Spirituality Behind Hugs– A Spiritual Perspective of Hug as a Greeting


All over the world, people hugging each other, is a common form of greeting. Depending on the culture, context and relationship, a hug can indicate familiarity, love, affection or friendship. Hugs have been considered as an indication of support, comfort, and consolation. In some cultures and for some people, especially between strangers, a hug may not be the norm and can be considered as an invasion of private space. While most people have an innate physical and emotional need to be touched and hugged, especially by their loved ones, there is very little understanding of the spiritual consequences of people hugging each other.

Through spiritual research, it has been found that most people are affected (to some extent) by negative energies. The exchange of subtle-energies between two people touching or two people hugging each other is spiritually detrimental. Most of us cannot perceive this detrimental effect, as we do not have the sixth sense ability to do so. The use of touch enhances the transfer of spiritual or subtle-energies up to 100%, when compared to a greeting that does not involve touch. When a greeting involves the aspect of touch, the following can be kept in mind. The use of touch enhances the transfer of spiritual or subtle-energies up to 100%, when compared to a greeting that does not involve touch. (Staring into each other’s eyes can also instigate a transfer of subtle-energies, depending on the types of negative energies involved.)

Type of Contact

Ease of energy transfer

Example of Greeting

Skin to skin Energy transfer easier Handshake, hug
Skin to mouth More energy transfer than skin to skin Kissing of hand or the cheek
Mouth to mouth Most energy transfer Kissing mouth to mouth



Various Scenarios in Hugging

The following table provides the various scenarios we can come across in day-to-day life, the likelihood of it happening, and the possible outcome.

Types of Scenarios with Regard to Hugging

Probability of it Happening in Day to Day life

Most Likely Outcome

Possessed person hugging another possessed person Low to medium Extremely Negative : The negative energies embracing both the people involved in hugging, gives rise to even more black energy. At a subtle-level, the environment gets affected, as well. Spiritual distress of both people increases and the strength of the negative energy centres at the Anahat-chakra increases.
Possessed person hugging an average person who is affected by negative energies  Medium

Extremely Negative : The negative energies in the possessed person can very easily infect the other person being hugged. The possibility of spiritual distress in the average person increases, and the possibility of physical as well as mental distress in the possessed person increases.

An average person affected by negative energies hugging another average person affected by negative energies High

Mostly Negative : While there is no actual exchange of negative energies, the interaction between the two is generally detrimental, which gives rise to distressing vibrations because of:

  • Mixing of black energy coverings
  • Clashing of the mental sheaths
Hugging a spiritually positive person who is above the 60% spiritual level and doing regular spiritual practice. Rare to Low A positive healing effect will take place on the person who hugs the person at 60% spiritual level.
Hugging or being touched by a Saint Rare A positive healing effect will take place on the person hugging a Saint. 

Approximately 30% of the world’s population is possessed by negative energies and the other 70% is unaffected. 
Almost all people are affected by negative energies to some extent, which creates a black covering around them. The effect of negative energies on people becomes minimal after they attain the 60% spiritual level.

A drawing based on subtle-knowledge of a Possessed Person Hugging an Average Person

The following drawing based on subtle-knowledge, which shows the spiritual effect of a hug, has been drawn by Mrs. Yoya Vallee, a member of SSRF’s spiritual research team. Using her advanced sixth sense of vision, Yoya provides us with a glimpse of the interplay of subtle-energies when a woman who is possessed hugs a man who is mildly affected by negative energies.Spirituality Behind Hugs– A Spiritual Perspective of Hug as a Greeting

The table below provides the details behind each of the aspects in the above drawing based on subtle-knowledge. 

Sno. Explanation
1 Creation and activation of a ring of distressing energy at the heart chakra (Anāhat-chakra)
1A Emission of black particles of distressing hazy black energy through the heart chakra
2 Creation and activation of a thick black covering around the body
2A Creation and activation of a ring of distressing energy at the mid-brow chakra (Ādnyā-chakra)
2B Emission of a ring of distressing energy from the mid-brow chakra
2C Creation of a ring of distressing energy at the heart chakra
2D Emission of hazy waves of distressing energy through the heart chakra
2E Complete encompassing of the heart chakra by the covering of the ring of distressing energy
2F Creation of a hazy black energy covering around the head
2G Spread of a hazy flow of distressing energy around the person in a circular manner
2H Increase in the black energy covering around the body
2I Creation of a ring of black energy at the heart chakra
3 Illusory (māyāvi) waves encircling the people, giving them a false sense of feeling good
4 Creation and activation of a ring of enticing (Mohini) energy
4A Creation of a ring of enticing energy at the heart chakra
4B Creation of a ring of enticing energy around both persons, giving them a false sense of attraction

As you can see from the above explanation, hugging a person who is possessed by negative energies is extremely detrimental to us.

Spiritual Repercussions of People Hugging Each Other

  • When two people embrace each other, a subtle-friction gets created, when their mental sheaths intersect/collide. This generally creates distressing vibrations which can be taken advantage of, by the negative energies to affect the people involved in a hug.
  • Even if two persons, practicing Spirituality, are minimally affected from any black energy,  distressing vibrations can be generated. For example, two seekers on different paths to God, such as one on the Path of Knowledge and the other on the Path of Devotion, have separate types of vibrations. When these different vibrations come in contact with each other, they can give rise to distressing vibrations.
  • Hugging a person who is grieving or sad, is most likely to be spiritually detrimental, as a grief-stricken person attracts negative energies toward himself.
  • Hugging mentally ill patients will mostly have an adverse spiritual effect for the person hugging. Mentally ill patients have a high likelihood of being affected or possessed by negative energies.

Hugging of children

Spiritual perspective on hugging childrenBeing hugged and touched by their parents is important for the emotional well-being and development of children. Young children naturally hug their parents when they feel threatened by an unfamiliar person or situation. Unfortunately, children and their parents are just as prone to negative energy exchanges when they come into contact with each other. The child who is possessed can affect the parent and vice versa. Hence, spiritual precautions should be incorporated.

Efforts to Minimize any Detrimental Spiritual Effects of a Hug

Impediments in putting Spiritual Measures into Practice

You may be obstructed by the thought, “I have hugged people all my life and nothing untoward has happened, so this information can’t be true or must be an exaggeration.” This line of thinking will only undermine any efforts to protect yourself from any detrimental spiritual effects of a hug. For this, it is prudent to bear the following points in mind:

  • Majority of people have minimal sixth sense ability and are enveloped with a black energy covering, to a greater or lesser extent. This makes them unaware of or insensitive to the exchange of subtle-energies.
  • Hence, for people who cannot perceive this subtle-aspect, arguing with them is completely futile. This stems from the fact that an average person does not have the sixth sense ability and is accordingly ill-equipped to perceive subtle-energies.
  •  A hug, psychologically gives us feelings of well-being and happiness however, we cannot get Bliss (Ānand) from it.
  • The average person is only tuned to perceive the psychological benefits of a hug which provides some level of happiness and peace. As they cannot perceive the subtle-vibrations of a hug, the feeling of their happiness outweighs all their abilities to perceive the subtle-exchange of energies, however negative they may be.
  • The need for touch is a psychological requirement and not a spiritual requirement of the embodied Soul.

Remedies to Overcome any Detrimental Effects of a Hug

Hugging loved ones is something we may not be able to avoid and may not want to avoid, in spite of being aware of the above spiritual research. The following precautions minimize the spiritual risk of a hug:

  • Limit hugging to only those you really have to hug.
  • Do not engage in hugging, any and every one, as a psychological remedy, as you will not know whether the person you are hugging is possessed by any negative energies.
  • Regular spiritual practice helps to create a protective sheath around us that makes us resilient to the negative spiritual effects of the environment. Continuously chanting the Name of God is an easy spiritual practice that protects us at a spiritual level, as we go about with our daily activities, and come in touch with people of various spiritual states. Prayer is beneficial for protection from negative energies affecting the people we greet. 
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