my position. But now I want to know the universe, the world, and finally the ultimate truth.
  2. I know I exist but why I exist is the ultimate truth. I don’t consider fear to be a part of my journey during the search of my spiritual self because this is the ultimate truth.

All efforts of buddhi are genuine, it is meditating, it does want to explore and understand.  But its surviving nature meditates in search of truth keeping itself intact and complete. It makes very smart moves in analyzing self thoroughly but the objective is to maintain self. Hence, buddhi wants to discover the truth while maintaining itself.Intellect as pure and impure are capable for seeker to seek the truth

This seems to be a very peculiar situation. If you want to discover the truth while maintaining the self, you have to be in the compulsion of creating a virtual truth. And this powersvirtual version of the truth will maintain the self. I exist is the principle fundamental position of truth. I exist does not mean that I am a dull man or a closed man. Apparently, I am a soul and a spiritual seeker. I want to know and inquire that is why I am investing my energy and understanding into it.


A Very Thin Line of Difference

Consequently, my prime concern and fundamental position is I am what I am.  The truth discloses itself around this position only. Inevitably, I am forced to come not to the truth but to the concept of truth. Therefore, pollution is mandated in anything I discover and understand to be compatible with me. And I will not discover the truth if it is not compatible with me. I will neither reject it nor accept it. It will never come in sight of my discovery.

Intellect as pure and impure are capable for seeker to seek the truth

According to a person with impure intellect, truth is great and wonderful but let me keep self before truth. Here you say that I will go and search truth myself, everything will be revealed to ‘me’. This is the same me that went to discover the truth. I came first and discovered the truth so it has to be suitable for me. He keeps faith in truth but he worships himself before truth. He may go to any priests, sages, or scriptures but within him, there would be a feeling that I am going there, I should be benefitted and something good will happen.

On the other hand, a man with sadbuddhi places the truth in an incomparable position. He says that there is no point in asking what is important, me or truth. There is no fear in thinking that what will happen to me when I come upon the truth. The truth is always auspicious. It will definitely help in one way or other.

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