Egyptian Pyramids are, no doubt, famous throughout the world for their massive features, uncommon and wonderful construction as well as durability but more than that, they are famous for their magical effects. Even the scientists have come to believe in these magical effects. It has been proven by scientific experiments that there are some kind of strange and unique energy waves, constantly at work, which affect the living as well as the dead elements stored within. Scientists call it “Pyramid Power.” In shops, around Egyptian Pyramids where herbs and articles are used in Tantric knowledge (charms) and experiments are sold, one can find caps or the shape of pyramids on sale. It is said that after wearing these caps for about fifteen minutes, your headache will disappear.

Not only in Egypt but also in other countries like America, France, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia etc. small-sized pyramids made of cardboard, plastic and wood are being used for different purposes. An American architect provides pyramid-shaped houses.He claims that people who would live in these houses, will be healthy, intelligent and happy.

Jim Onan,Builder and Creator of the Gold Pyramid in Wadsworth

In America these days, “Pyramidology” is extremely popular. In Illinois there is a place called Wordsworth. Mr. Jim Onan, owner of a construction company got a five-bedroom pyramid constructed, and lives in this pyramid with his wife and five children. Every week, hundreds of people pay a fee of six dollars to visit and enjoy this house. Patients with headache and toothache get rid of their pain after sitting in a pyramid. Egyptian Pyramids have excellent therapeutic effects on both humans as well as animals.

Some examples of pyramid being used for medical purposes are:

  • There is a modern scholar of `Egyptian Pyramids power’ named Bobbis. He himself prepared a cap on the pattern of pyramid and tested it by wearing it. Bobbis says that after wearing the cap,along with headache many kinds of mental depressions also go away. These days in the hospitals, for treating mental, neurotic and psychiatric cases, `Bobbis cap’ is being used.
  • A young lady who was suffering from mental depression started sleeping in a pyramid and soon her depression ended and she started having sound sleep. In fact, after sitting for some time in the pyramid, our body becomes balanced, thereby dispelling distress.
  • Patients with rheumatic arthritis got rid of their ailment after sitting in a pyramid.
  • Wounds, blisters and scratches quickly heal up after sitting in a pyramid.
  • Tonsils get cured after drinking water placed in a pyramid.Your Eye-sight will improve if eyes are washed with this water.Any kind of Pain in your knee joints will disappear if pyramid-water is applied on your joints.This water helps in digestion as well.
  • During an experiment, some dogs were placed in a square, round and pyramid-shaped houses. After sometime, it was found that the dogs placed in the pyramid-shaped house were more intelligent, more abiding and had better health.
  • On the basis of their experiments, Bill Schule and Ed petit have stated that any kind of sound or music played in the pyramid keeps re-sounding for a long time. It brings about a strange reverberation on the bodies of those present and gives peace to their minds and bodies.


  • When a tired man sits inside a pyramid, his fatigue disappears and he feels charged with new and fresh energy in his body.
  • Those who perform Meditation have claimed that after meditating in a pyramid their mind concentrates very fast.The Ancient Vaastu Science of Pyramid

In this field Sofia Tain Broach, originally an American, made some courageous and exemplary efforts. Some two decades back, she started running a school for children, with a view to experimenting on the miraculous powers of a pyramid. She placed a pyramid made of plywood in her backyard, which was 1.18 meters high. Its exterior was of blue color.It had a door and four glass-panes. The pyramid was placed on a cement platform. The experiments conducted by her gave starling results as under:

  • A ten-year old boy was admitted in Sofia’s school. The boy suffered from sleeplessness (insomnia) and could not wink his eyes. Sofia made four pyramids of cardboard and hung the same with the help of threads on the boy’s bed. Soon the boy’s sleeplessness was cured.
  • Sofia’s 86-year old mother’s left hand was paralyzed. when treatment did not help, Sofia made her mother sit in the pyramid daily for 2-3 hours. Just after one week, her mother was cured and started walking without showing any signs of paralysis. Similarly, a number of people suffering from paralysis were cured of their ailment after sitting in pyramids.
  • Bad habits of drinking, smoking or drugs can be cured if one sits in a pyramid daily.

Shri B.B. Krishnamurthy in India is also experimenting in this direction and some of the results of his treatment are as follows :

  • By sitting in a pyramid daily for five to ten minutes, the will power of a person increases and better concentration, happiness and security is felt. If after too much of labor of hard work, one is made to sit in a pyramid for ten minutes, his tiredness will disappear and he will feel fresh.
  • Human beings apart, the treatment of even plants and trees is possible with the help of a pyramid. If we place any seeds in a pyramid before sowing them, they will sprout up into saplings,at better and faster rate. Diseased and un-relaxed plants can also be stimulated and turned into healthy ones with the help of pyramid. 

With the help of pyramids, we can find cheap and simple treatment and cure many curable and presently so called non-curable ailments.

 Internal Power of a Pyramid – The Secret

The Greek conquerors were startled and enamoured on seeing the wonderful construction of sky-scraping, triangular shaped pyramids.

They entered pyramids in the list, which is now known as the Seven wonders of the world.

Why ? Why did they do this ?

It is important to know, what is so special about these structures that a corpse placed at one-third height in a pyramid neither decayed nor decomposed.It gets converted into a mummy.

Scientists have come to believe that the shape and structure of a pyramid is such that unprecedented energy gets collected at its top and from there it evenly travels to all the walls of the pyramid.It then touches the earth. This happens because all the walls have the same size and slope. The miraculous energy waves, that are at work inside a pyramid, affect both living and dead organs and elements.

In 1930, a French soldier Bobbis went as a tourist to the land of Egyptian Pyramids. He went to see the massive Pyramid at Gizah. He saw a dead cat on a heap of garbage. He was surprised that humidity had no effect on the Pyramid. The dead corpse of the cat had not decomposed nor was there any foul smell from its body. In other words, the corpse had become a mummy. On return to his country, Bobbis constructed a model of a pyramid at Gizah and placed a dead cat in it. He was utterly surprised and pleased to find that the dead cat placed inside the model had become a mummy. After this experiment, he arrived at a conclusion that neither a physician nor a chemical analyst had turned the cat into a mummy.The corpse turned into a mummy after being placed in the pyramid. This was clearly the result of the unique and strange power of the pyramid.

After reading the startling stories of the famous French tourist, Bobbis, about the pyramids, a Czechoslovak Radio engineer, Karl Draval, also prepared a model of pyramid and conducted several experiments, the results of which are :

  • Any fruits, vegetables or eatables when placed in a pyramid, only dehydrate but do not decay. There has never been a complaint about any fruits gone bad. Meat and eggs placed in a pyramid do not get decomposed as well.
  • Milk placed in a pyramid for several days, does not decay but turns into curd. Tea, coffee and fruit juice placed in a pyramid tastes much better.
  • Contaminated elements in water or other liquids, when placed in a pyramid, get destroyed.
  • Flowers placed in a pyramid get dehydrated but remain as they were.
  • There is no need to spray any insecticides on grains stored in pyramid-shaped storage because grain remains free from insects. In Russia, pyramid-shaped grain storage and houses have been built with success.

Similar claims about pyramids have been made by the other researchers from time to time:

  • A senior police officer of Delhi, Shri Chander Bhan Satpathy, who has conducted experiments in his pyramid, has claimed that apples kept in a pyramid do not decay but remain fresh even after four months.
  • Sofia Tain Broach of Bangalore, on the basis of her experiments, has come to the conclusion that green/raw fruits and banana kept in a pyramid can be made to ripen soon.
  • Shri B.B. Krishnamurthy took two samples of curd and kept one in a pyramid and another outside. After some days both the samples were examined and it was found that the sample kept outside the pyramid was more sour. 

On the basis of above experiments, we can safely conclude that Egyptian Pyramids can be used as a fridge to preserve eatables. Encouraged by the successful experiments of Bobbis and Karl, containers, for milk and curd in France and Yugoslavia, are being manufactured on the pattern of Egyptian Pyramids. In fact, the fridge, refrigerator and cold storage of the present day look like pigmy in front of a pyramid. Since in case of electricity failure, these machines and cold storages are worthless.

It is, therefore, clear that the builders of pyramids knew the secret of minute and sensitive techniques of Vaastu-Kala, nature’s electrifying and super-natural powers.Stored water, fruits and vegetables can quench our thirst, fill our belly but they cannot infuse our body agility, freshness and smartness which is obtained by storing these eatables in a pyramid.



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