Colors and their Significance in Vastu Shastra.

Color plays an important role and has a definite function in our lives. We are living in a colorful world. In one way or other, wherever life exists there is color. Color is an effect caused by reflection of light, which is a form of intense vibrations. These vibrations affect the nerves in your eyes causing a sensation perceived as color. The vibrations in the universe manifest themselves in the form of colors and musical notes. This is the reason why we like to hear certain type of music colors and eventually like to show or acquire them in one form or other.

Colors and their significance in Vastu Shastra.

All this happens consciously or unconsciously, whether we know the facts or not. If we make a habit of selecting a color whose vibrations are acknowledged by us, we will start following a harmonious successful life pattern. For social affairs our birthday color is of great significance. To improve upon or to enhance our talent/business success or to explore new opportunities, we use a color of our talent or vocation number (This number is worked out by adding up Month, day of birth and year into a single digit except the numbers 11 and 22). To get better opportunities in life we should use the color shown by our destiny number (This number is worked out by adding up the numerical value of our original name at Birth).


To be successful in personal life, romance, relaxation and protection against adverse vibrations, we should use our heart or soul number (This number is worked out by adding up the numerical value of the vowels in our name).  To bring out our hidden or latent forces into open, we should use the ultimate number (This number is worked out by adding up our vocation and destiny number).  It is not necessary that we should wear the entire dress of one color or the prescribed color,but that color should be a part of us.

Colors and their significance in Vastu Shastra.

The environment where we work also plays an important role in selecting the significant color. We may use our pen, pencil, paper, tie, scarf, handkerchief, shoes, socks etc. of the desired and significant colors. A regular use of significant colors is bound to bring harmonious relationships and a hostile environment for us, as colors are another way of proportions and have remarkable effects on our Vastu, environments, mood and health. Selection of the right colors of clothes, bed room, bed spreads and covers, curtains etc. are very important in a native’s horoscope. At times Gems are also used to enhance the results.


But since, colors being the cheapest, they should be used to maximize our gain and positive effects.  Every color is related to some planet here are some examples for your convenience.

  • Sun: Orange, Yellow, Brown, gold, Deeper Shades of Yellow.
  • Moon: Green, Yellowish, White, Silver, Pale Green opal, Sea Green, Pearl, Olive Green, Emerald Green and Apple Green.
  • Mars: Red, Scarlet and Crimson, Maroon, Pink or brown.
  • Mercury: Yellow, Azure Blue, Dove, Golden Glow. Jupiter Violet Green or purple, Lavender.
  • Venus: Indigo, Turquoise, Pink, Lemon and Purple. Yellow and Pale Blue, Navy Blue and Sky Blue.
  • Saturn: Black, Dark Brown and Blue
  • Pluto: Smoky and Grey.
  • Rahu: Checks, Changeable colors and Mixed Shades.
  • Ketu: Ocean color, Mauve and Lavender.


The colors allotted to various Zodiac signs are:

  • Aries (Mesh): Red Family.
  • Taurus (Vrish): Milky White.
  • Gemini (Mithun): Green family
  • Cancer (Karak): Light Pink or Pearl.
  • Leo (Singh): Broken White or Light Yellow.
  • Virgo (Kanaya): Sky Blue or Light Green.
  • Libra (Thula): White with Grey Tint.
  • Scorpio (Vrischika): Red or Pink.
  • Sagitarious (Dhanu): Golden Yellow.
  • Capricorn (Makara): Blue Family
  • Aquarius (Kumbaha): Blue family / Light Pink.
  • Pisces (Meen): White or Yellow.

The significant colors are based on the natives’ rising lagna or Moon sign in their horoscope. The strongest among the two should be adopted as the main color and other color as a secondary color.


Significance of Colors

Different colors signify different aspects of life. Even on a subconscious level we see that red color brings calmness to our mind whereas red color brings energy and aggressiveness. In Vastu Shastra also different colors represent different aspects of life.



Violet Color of Jupiter (a Royal Color): This color is the Color of sacrifice and perseverance. It acts as a sedative. It is a subdued color.Tendency to cause brooding. It is a spiritual color. In reality it symbolizes innocence, mysteries and secret. Violet is the color of meditation and concentration

Violet Blue: This color is Hard, unyielding and gloomy. You will be self-centered and will look with in yourself.


Lavender: This color is symbolic of passion, sweet nature, precise, disciplined exacting, and affectionate.

Indigo color of Venus: This color Symbolizes responsibility, balance and love. This is the color of sexual adventures and immortality. It indicates cheerfulness and brings light.Colors and their significance in Vastu Shastra.


Blue (Eternity) color of Saturn: Blue is the color of universe and it is a cool color. It is a color of truth and calmness. It is the Color of changing moods and shades.It is a powerful expression. A color of great inspiration and perspiration. Blue is the color of duty, devotions, independence and self-sufficiency. People fond of this color look towards the sky in hope of guidance and inspiration. Blue is a color of happiness.It also represents melancholy, hope, fidelity and truth. Blue color is effective for throat and insomnia and antiseptic treatments.

Purple: This color is Associated with Royalty. The color of spirituality,purple color commands respect in the higher society, finer nature, authority and power.

Sky Blue: This color is a heavenly color, dedicated to humanity, unselfish motives for spiritual motives and aspiration.

Navy Blue: This is the color of trustworthiness, faithfulness, cooperativeness, reliability and compromising nature.

Colors and their significance in Vastu Shastra.

Green: This is the symbol of life and eternity.This is a Cooling color, which represents spring,immaturity. Restfulness and brings light and peace. It is a color of youth and immortality.It has a stabilizing effect and produces tranquil joy. It is a color of courage conviction and of firm opinion. Green is a color of companion and Society. It is a color for soothing eye troubles, restoring heart troubles, curing blood pressure and headache.

  • Sea Green: It is a darker shade in the green family and is of three types i.e.
    • Green towards yellow tint is the symbol of instability
    • Green towards blue is a symbol of excessive smartness
    • Olive green indicates dullness and weak nature
  • Apple Green: This is the color of hopefulness, sympathies, sentiments and warmth. Green is the color of Youth.

Yellow Color: It is the hue of light, luminosity and sun. It is a color of gaiety, life, joy, strength and entertainment.Yellow color also represents optimistic and opportunist behavior.But it also represents jealousy, distrust, illness and disease. It is the color of saints, craftsmen and artists. It is a color of wisdom, creativity and inventiveness. For brightening up the sick room paint up with yellow.

Yellow is also associated with decay. It has effects on the nervous system.It also controls the digestive system and acts as purifier on liver and intestines.The yellow color has healing properties for skin and it stimulates growth of intellectual faculties and reasoning power. Yellow is also the color of marriage. Yellow Green Symbolizes rest, cheer and smiles. Yellow Color with dull paleness and a combination of golden glows restrains the intelligence. Dull Yellow indicates opportunists and selfish nature.Yellow brown indicates moodiness.

Orange (The color of Sun):This color is Warm, glowing and signifies fire, burning logs, cheerful surrounding, stimulation and produces vigor. It is the color of life imparting a feeling of peace and tranquility.Deep Orange symbolizes excitement and irritating, suffocation. Gold is the color of glory, power and wisdom. Orange is the color of Children.

Colors and their significance in Vastu Shastra.


Red (Color of Mars): It is the lowest and coarsest of all colors because it hast the least vibrating frequency.Rose color is a higher vibration of red. Red color is the most dominating and stimulating of all colors. It is dynamic, strong, creative and irresistible. It is the hot color of blood and represents life and fire. It is the Color of love, sacrifice, anger and courage. Red also mean health. It is a color of excitement and action. The people who use red colors are generally optimistic, enthusiastic and have high spirits. They usually like to perform  for the welfare of society but they will always want guidance for proper development.

The physical vitality of our body depends upon the correct and sufficient intake of Red rays. These rays help to maintain our body heat, temperature, circulation of blood and psychologically. These rays are useful for our nervous system and confidence building. This color is suitable for people suffering from Anemia, paralysis, mental depression and circulation. It should not be used in abundance in a sick room or around nervous children as it tends to make them irritable, However, there is an exception for a nervous disorder patient where red color is used to take him out of his low spirits.

Pink: The people who have a liking for the Pink color are social and helpful.They have a mild nature without ever wishing ill for any one.Pink is the color of modesty and buoyancy.  They are emotional, sensitive and easily hurt.Lighter the pink color more is their human and loving nature.

Colors and their significance in Vastu Shastra.

Rose Color: Rose color is the higher vibration of red and signifies martyrdom. This color represents beauty, hope and love.

Maroon: This color signifies vitality and passion.People who have a liking for this color face ups and down in their day to day life with courage and true fighting spirit.They have a clear goal and a purpose. They are quite co-operative but selfish in nature.

Brown: This color Signifies strength, solidity vigor,sadness and melancholy.At times Brown is used to stimulate appetite.

Crimson: This is a Color of competitive and ambitious nature.

Scarlet: This is a color of Selfishness, volatile and rash temperament with a restless mind.

White: This color signifies Purity, Virginity, chastity (as it is untouched / uncontaminated).This color is Cool and keeps heat rays out.

Black: This color is absence of light, warmth and represents sorrow, repression suppression,gloom, death, old age evil, fear, evil deeds etc.

Colors and their significance in Vastu Shastra.

Grey: This  is the Color of age and signifies maturity and low vitality. This is a color for aged people.

Some key points to remember about colors

  • Red is the color for fame, power and authority but it also fuels anger.
  • Orange color for peace and tranquility.
  • Green color enhances love but also kindles envy.
  • Yellow represents inspiration optimism and joy of living but breeds jealousy.
  • Violet is the Imperial color and is a color of intuition and spiritualism.
  • Indigo Stands for responsibility, balance and Love.
  • Blue is the Color of universe, freedom changeability and sex.
  • Black is powerful but confines fear.
  • White is divine but creates stillness of death.

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