The Right Colors for Your House,Profession,Business and Clinic (According to Vastu Shastra)

vastu colors

Vastu Colors in various Rooms of your House

Different colors give different results in a room. For a particular kind of room some colors will give good results which some will give bad results. Below are some Vastu Colors which vastu shastra recommends for different rooms.vastu colors


  • Red (Warm and Cosy):According to vastu,this color should be used in your Dining area, Living Room, Kitchen, Exercise and Sports Room and in smaller spaces.
  • Pink (Rest, Relaxation and Romance):According to vastu,this color should be used in your Bed Rooms and Lobbies.
  • Orange (Vibrant and Increment of Appetite): According to vastu,this color should be used in your Kitchen, Studies, Living Room, Dining Area, Play area and Pooja area.
  • Brown (Warmness): According to vastu,this color should be used in contrast to white and other light shades.
  • Yellow (Cheerful): According to vastu, this color should be used in your Kitchen, Studies, Lobbies, Living and Bed Room.
  • Dark blue (Quietness to Relieve Tensions and Aggressiveness):According to vastu,this color should be used in your Bed Room, Living, Lobbies and Pooja.
  • Light blue (Calmness and Coolness): According to vastu,this color should be used in your Bed Room, Bath Rooms, Play area and Pooja.
  • Turquoise (Freshness up and to Stress Management): According to vastu,this color should be used in your Bed Rooms, Smaller areas and Studies.
  • Purple (Warmness and Authority): According to vastu,this color should be used in your Bed Rooms, Entrance, Lobbies and Pooja
  • Green (Harmony, Peace and Hope): According to vastu,this color should be used in your Kitchen, Bathroom, Living Room and Dining room.Colors and their significance in Vastu Shastra.

Vastu Colors based on your Profession

God has allocated unique properties for each and every color in this world. Based on these properties the right colors for different kinds of professions are:

  • Doctors and Medical related profession: White
  • Engineers and Architects: Light Shades of Green Blue
  • Chartered Accountants and Company Secretaries: White and Broken White
  • Teachers, Professors and Teaching Profession: Light shades of Yellow.
  • Banking and Investment Financial dealing: Light shades of Green.
  • Builders and Contractors: White and Shades of Green
  • Computer Centres including Media Centers: Light Shades
  • Beauty Parlor: Bright colors
  • Business Centers: Green or yellow shades
  • Consultants: Yellow shades
  • Administration: Light shades of red/blue

Vastu Colors according to your Business

There are certain colors that are good for particular businesses some of them are:

  • General Store / Departmental Stores: Broken White or Light Shades of Pink
  • Medical Stores: Light shades of Blue
  • Nursing Homes: Light shade of Blue or Pink
  • Readymade Garments: Bright shades of Blue
  • Jewellers: Bright shades of Green, Yellow, Red
  • Electronics and Electric components: Bright Gold shades of Pink
  • Books and Stationary: Shades of Blue/Yellow
  • Toys Shop: Bright shades of Yellow, Blue and Red
  • Restaurant and Sweet Shop: Shades of Yellow/Blue/Pink

Vastu Colors in your Clinic

Colors along with illuminations plays wonderful roles in the Psychology of a human being as our moods and thoughts depend upon the environment and surroundings around us. When a person is not in a good mood he suffers from illness or bad health in one or the other forms like depression, agitations, nervousness, fear of the unknown happenings or some time not getting quick recoveries. It has been observed that certain colors plays major roles in our health. It is generally felt that bright colors bring cheerfulness and inspiration in action, where as dull hue brings sobriety.

  • Yellow color should be used to boost the spirit of patient.
  • While green or blue should be used to take out the patient from nervousness disability.
  • Insane asylum would do well to adhere to natural pastel shades to prevent/minimise excitement or nervous tension.
  • Patient rooms in hospitals or nursing homes or bed room in home should have the combination of Following colors.
    • Use Pale Turquoise walls with a touch of yellow. This color will incite the process of peace of mind, relaxation and rest
    • Light blue ceiling or pale yellow walls with a touch of blue or green in accessories.
  • Consultation chambers should have the white, ivory or purple hue.
  • Waiting Rooms and Halls Should have the light / soft beige or orange peach. These are warm and bright in hue will promote cheer and comforts.
  • Reception, Entrance Lobby and General purpose rooms should have bright and warm colors which include light shades of crimson, scarlet, violet or purples. The yellow shades should be avoided as far as possible in the reception areas.
  • In operation Theatres -The walls should have turquoise hue and ceiling should be white. However, the accessories should be in blue.
  • Maternity/convalescent rooms for early recovery light apricot, pink or peach, light yellow whereas blue and yellow is moderately simulating.
  • Concentration and meditation room – The light shades of colors or pink with blue and green accessories.
  • Neurotics (Disturbed behaviour or abnormally sensitive or obsessive compulsive disorder) bright red shades are generally used to pull out from the depth of despair. The purple shade should be avoided, as it will take toward hysteria.
  • The exterior of the hospital should be in the bright and warm colors like yellow, Red, beige, crimson, and orange. The cool colors on the exterior should be avoided like grey, blue.







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